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  1. Xaku is pretty good for now, but I don't like the ability wheel, scrolling through the abilities and remembering what they do. The names are a lil confusing to me, Gaze makes me think of lasers, Deny makes me think of locking down movement and removing protections. Maybe combine Deny with Grasp of Lohk, tap for laser, hold to grasp weapons. And also change Gaze and Accuse to tap/hold for their selection. That way I wouldn't have to remember names/icons/effects and spend time scrolling through the wheel. I just really don't like the ability wheel
  2. Ensnare is like, chains made of living metal. Reminds me of the liquid metal Terminator in Terminator Two. Enemies kill while ensnared become liquid metal allies. Maybe whip the liquid metal bois to boost something, like their damage or attack/movement speed or something
  3. Actually I think one is Baruuk? And the other one is Frost/Khora? judging by the color on both flowers and the colors I painted the frames before subsuming
  4. Got like 3 Warframes left to subsume, all the flowers are pretty, mostly good. Except I got two big ass flowers, that are like growing out in front of other flowers, like blocking the view of 2-3 flowers behind them at most angles. I captured screencaps on my Xbox, but, dunno how to post those on here. The flowers are a lil colorful so it kinda sucks to have a big ass flower blocking a few different colors behind it I dunno, maybe lemme go into "Orbiter Decoration" mode and, move the flowers around a lil?
  5. If that's the glyph being complained about, rainbow stockings and pink hair, leave. Stop playing warframe, stop posting on the forums, really, just isolate yourself and do nothing and post nowhere. Go away. And leave. The glyph is none of those things that OP is talking about. Trying to "ree its bad! Cancel it!"
  6. My favorite flavor is Kuva Baja Blast Mountain Dew + Warframe special promotion and double XP when? I need Mountain Dew: Kuva
  7. Kuva Twin Grakata as a primary pls. Kuva Twin Grakata in primary, basic Twin Grakata in secondary
  8. Actually, Xakus "Accuse" is alot like Revenants 1, the mind controlled enemies
  9. Having the "ability wheel" changed totally does "have to do with Xaku" Xaku is the "community made Frame" so, that's something that could be changed just for Xaku. I put up with "ability wheels" on other frames because I often only use a single ability from the wheel, other abilities often not even worth using. Xaku is the only frame I often find myself cycling through the abilities because they're all actually useful
  10. I agree, I hate "ability wheels" for selecting abilities and using them. Takes two button presses to cycle to wanted ability, then third button press to activate. Accidentally press button too many times or forget which ability does what, gotta cycle through the abilities again. I'd much rather have Deny combined with Grasp of Lohk, tap to fire laser hold to grasp weapons. Or combine Gaze with Grasp of Lohk. Tap to grasp enemies in Void tendrils, hold to grasp enemy weapons. But I think [Deny + Grasp of Lohk] would be best and less confusing than the [wheel + remembering what
  11. Dynasty Warriors? Is that the Mortal Kombat style game that had Vader and Yoda in it? Warframe crossover with Warframes in Dynasty Warriors when?
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