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  1. I dunno, for Kuva Grattler, I think it'd be cool if it had like, way lower accuracy but innate multishot, for Super Flak Cannon Action. Or just leave the single projectile, and the projectile explode on every object and enemy that gets punched-through instead of just the first. The things already powerful and doesn't really *need* higher damage, so cool factor or ease of use would be preferable over "nothing special just higher CC/SC/FR/IPS stats"
  2. The New War gonna end up being a Primed version of the War sword that ShadowStalkerboi drops.
  3. I'm fine with Fire being one of the more powerful elements. The proc looks cool, flaming enemies in wild energy-colored flames. They need to make gas look cool too, if they ever fix it. I think? gas just currently makes it hard to see when using certain energy colors. Should make gas, I dunno, melt dudes I guess, into puddles or something. Does gas have a cool death effect? I don't even know because hardly use it.
  4. Nevermind I didn't read the post, I just saw a picture
  5. I'd like it. But other Tenno that want a "Real Multibarrel Minigun" would probably be, disappointed?
  6. Even with zero Forma as a reward, I'd still do it a few times. Wanna try taking Necramechs
  7. Haha Ayyy, I put Spectorage on Sevagoth, but that was just for spooky nightmare vision mirror King Sombra cosplay Is Spectorage actually good on Sevagoth? I haven't fooled around with it much
  8. I dunno, I like Sevagoth? I'm able to mod him, different from every other Warframe in my arsenal. Like zero survivability mods on Sevagoth (except bleedout reduction), they all go to his Shadow. Sevagoth has cracked out strength, ignoring range, with a duration boost I think? Shadow has cracked out range, penalizing strength. Low on deathwell? Cast Shadows 1 to group enemies, 4 to become Sevagoth, 2 and/or 1, then back to 4 to become Shadow again. Or Shadow 3, then 4 to become Sevagoth, and let allies kill enemies to fill Deathwell. I dunno, I like Sevagoths 1. Can cast it then I'll forg
  9. I like that Be like Deadspace or scenes from that badass Animated Clonewars cartoon, just have a tileset that's like, entirely on the exterior of a ship or station or something
  10. Zekti Vort on the nose. I'm bored of Apoc, the energy blasts look cool, they're large projectiles so easier to hit things. If I'm using the wing turrets myself for fun, Zekti Vort, or Zekti Apoc. It's pretty fun to let the AI crewmates use (Zekti) Laith on the wings, it sounds rad, looks rad, and it's amusing to let the AI just tear apart crewships. Using the Laith myself, kinda sucks imo, I'm not good at aiming and gun loses damage at distance. But fun on AI crew Generally just have Zekti Apoc on wings. I like em, the AI crew handles the guns pretty well, yuh I like
  11. Haha, I like that. But I don't think DE would do it. Used to be able to share Archwing Launcher in open worlds, pop it on the ground and anyone can use their Archwing in Open Worlds, but DE took that away
  12. Probably gonna end up being Necramech Summon in Any Mission Tho I'd like to reset ALL my crews skill points, not just the 3 I assigned
  13. Revenant has been slowly losing my "most used percentage points" since they removed self harm. DE is likely achieving some sorta goal that they wanted by doing that.
  14. That'd be kinda rad, gear item that plays Nora Radio, can activate or deactivate mid mission. Needs more songs tho, and the level BG tunes unlocked by scanning wouldn't be great either.
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