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  1. This would be great I support the idea, not because I think it's good but because I think the results would be hilarious Give everything blink. Make a new Warframe that blinks instead of rolling or dodging. A sword that blinks on heavy attack. A Necramech that blinks. A gun that blinks the bullets into enemies. Idgaf, would be glorious
  2. Wizard, huh? Instead of banning harmless inoffensive alias's and usernames and whatnot, ban the clowns that report and get offended by *nothing*
  3. Something about multiplying the damage against the AI's proxies, and they gotta few dozen simultanious proxies going on during the ragdoll state
  4. Yes, use Meat Hook to absorb or attach the enemy to the shield, turning the enemy into a Meat Shield
  5. I want a Lich Battle Dome, where Tenno can gather and place bets on Liches in Mortal Kombat. Bonus Points if it's like Pokémon and two Tenno can become Lich Trainers and give the Liches orders on which abilities to use during Kombat (Like Pokémon)
  6. Ordis used to do that back when pets could perma-die from not getting DNA Stabilizers
  7. Huh, yeah. It cost cash to get rid of kujos and kats, but get rewarded for getting rid of modular pets. Inb4 Early Lunch for Konzu
  8. Dex Archgun? Like just a skin? Or like uhh, Dex Phaedra or Dex Cyngas would be cool. Don't need another Imperator. Ephemera would be cool too. Other things I'm completely indifferent about, unless the Parazon skin is super rad or something, but even then meh it's a Parazon skin
  9. Only way I could see that happening is if enemies learn "martial arts" as in, they can block attacks (and maybe counter attacks) then letting us "use the Parazon Button" to counter the enemy block and continue attacking the enemy. Probably make Special Melee Expert enemies the only ones that can block attacks with the special "Parazon Counter" floating notification above their heads, so it doesn't get annoying when every single enemy starts blocking attacks
  10. So, the Isolation Vaults have been doubled. Go back and do them again. Couldn't they have made them, separate? Or different? I'm already "done" doing Iso Vaults, I have no desire to "Do Iso Vaults Again, But Doubled"
  11. Can we get a *@##$in Flying Guillotine weapon now? With the rad sound effects and everything?
  12. 1. Ticker, for being so great and calling me Star Dust. 2. Hek, because his dialog is hilarious he's so angry 3. Otak. At first I thought "oh great, another annoying ClapTrap" but he ended up being alot better and not annoying. I actually like him, he's comfy and says nice things. Close for 2 between Otak and Hek 4. Probably Son, solely because the things he says when I vaporize critters is hilarious. Even does a sarcastic smartass *sad horn* thing. I'll murder animals on purpose just to hear him <3 He's also a lil comfy when he's saying nice things. But animal murdering ge
  13. All falling out of boundaries does is "disrupt or ruin whatever I was trying to do" it sucks when it happens. I see no real exploit possibilities? Unless they're hiding assets under the map or far off in the distance "spoilers future content assets" or something, like other games have done
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