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  1. A good combo actually. If I like how a Warframe looks but boring abilities, will likely just chill in Arsenal until I wanna put that statue inna relay or wear that fashion during trades or holiday season or events. If I like the abilities but the Warframe looks boring meh or I can't find a fashion I like, will just chill in Arsenal until "that mission" comes up then use the meh frame, or until I can find a fashion that I dig. I gotta like the abilities and like the frames looks to play it alot.
  2. Dunno, I'm thinking the reason DE didn't do the "hold attack to continously saw" is because they wanna make a Kuva Ghoulsaw with a flying boomerang blade (like what the Ghouls do) bit like a glaive. Ngl I'm hoping they don't do the "continous attack" and instead add multiple damage ticks per attack. (Still still hoping for that boomerang sawblade on Kuva Ghoulsaw, or Lichsaw)
  3. The hypnosis rings were pretty silly. I ended up going with a dark gamma color to counteract
  4. It seems most noticeable on Tenet Diplos? The bullets score hits then orbit. Ngl, it kinda looks cool like fireflies or uhh, some rave dancing thing or music video special effect, bullets swirling around then zooming off. The other projectile weapons, too difficult for me to actually see what's going on but I assume same deal, orbiting but projectiles too fast or not easily seen, or get consumed because no punchthrough. Rarely get the cool "super rapid multi-hit marker soundeffect" from bullets repeatedly hitting a guy. Was also using Xatas Whisper to give other weapons Void damage (Diplos and Exergis mostly)
  5. Hildryn will probably get Prime Larkspur. Revenant might get Prime Archgun (or Akmagnus Prime lol) because Phantasma probably isn't a Tenno Weapon so doesn't qualify for Prime.
  6. The bullets just orbit. Like, using a projectile weapon, I can see them just spinning around the target instead of hitting the target. Sometimes the orbiting bullets hit nearby enemies, but they often orbit, then fly away in random directions when the status ends I've complained before that Void Is The Worst Status In The Game. It sucks, it negates any bullet damage enemies take, or if the bullets don't orbit and actually hit the guy, the bubble is glued to some crappy spot, turning headshots into assshots.
  7. What are these crystals even for? Kinda useless imo Lemme feed them to the Meat Mouth, it'll make it happy
  8. What time does the update drop? Ghoul Saw Which Hour?
  9. The speed is based on how many Tenno are supplying shields? 4 Tenno supplying shields, it moves fast. Then it'll start stalling or jumping between different speeds depending on Tenno Shields present
  10. Already said which stances are terrible, now I'll get to the ones I like Twirling Spire is a favorite. I like the spinning, I like Cresting Peak alot, I pretty much like all 4 combo's available, and mixing them. Malicious Raptor is another favorite, I pretty much like every combo in this one too. I like the eviscerating gutpunches and jumping+spinning uppercuts in Jagged Gash. I like the cool headbutt that causes knockdown on targets in Venging Thrash and then maiming the knockdown enemies. I really like Lethal Crash and how much distance gets covered during the sliding then facepunch. I like Tempo Royale, has good forward momentum, can move at good pace while mashing attack button. I like Crushing Ruin for same reason I like Tempo Royale, can mash attack button while moving with haste. Alternating Shattered Village and Slide Attacks.
  11. Alright, the Hounds are kinda lame. Got a few, fancy preceps but just a skin really. Kinda annoying because always lying on ground, and gotta spray green mist to revive them, which takes forever when it's multiple times per mission. When the Hounds go down, lemme Parazon stab them for fancy fast revival. Bonus points if Stab Reviving the hound also triggers the Parazon Mods, refilling ammo or boosting parkour velocity or whatever. So even a useless dying companion can be useful Plus the green mist is boring. I like seeing the cool stab animations ngl (when they work)
  12. Worst stance in the game is the 2H Nikana stance. Second place contender is basic staff stance, that's just a 1-2 combo.
  13. I'm about to swap back to Smeeta/Vulpaphyla for another thousand hours. Hounds were cool but, they're annoying. I'd put up with their nil-damage and non-utility, because I think they look cool, but they're annoying AF when I'm reviving them 5 times a mission, or they just won't die fast enough to get their stupid lil UI marker off of my screen.
  14. Lmao, I like to sell stuff for cheap just for the lulz. Get to help some tenno out, and also get to trigger some angry fools, two birds one stone
  15. Well, yeah. That's for gameplay reasons. But what's the in universe explanation I wonder? If Warframes are even invulnerable or not while inactive or whatever. Like inna cutscene or comic or something
  16. I never understood why the enemies don't just, destroy the inactive Warframe. And why is the inactive Warframe invulnerable? Could at least, add a "void shimmer" over the inactive Warframe or something to show that, it has a shield or has been temporarily transported to the Void or something (like Limbo and enemies in the rift) to explain the invulnerability. I could see picking up the Warframe and carrying it around if, in universe, inactive Warframes weren't magically invulnerable
  17. Should implement the rng rainbows on default colors as a color swatch on "Tenno 3 color palette"
  18. Huh? There's new infested types that I don't know about?
  19. Dunno, I don't like the Spirex, plan on selling it as MR fodder. I don't like how it sounds, I don't like how the projectile looks, I'm kinda meh about the design of the gun itself. I'm keeping my Kuva Seer, and plan on putting that max rank Arcane that doubles the ammo capacity and improves reload speed and whatnot.
  20. Grendel is a beast, tears through steel path no problem, just eating enemies. Grendel is good, Youtubers are just dumbasses. Think about it, they make videos on YouTube
  21. I dunno, I liked blast before actually? I used to *@##$ and complain about Blast knocking enemies to floor, making me aim at guys lying on the ground, instead of just casually sweeping crosshairs in a direction. But now I kinda miss it, was kinda funny seeing groups of enemies flopping to the ground. New Blast sucks. It doens't look cool, and is actually a nerf from Old Blast. Old Blast would reduce enemy accuracy to zero because on the ground
  22. I've been saying this since they released the original Kuva Liches long ago. Make it kinda like Pokémon, the Liches have four abilities, just let the AI run but command the AI to use abilities during the fight. So small amount of control or skill, would still mostly be AI using weapons and movement and whatnot.
  23. I've been leaving feedback in the feedback forums about this, every few months. They just don't care about Panthera
  24. That would absolutely ruin the Kuva Quartakk and Quatz, if removed their scope burst function.
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