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  1. I already was using that, I was wondering if I should combine that with speed trigger or primed shred, considering I already had the +180% from that
  2. if being equipped on a bow, is the 10% extra fire rate really worth the loss of the +2.2 punch through?
  3. Yea, I guess it isn't a surprise. Though most games usually keep the log when the game randomly stops, and I force quit it. But I guess that's 30 minutes I'm not getting back. On a good note, that means I never have to look at arbitrations again.
  4. Wait, if I restarted the game, does that delete the EE log?
  5. So I heard that if you submit your EE log to DE, they will usually reward you with your progress. Only reason I'm asking is I spent 30+ minutes in an excavation mission before a host DC and if such progress can be wiped out with no method of recovering it, then I'm just not gonna bother with arbitrations any longer since the risk of losing all of my progress isn't worth my time. If I have a frame that can easily survive for an hr+ in an arb but I only lose my progress to host DCs and not deaths, then clearly this isn't a mode I can use for now.
  6. I get it, the two previous index maps were old and people wanted something new. But this new index map is just too big for the mode. Half the time I spend just running around trying to find the few enemies that do spawn in, until I suddenly run into a group of them all clustered on one area running as a group. If we have a timer to encourage us to kill them fast and keep turning in points, then a big map just doesn't work with the concept. At lease delete the two side wings since they almost never get used by enemies or most people. The tunnel that leads right to the objective from the center also doesn't work since it means the enemy can instantly score points and the auditors can easily stop you since they can block it off in a few seconds. Overall, the map just seems more balanced towards the corpus instead of evenly balanced as the previous maps were and while the graphics look better, the gameplay took a hit to have a bigger tileset to look at but just quickly bullet jump through while looking for enemies lost in it.
  7. This problem could be lessened through the implementation of a plat gain/loss history.
  8. Primed cryo rounds, that's the only use for this polarity on weapons, and that's just for rifles. On shotguns, there is literally no reason, and the same can be said for pistols. Sure there is hammer shot, but that's more of a mod for a split between crits and status. Other than a few mods, you are always better off with a madurai or naramon polarity. Is this something DE is planning to keep or add to their list of things to fix. I don't really half mind since it helps with swapping between builds, but I do wonder sometimes why that polarity exists. The zenurik polarity exists on warframes for the aug mods, so is the vazarin polarity for aug mods on weapons? Thoughts?
  9. People still play conclave, who knew?
  10. Now can the bug of randomly respawning be fixed. I will often be running around around then then suddenly the screen will go black and I will be teleported back sometimes even before an elevator. It often resets my abilities and just makes the game a pain to play since my progression through the mission gets reset.
  11. When is the umbra dying due to fall damage leaving you stuck in operator mode going to be fixed?
  12. When will we be able to determine which MOA and kitgun parts have we maxed for MR?
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