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  1. DE just went full EA on me, they posted more than 2 weeks ago that nightwave was ending, and then just stopped talking about it. Well, after a week, I forgot so now I lost all of the time I invested into that, all because it was too hard for them to code in a date deadline into the actual nightwave menu. They already had a timer for when the wares switched, was it so hard to just change it to read that all of our creds were expiring instead of just the wares would be replaced? I'm sick of this oversight and they obviously won't give the credits back now so I'm done with this game.
  2. So I'm at 36 of pulsating tubercles, 41 of the infected palpators, 43 of the chitinous husk, and 24 of the severed bile sac. And yet I am only at 2 blueprints. I get statistically this is possible, but these odds are getting lower than 0.00001% at this point
  3. People still play conclave, who knew?
  4. Now can the bug of randomly respawning be fixed. I will often be running around around then then suddenly the screen will go black and I will be teleported back sometimes even before an elevator. It often resets my abilities and just makes the game a pain to play since my progression through the mission gets reset.
  5. When is the umbra dying due to fall damage leaving you stuck in operator mode going to be fixed?
  6. When will we be able to determine which MOA and kitgun parts have we maxed for MR?
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