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  1. Loki built for 2's duration, assuming that you can do all the vaults blindfolded (which is pretty much the case after ~3 runs).
  2. DE will first have to address the sharkwing slog. In a distant future where you have a photon-cannon, an uploaded mind (addicted to some kind of mind-blood passionately desired by the twin queens of a trillions-strong clone army) making slot-machine powerups that you pop into your weapons, where you have murderous polariods (both sapient and not: Helios, the synthesis scanner), von Neumann machines, intelligent buildings, intelligent buildings functioning as spaceships in a pocket/double-bottom dimension, a fungus which reanimates the dead and turns them into squidmen over time, mechaspiders straight from Wild Wild West, well, somehow, the problem of hydrodynamics remains unsolved.
  3. DE refused to work with precedent. Space invaders would have been a good one to pick. The real problem with archwing, though, is that it as it is ...is largely unnnecessary. Not for the quality of the gameplay, but for being more of the same with just two more axes of movement. Archwing failed because it failed to be a something else to contrast with "pedestrian" gameplay. Granted, there's not much that you can do. Archwing is there, the cat's out of the bag, keeping it is a rock, removing it is a hard place. Archwing is only useful in the only two sandboxes we have, 4/5ths of the reason being the lack of fast travel (mitigated with itzal's blink) and 1/5th of the reason being amesha's healing ability during tridolons (which can be done without). Archwing is in terms of game design a sprawl, a perfect, polished failure. The only way to dig it out and provide it with a fresh sense of dignity is to provide the option to wear archwings as syandanas on foot, mostly because fashionframers would love that.
  4. snipetron vandal is pretty decent on the PoE to pick off grineer and if you don't want to bother getting rubico p for eidolons. as for touching the snipetron vanilla, well, most people usually miss the chance.
  5. Looks deco-ish and seems like it's made of brass, all in all the kind of thing that burger-budget Orokin cosplayers would go for. I think it was in Iain M Banks' The Hydrogen Sonata or some other Culture novel where there's a planet that was polished into a perfect glossy sphere and carved with geometrically precise canyons as a "minor" art project by a civilisation that felt like it. Somehow I find it highly likely that Steve's a Culture series reader. I tend to roll with the punches, and if one of those punches was an interesting glitch and I was calling the shots at DE, I'd actually pitch the idea for an artificial planet in the Void or wherever, to set the PoD there.
  6. Lua is There is nothing that would qualify Lua as a "ship" in intention nor function (no deck, no thrusters)
  7. This is making me wish for a planet-sized Orokin ship
  8. For one and two, the corpus are too squishy. Uranian grineer nodes are much more difficult that Plutonian ones, and that's a jump two planets ahead. Corpus enemies must have some kind of damage mitigation that can't be sidestepped, the same way grineer armour reduces all damage. For my #3, I suggest that because proto shields are relatively rare and should be used by high-ranking enemies such combae, scrambi, bursas. We shouldn't be allowed to off a bursa head-on with a gas-based vanilla Lex. Let's maintain a challenge. What I said for magnetic damage should only apply to proto-shielded units. I placed that there in order to make sure that you will have to use magnetic to get through tougher corpus waves, that is to say, to give magnetic damage something to be used against. The same would also preclude the usage of viral and rad on most weapons which don't have it as an intrinsic damage type (like the hema). In this way, magnetic and impact would be relevant again, and we would finally be forced to differentiate between anti-corpus (impact/slash 50/50+toxin+electric) and infested (slash+gas) loadouts. The grineer have good faction design because their main strength is damage reduction. The corpus are squishy as they are and their main strength should be varied damage resistances. Ideally, the corpus would still have resilience traded away for a more complicated playstyle; the grineer would be somewhere in the middle with impact+rad or corrosive, being fought with raw firepower and some cover-taking; the infested even now require the simplest of loadouts and depend on sheer numbers to pose a threat. The whole point of the post is to make corpus enemies a legitimate enemy-type.
  9. Meanwhile on Corpus Outpost (not Ice Planet/Europa) tiles, I've had the siphon spawn immediately next to me at the start of a mission, thrice in a row.
  10. The corpus are jello, and that leaves the grineer as the only faction that is genuinely challenging. The proto-shield category that already exists should be able to mend this. As a health category, proto-shields act like normal shields which... isn't the point, if they're supposed to be equivalent to alloy armour. My proposal for a rework: 1) Proto-shields should overlay the entire health bar, the same way eidolon shields are a separate health bar that overlays the base one and prevents damage to base health. 2) Proto-shields should, just like eidolon shields, prevent toxin, gas and slash from circumventing regular shields, basically placing the enemies in a protective jar. As long as proto shields are up, there can be no such circumventions. 3) Once proto-shields are exhausted, the normal health bar is revealed. It is the usual 1/2 shields+1/2 flesh health bar. At this point, slash, gas, toxin can circumvent regular shields, as they do now. Any of those procs will apply only to protos, and if a proc destroys the proto-shield, it goes out and does not carry over to the regular shield/flesh health bar. 4) Proto-shields should have a shorter recharge pause and faster recharge. Magnetic procs will not half regular shields on proto-equipped units, but will instead only delay the recharge initiation. 5) Units with proto-shields should have visible shielding around them as a visual cue, and visuals and a sound of glass shattering to signal that they've been broken. 6) Proto shields should prevent one-hit kills. If you land a 1.5M red-crit on a mob with just 1 point of proto remaining, only the proto will go, and nothing else. Opinions appreciated, be they friendly, hostile or word salads.
  11. Everyone in the topic's made that point one way or another. I wish I could say this is a joke but the matter of fact is that Frame Fighter is more engaging than Archwing, and if Empyrean does not entirely replace mid- and high-lvl archwing missions, game health will suffer. However, if archwing were to be integrated into regular gameplay in the same way you have it on OV and PoE, as a kind of tile-specific gameplay modulation, it would, if done correctly, make the mechanic relevant. In that department, sharkwing was a complete failure for being a clunky gameplay cosmetic where gameplay cosmetics, let alone clunky ones, should have no place. Archwing is a game within a game and if you want to make it relevant you have to make it enjoyable.
  12. I had this idea (posted it literally ten minutes before the fourth diorama came out) that Arlo's infected with a runaway Helminth. Given how nidus-like the zealots are, and how the zealoid prelate looks like, complete with a "transference bolt" on top of its head, convinces me even further. That, of course, makes it worrying that a reappearance by Arlo down the line could somehow hot-water the warframe-operator transference link. Or, imagine, a quest-based villain who injects himself with a helminth sample to do the same thing to himself that Togaman did to Joe Umbra. If that person's mad enough to try it, they're mad enough to weather the pain and remain sane as well (well, as anyone who would willingly infect one's own body with a superman virus for Sweet Mother Evolution).
  13. "People don't like it that it's in 3D." It's not in true 0-g, not in true 3D either because there's an "up". Unless you turn on experimental controls, you're still pretty much in a cube with a WASDctrlspace tri-axial control scheme. ...it's the lack of content, face it.
  14. Archwing leaves us with nothing much to do.
  15. Yeah I think some people on these forums are fit to work in game design on their own.
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