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  1. evilChair

    Zephyr- Is 4 or 12 tornados best?

    Personally, I just use the vanilla 4 w/ corrosive/gas/toxin dependent on the faction I'm fighting. At lower levels this skips me fights, while at high levels it disables enemies from attacking while I apply firepower to high-priority enemies who are disabled for the ability's duration.
  2. evilChair

    Warframes with personalities

    Frames do have minds, but perhaps with a degree of suppression. Ballas states that the Zariman kids had enough basic empathy to "take away its pain" which means that the frames probably do retain personalities (yes, even 3D-printed people have personalities: basic neurology at work here) which are suppressed through either transference of precepts which are overridden in extreme situations such as those when the stalker had the operator by the neck while your warframe pulled out War out of its chest on its own, much to both Hunhow's and Stalker's surprise. If they knew that warframes did really have at least some personhood left in them, Stalker would've snapped the Operator's neck without dilly-dallying and without Hunhow egging him on through the sword-embedded radio. Instead, the Operator's frame acts on its own accord to pull out the sword (personality repression precepts overriden by extreme situation, most likely) because at that point in time chair-independent and contactless transference is impossible. Umbra is a very special case (read as: #*!% you toga man), but I have no doubt that all the other frames have minds in them that still persist, but with a greater degree of repression, or simply stasis, which is more likely, as umbra is vulnerable when autonomous, while any other of your warframes is invulnerable while the player is in operator mode, which means that it might be coated in some kind of void-shell that suppresses the flow of time and thereby damage.
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of chargers with mushroooms on their backs, or perhaps hostile tumbleweeds of some sort. Static enemies would just be maprico trees that can do damage. Wouldn't be a lot of fun. The configuration for this one would be a hive-mind, to reference mushroom root systems which are interlinked and can spread for miles in a circle. They could look instead coral-like, and/or like hostile seafood, something between plantlife and moving life, to ensure danger. As for the Orokin tech-strain, I'm on similar lines with you, except that I'd prefer to see that strain attempting to emulate Orokin social structure, with chargers (Grineer) making up the bulk of the fighting forces, and the Corpus-derived infested being "harvesters" or "collectors" for natural resources (which would make them dangerous in their own right as they would be equipped with mining tools doubling as weaponry). Ancients fused with great amounts of Orokin technology would be the higher-ups and would be the ones verbally taunting players once they cross into their territory (due to Orokin translation/comm tech embedded in them). This strain would be mostly independent between individuals (because of their hierarchical division) and communicate using radiotelepathic glands that take the shape of antennae. Infested Ayatans (found on their territory mostly) could be found on the free-roam map, and could be either placed as decorations or traded for standing. The final strain would be, much like you said, some kind of crazed or feral infestation that has completely rejected the shapes of their hosts and has evolved entirely original appearances. Instead of a hive-mind, they would be a hive of minds, so somewhere between the floral hive-mind and the stratified and authoritarian "Orofested". Personally I'm for an equal territorial division between the strains because players should have the choice of what they want to fight. Everyone gets 1/3rd of the place. Bounties could take the shape of captures, securing safehouses for colonists from infested attacks, rescues, finding antidotes, defending kavat nests from infested attacks and resupplying/escorting colonists who have been cut off. A special kind of bounty would be a timed exterminate mission where you would have to kill (read: euthanise) a large number of Grineer/Corpus scouts who are due to return to their ships, but are unknowingly infested themselves and would cause an outbreak if they did get back and infest their ship/fleet. Another idea I just got would be the introduction of Mercurial feral kavats. They would be their own faction, distributed everywhere, behaving much like the ones on derelict ships, with the exception that they would not be intrinsically hostile to the player unless attacked, and would in fact aid squads having at least one of the nature- or cat-themed frames such as Oberon, Titania, Valkyr, and Khora. Otherwise, players who would want to ally feral Mercury kavats with themselves would have to make Kavat Treats x50 (in the foundry out of nano spores, plastids, and infested sealife that you could fish on mercury) to give them to them. Applying them to a kavat pack in the wild would ally them to you for a limited amount of time (enough to complete a bounty) and would look much like this:
  4. evilChair

    Old Corpus Lockers/Caches spots

    Personally, I'd like to have them stay as a legacy gag. Maybe even record a couple of joke-lines about how "the old locker models were more theft-proof" or something like that.
  5. First of all, make it a kind of a lava-lamp landscape. Infested boils grow like trees or float through the air in all kinds of colours. For a cycle, there could be one of biological activity: high and low. When the biological cycle is at its lowest, mining is easy, but after a period of time, biological activity starts ramping up before reaching a period of high activity with a large number of infested enemies spawning. When biological activity spikes, so do the colours, going from muted reds/greens/blues/yellows/purples to very bright blobs that start churning and expelling enemies. Enemies should not be limited to seen-before infested, however. The infestation can also take over technology, and infested grineer weaponry, industrial machinery and tanks. Field bosses would take the shape of infested grineer tanks specialising in elemental damage, infested grineer fuel supply vehicles which spit fire and/or acid, and hybrids between Orokin machinery and infested life, which take the form of creatures that have Orokin blue-glowing spots, specks of gold, but elsewhere look like poison dart frogs with tendrils. The infestation evolves quickly after its initial release from containment, and several separate strains have taken turfs. The presence of warframes only adds fuel to the fire. The local syndicate will be a colony of infested byproduct harvesters (Much like the Myconans, with some of them appearing there once the Glast Gambit has been completed) whose main line of defense from Grineer incursions are the infested. However, since the strains are also at war with each other over turf and food, the Tenno must maintain a biological equilibrium in order to ensure the coexistence of multiple strains so that the Grineer can not develop a single toxin to eradicate the infested population in a single deployment. Major enemies will not only include "classical" infested such as infected grineer, corpus, and ancients, but also the local infested strains' own developments: flora- and fauna-like autonomously evolved lifeforms which are equally necessary and dangerous. Some strains are hive-minds, others are single minds with individual infested acting as their "limbs". Almost all of the local strains have, after contact with warframes, developed their own "mimic frames", which are powerful imitations of actual warframes, however slapdash and with multiple weak points. Instead of relying on weaponry, they would use sets of powerful, frequently-usable (but unstable) abilities cobbled together from abilities observed from other frames. These enemies would come in two forms: regular bounty targets and randomly-spawning field bosses, who are more powerful. Entering and exiting a strain's turf would trigger a message from one or the other. Playing with Nidus and/or Saryn, however, would trigger a separate library of messages such as "It's a charger-eat-charger place here. You are not above it" or "The void-demon's betrayer-strain has come oust its own kin." The strains would have starkly different personalities in the way that they respond to Tenno presence, depending on conditions such as whether the strain is a hive-mind or a single mind, or whether it's entrenched in remnant Orokin technology. However, none of them are friendly nor can be made friendly: they are not syndicates. Three strains should be enough, each with its own pus-colour and specialised damage type: red (slash), green (toxin), and blue (radiation). Most other colours will be purely cosmetic. Purple will denote mutalist enemies, which would only appear in a "Mutalist Embassy" event, similar to the ghoul purge one, in which Mutalist Alad sends an army of the Mutalist strain in order to broker peace between the other three strains as part of his plans for a mutalist empire. If Alad V is successful, then the entire origin system will be pinned between two converging forces of infested, from the Inner to the Outer Terminus. Since Eris is overrun, the only chance at stopping this is on Mercury. This event will feature special enemies, including autonomous infested Corpus weaponry such as Flux Rifles or Mutalist Quantas grown into runner chest cavities, Nullifier Chargers that have a carapace functioning as a nullifier field, and overpowered Mutalist Bursa squads as event field bosses. To give an impressive appearance, the open world should be in a great amount of darkness so that the bioluminescent glow can do its magic. It should look like fortunan caves, but with much more darkness and more glow. The appearance should be vaguely psychedelic, but also decently disgusting, to remind the player that the infested are still... the infested, really.
  6. evilChair

    A Cetus Wisp skin for Helios

    Cetus wisps have a similar structure to Helios (lateral glaives marked in red, bottom glaive marked in orange, "camera" marked in green) and are also tastefully unsettling. I figure that it would be easy and quite quick to repurpose the wisp's model since it has all the required parts. Colour-customisation would also be instantly covered: there are two colours on the stone, by default some kind of dark sandstone and a mossy green (primary and secondary), grooves with red detailing (accents), a blue glor (energy) and an "eye" which should have customisable colour (tertiary). Would you take this creepy variant of Helios into battle? Yay or nay?
  7. evilChair

    Prisma ... when?

    to be frank i'd prefer a flux vandal simply because it's made of wide surfaces perfect for the metallic effect and the lotus/faction decal. not to mention that it's one of my fave guns for the pinpoint accuracy and the boom mod (can't remember its actual name) which comes out as great help more often than not.
  8. evilChair

    Limbo causing players stress

    rev's thralls unfortunately have to be killed on defence/interception for the next wave. just as easily you could keep them around to stall the next wave if the defence target needs to regen. but yeah, limbo is the main topic of conversation here and all i can say is that how a limbo player on a team performs depends on how well the player understands him, but he has his limits too.
  9. evilChair

    Limbo causing players stress

    limbo in teams is just spamming 4+2 on (mobile) defense/excavation with duration as high as you can get it. in case a nullfier is approaching it's the limbo's job to take him out before he takes out the cataclysm bubble. use 1+2 for problematic enemies like high-level noxes to clear out the playing field of lesser enemies before tackling the nox alone. there's really little to limbo aside from that in multiplay.
  10. imo, if by "true believers" you mean "through-and-through suckers", then, yeah, the corpus is mostly made up of them, except that they get rarer as you go up the ranks. the top dogs such as bek and alad do not seem to give off the impression of having any religious convictions at all if we ignore some religious-sounding formalities that they drop once or twice, which they probably think of as laughable. anyo is a different matter, but he's your basic narcissist with a messiah complex and some other miscellaneous screws loose.
  11. evilChair

    Stances for Primary and Secondary Weapons..

    I mean, I would say "yea" to this if it was limited to mesa with an intrinsic stance (that levels up with her) that would let you pistol whip nearby enemies/launch clips for impact proc on reload. Something that's complicated, highly tactical but otherwise denies powercreep.
  12. evilChair

    Prisma ... when?

    Speaking of variants, I'd love to see a Helios Vandal (separate sentinel or just a skin, idc either way), and, I guess, a Prisma/Mara Cycron and an Atomos Wraith.
  13. evilChair

    No Kuva Siphon Spawns on Eris tilesets

    the wiki says that kuva nodes are real-time and that failing to locate the siphon before the node "moves" will prevent it from spawning, so it's maybe just bad luck on your part. ("Siphons are tied to the actual mission node in real time. This means that if you select a Kuva Siphon mission, but are unable to locate the siphon before the node moves, the siphon will not spawn. ") i've personally had no problems wrecking kuva siphons on eris, but i did have them time out on me several times.
  14. evilChair

    DE, we are BEGGING you for a T-pose emote

    okay, since it's become a dumbass meme (#*!% netizens for real they ruin everything) i suggest isntead hiding the utah teapot somewhere in a tile
  15. "Breathe new life into an important posture from an era long forgotten." Lovingly, the undersigned. (No, this isn't a joke - I'm sure that other people besides me actually want this and would pay the standard plat for it.)