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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sc u nthorpe_problem EDIT: can't believe it got censored itself ahahhahaah
  2. It's a pretty-looking time-sink where you whack the same 40 dudes over and over while they keep coming back endlessly. Nothing but that.
  3. afaik there's also the "cave lake" mars tile and the "orokin pyramid" tile, which i think were tiles that were pulled from the regular nodes but reintroduced for sanctuary, which is a shame since the orokin pyramid room is great for defense/interception
  4. It's probably gonna be the place for a new quest or something. Too much of a thorn in the eye (appears in valac's skybox as well quite prominently) to just be window dressing.
  5. Runt 'Isaah Umbra Dax, son of friend.' You can suffer more than what the Jade Light will give you. 'Your father, a great warrior, is gone. The infestation had taken him, and it had tried to take you with him, but we intervened and pulled you back from the cusp of death. 'He lies interred, with his honours and his blades; his Shawzin, too. He wears his helmet, even now. 'Do you mourn, Isaah Dax? Your father has been honoured with a state funeral and blessed with The Void's peace. 'Or is there ire in you? Has pointless death and grievous injury, and the low spirit of separation sparked the flame of vigilance and anger? For if you seek vengeance, I permit it, and if even a single spark of that desire is there, Isaah Dax, I shall fan it onto the finest fabrics until it burns like a second sun.' The dead are no good; the Jade Light will not glow for you. There is a voice whose words can't be understood, but its meaning he feels, and the powerful intent behind them. He—he can't tell who he himself is and he is too weak to think about the voice—feels that the voice drives him. There is no will, just a sense of strength returning. 'We have severed what was infested, and replaced it, with a line of prisma to connect the old and the new. Call the honour a sort of Continuity if you wish.' The Old War is long and Lua-days pass. Isaah of the Umbra line comes to. He is made of pain packed into the shape of flesh that can not move for the gilded binds and braces. But there is another, numb feeling in him, in the shape of a bolt in his head. Across days, it relays him an image of where the pain and the anger come from, and it is an evil, damp place. That person comes again. Every day he comes and says the same thing in different ways, as if he is tutoring him, or culturing. Why does that word – culture – keep recurring? But still he feels like a pleasure barge cradled and tossed by the tide of a solar flare, one of those vessels where he served as honour-guard. 'You are better, Isaah Umbra Dax, son of friend, as if son of mine.' Watch what I'll use you for, step-runt. Ballas waves his hand, and water shapes a mirror for Isaah to see himself in. 'Your skin is steel, the flesh beneath it like rock. You are ready to serve again with pride, both us, and your father's spirit. This is you, Dax.' An oblong box floats into the middle of the room. He produces from it a long, slender blade with a vicious curve. The restraints snap open, and the blade's hilt enters Isaah's palms. 'This is your sword. And that—' The blue man points up, the ceiling opens; Isaah sees the Earth. And then the Earth is falling to him: a globe, a land, a sea, a coast, a Tower, a lake, and the deathly cold, damp soil beneath it, and he is there, with his sword and his fury and his violence and his smashed foe to fight back for time unending. 'And that is you, Revenant.'
  6. which is another thing that i'm doing while trading, but it still might not be enough. DE only "mentioned" that which means that it's more of a guideline, and "guideline" usu. implies "rarely evidence, but keep your fingers crossed and pray to whatever you worship that it can be". i think that players should have a chance to argue that they had traded in good faith in cases of drastic plat deductions, even though trying to prove "good faith" is nearly impossible because you're giving a personal account of your opinions that's also automatically in a de facto conflict of interest. it would be a 90-degree uphill fight, but even a slim chance is better than none.
  7. laugh all you want, my concerns are still legit cos i'm kinda too damn broke to buy plat in case i get into the negative
  8. I keep a ledger recording every trade and in-game purchase. It has the name of items/plat swapped, the date and time of the transaction and the username of the other party. Now, Q: is this a decent protective measure in any case in which i'd have to provide trades information to DE? my trades are small and numerous, which means that the trades/plat-amount ratio is high enough to absorb any shock that may come from bad plat being pulled, but i'm still having worries such as that a high fraction of the trades i've made since december might have involved bad plat. Q2: what's the maximum amount of time i have to wait to be sure that the plat is good plat?
  9. tag your spoilers or get reported
  10. use zephyr w/ mods that add to aim glide and wall latch (like patagium), then fly up at a 60- or 90-degree angle, go into aimglide when you peak and trust to luck that you make a hit. add punch-through and projectile speed mods to ensure that the arrow goes through shields on dargyns and that it has minimal travel time to avoid having to track, respectively.
  11. I meant that she wouldn't be as nice and warm as she used to be like in the end of TSD. She's regained a lot of memories and even if she consents to taking up being the Lotus again, she will have become a different person. In the new boss fight she's already showing some kind of mental incoherence in her transmissions to us and snapping out of that might leave her with trauma and resentment that she didn't have before. You're right, but somehow I still feel as if he's... not there enough. I would seriously reconsider my opinion about this if I were to see a perspective shift where Ordis takes control of a warframe to save the Operator (Steve's been writing an Ordis-focused quest, so it's entirely possible), but that's probably not happening, even though he is capable of transference himself. (It would still be interesting to see Ordis trying to learn how to walk again after having no body for so long)
  12. She's already ~(dead), stop being optimistic. Natah isn't the Lotus. Without the helmet she isn't even close to being the Lotus. To have a Lotus, you need a helmet and you need Natah (since she seems to be the only creature that's compatible with it). The existences of the Lotus and Natah are mutually exclusive (only one personality can be "alive" at any given time) and that's been established ever since Hunhow first spoke.
  13. Yeah, it's a creep move. Literally the same thing that the helmet-maker and MOTHER did. Natah has to become Lotus again with her own consent, but that will mean that we won't have a Lotus who's as nice as she used to be. Any new Lotus will be a bitter, scathing ice queen.
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