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  1. i keep getting a failed to update as well


    edit: got it to work after i switched it back to 64x and did a verify from the settings on the launcher

  2. I dont know if its just the timing I have been able to get on, or perhaps the syndicates I joined.

    The 2 syndicates I did the initiation for are New Loka and The perrin sequence.


    Can anyone tell me if these are like alerts and are only available for a short time and are syndicate specific or if maybe only certain syndicates have actually been getting missions? Feel like I am missing something, I know that i see the icon for them in the map and I have seen others with screen shots that actually have missions stated there, but I have never seen one for myself, and actually thought it was just a UI placeholder till i saw someone else's screen shot.


    Do you have to be a certain reputation level before you get any, perhaps?


    Any help in understanding what I am missing would be greatly appreciated, especially a specific understanding as to how they work and when/why they show up.


    If you want the friendliest plug-and-go experience go with an Xbox 360 controller. I agree, this is the safest option by far and requires little work on the user end (however it's more expensive).

    Not if you get it at game stop, (if you are in the US anyways, not sure if they are international or not) I got one for $20 bucks, sure it was used/refurbished but it works like a charm and have been using it for almost 2 years now with no issues.

  4. If you need a controller and run windows I'd recommend picking up an xbox360 controller. I believe with a 360 controller (at least the official one) it should work straight out of the box, wireless or not. I don't think the one controller has drivers yet but I'm 99% sure they're in the works. a 360 controller will be a lot cheaper anyways if you intend to use it only for your PC though.


    Windows already has the drivers and everything for a 360 controller so it's basically plug and play, no hassle. If you own another controller like the playstation 4's dualshock 4 it can be used on PC but it will need third party software to work, and might not work out of the box with some games.


    Some companies (like logitech) also make gamepads specifically for the PC so you could look into that too.

    I also have to recommend the 360 controller its what i use, and it works great, and is really easy, just plug n play, i also like the xbox controller size and mapping for my big hands too (they do have a smaller size 360 controller if that is a problem lol)

  5. there is 1 archwing mission on almost every planet (at the very least i remember seeing them all the way up to jupiter/saturn) and they have a distinctive icon on them along the outer ring of nodes for the planet....i am pretty sure there are at least 8 of them, and im sure there are more to come.

  6. Yeah this sounds like a performance issue with your computer not the update, im still getting bout 90fps even with glitched spawns on archwing missions lol.


    1. Check to make sure your video drivers are up to date

    2. Check to see if your hard drive needs defragging

    3. Lower settings on the game, you might be pushing your vid card too hard (or might not even have one?)

  7. i dont really get the arguement for it either way, remember when people complained about the commander grineer swapping spots with you and that that was jarring? Now the grineer have a guy that can disarm you, and there is a marker for your weapon so its not like you cant find it, think its only as jarring as the swapping in my opinion.  Doesnt really bother me either way.


    I do think its funny tho, next thing you know the grineer will have a decoy ability or invisibility.....LOKI MUST BE ONE OF THE GRINEER QUEENS!

  8. New Loka - Humanity must be purified for there to be any true future!

    other reasons for Loka - Earth, color green and valkyr mod XP


    edit: Oh and only picking one cuz its gonna take a rediculously long time to get it to max rank 

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