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  1. I'm with ya here. 5 years ago, Hydroid looked like an OP frame I couldn't wait to get my hands on and, when I finally got him, I wasn't the best at modding yet so I never dialed him in. I hated the charge mechanic but absolutely loved his abilities and still do. If I had my way, Hydroid would be the most powerful frame in the game, as a tradeoff for his long casting times. Here's my idea: Passive: 30m loot radar and a 30% increase in shield regen rate. (This fits both his pirate theme and supports his very high shield strength. His 1 would inherit the corrosive augment (at full charge only) and have a new augment that trades the directional mechanic for an epicenter based attack that can have a damage/armor reduction falloff from the base 5m epicenter (corrosive proc level 10 + 100% armor strip) to the base 20m end point (corrosive proc level 4). Hits have a 15% chance at staggering enemies via impact procs. Range mods extend both epicenter and overall range but strength would NOT increase armor proc values. His 2 would have both a tap and a hold option, similar to OP's idea. Tap would send the wave towards enemies without Hydroid riding it, adding a modest cold level 2 proc (slight slow effect....cold water). Holding would have Hydroid join the wave, adding melee weapon damage to the attack and a splash knockdown at the end point (impact damage and process). Range mods increase wave width by 3m per 100% range increase and an additional 2m for splash. Because of this ability's potential, range would not effect wave travel length. The idea is to keep the wave range predictable and close enough to take advantage of the downed enemies. His 3 would remain mostly the same except the exit would have a 3m area stagger via impact damage, enough to be a safe exit. Again, the idea is for Hydroid to stay in range and take advantage of off balanced enemies. His 4 would remain the same except for additional impact damage and the inherited augment, maximizing his pirate theme of a plundering commander of the deep. The goal with impact would be to take advantage of the new, very effective finisher mechanic, setting up tougher enemies who survive the attack for easier kills and whatever mod benefits Parazon finishers provide. Lastly, because of his pirate theme, I'd like for him to stand apart from other looters by increasing his rare mod drop chance and doubled credits with his augment.
  2. I dunno, it fits his pirate theme perfectly and he's, technically, the most deserving of a plundering passive. How about double credits and an increased chance at rare mods?
  3. Steel Path, aka expert mode, challenges you to find a means to survive. I also don't use shield gating but the game has given us so many options to go with. I'm currently running with Yareli and I'm having a blast with her kit, now that I know how to use her in both SP (defensive and agile) and standard (aggressive and tactical).
  4. And that's the point. Every weapon is use able and fun. It all depends on your play style. I mean, people complain that the game is too easy right? So, that must mean we don't need absurdly high damage numbers...right? Therefore, have fun with whatever weapon suits you!
  5. Higher levels need better tactics to win. Single target weapons in Warframe are mostly top notch and punch through is a thing but aoe weapons are the usual way to go when it comes to high level play in any game that offers it. RPGs are infamous for this especially. That said, DE created Warframe to be an "everything works for almost everything" type of game, where investments in modding and forma yield great results. Heck, players complain about Yareli but having her in standard Mot and Tavern I Kuva survival for an hour with a proboscis bow, Magus Prime and Rakta dark dagger was an absolute blast!! Of course, Steel Path is different but I, just like DE, don't include SP in discussions because SP players are supposed to be bad asses that can use their best arsenal to win....although it's starting to look like most are NOT bad asses since they demand weapon "performance" improvements that ultimately trivialize SP. I guys many of those players were scheming and weaker than advertised? Just my opinion
  6. The health of the game? Blind defense? I see, this is where we're naturally split, I guess. Way too often, DE gets placed in a position where some players pretend that obtaining something is too tedious and they have to dive into an investigation to see if it's truly tedious or simply a scam for faster acquisition. We've all, as long term players, seen some of those results, such as the Steel Path essence changes, the Rail jack resource changes, the helminth changes, the night wave points changes, etc. As soon as these changes were made, players were maxing out in hours or a few days...only to complain about a lack of rewards now. Meanwhile, scammers were STILL pushing for even faster processes. Every single time, DE gets the same pattern of bs and then gets accused of ignoring players or not making content hard enough or "rewarding enough". Yes, there are valid arguments, such as the Fortuna levelling system but a great many others were not valid. Now, in regards to the holokeys, are we really bashing a system that offers high end elusive rewards that awards keys in an RNG and non RNG way? Most games make those items very hard to get but only DE is expected to simplify access to exclusive rewards? Nash, that's just not cool.
  7. Nash, not at all. In fact, DE does what a regular person does when the complainer won't take no for an answer. DE's initial explanations are often rebuked by a few and DE simply waits for a large enough level of agrees before they investigate further changes. The loud barking from the forums are usually caused by a small group, not the major playerbase. That group often (but not always) consist of players wanting an unnecessary hookup, not a true QoL improvement or honest fix to an "issue". Holokeys, for example, are literally meant to be elusive prizes in a late game environment. They are NOT needed for victory, not mandatory to collect and, most importantly, NOT something that needs to be made easier for the sake of "I want it". What's more is that the collection process awards rewards on top of rewards wrapped in gift bags. Either make a day of it, play casually and get them over time or group up and kill Liches and gain 4 per run.
  8. I don't know about these ideas, OP. I've rarely ever played a game that starts players off by giving them access to a HUGE reward late game players receive. I've never believed in awarding the inexperienced with something an experienced person earned, even if it's a mere sample. At the very MOST, Warframe could allow a player to just SEE the big, shiny numbers of a build in the Warframe app but, even then, restrict them from seeing mods they don't own. Growth and experience should be cherished and hard earned. No shortcuts.
  9. This. "Rushframe" sucks and all of the players that choose to play that way constantly remind us of that. THERE IS NO RUSH.
  10. Warframe has a truck ton of stuff in it and each set of items have their separate ways of obtaining them. You are not supposed to easily get every single thing in the game. While the holokey weapons are more elusive (that's the point), other extremely strong weapons, frames, items, parts, mods and specters are much easier to obtain. Honestly, that's great for the game since those weapons are not needed but simply wanted. It's a game of chance within a game that has every type of freakin game in it. It's okay for this particular to be of chance.
  11. No. In more detail, management of her temps is the most critical part of her game play. Also, I have yet to die with the new ember setup since you start with 50% DR at ignition, have shield gating and fire blast cc'ing the field and allowing shields to rebuild as you clear the threat area. That's three separate areas of protection that tells me to find cover until all three protections are back. What's your setup that causes such quick death?
  12. Unfortunately it's the usual song and dance of some youtubers. Passion turns into greed and "trash TV" keeps the devoted subscribers going. It's not called out enough.
  13. Life of Rio, Magamu and other "salty vets" say hi.
  14. I think this is a great course to follow. DE did this with the new player experience update and it was fantastic. Keeping this style going for every new, major, section a player gets introduced to in the game would be awesome. Considering the lack of a pause feature outside of solo, I think the perfect placement for these, as well as a more forced streamline pathway of the game, is with the quests. Either pause a section, explain via a fancy looking doc or overlay script, or add a permanent set of instructions exactly like in the new player experience change.
  15. DE has a 8+ year leverage that says both can work. Honestly, I like the cycle system but I get where some are coming from.
  16. OK, here's the deal. Warframe is almost 9 years old, with a continued high player base (despite YouTube's and reddit's best attempts to convince everyone the game is dying) and a game that is highly recognized as one of the best games in the market. Many, many, MANY players have clocked in over 1000 hours of playtime and has a constant stream of updates for every major console available. All of the above says that DE knows about sustainable content more than 99% of the companies out there (name other 8-9 year old games available on every console and is still growing). They DEFINITELY know more than us. It is absolutely pointless to offer more endgame when all of the current endgame in the game has not been highly utilized in the player base. Steep Path is not highly utilized yet, and you want even more spongy enemies? Maybe 0.5% of the players would play that mode...maybe. Why? Because it doesn't sound fun. It sounds like a chore for no reason. That does NOT sound profitable, necessary, reasonable nor sustainable.
  17. You chose to leave out everything else so that tells me you're more interested in trying to keep something that has already been proven to be meaningless alive. I don't recall endless arbitrations, disruptions, relic survival or defense, kuva survival, Mot, dark sector defense, level 4 Orb Vallis arena and Deimos runs dropping that. Now, OF COURSE you're not going to get mega rewarded for taking on basic star chart survivals and trying to extend your run longer than necessary. Why should you be rewarded for that. If you want more then jump in the game modes that offer more. Bruh, you get actual in-game currency earning parts or formas for just playing five minutes in an infinitely playable relic mission, plus bonus stuff and mods, in a free game, so stop whining as if you're somehow not being extremely overcompensated for the little effort required. So, in essence, yes, I'm having a laugh.
  18. 1) Radial javelin's augment boosts melee strength and is an easy, quick and reliable damage buff. I agree it could be stronger but it also greatly weakens every enemy it contacts so I'm on the fence there. 2) His 2 sets up an easy arcane ultimatum proc, which also makes Rage more easier to monitor...which keeps his 4 going (that I have replaced with Gloom on some of my setups to add healer to his arsenal). 3) Slash Dash safely gets me closer to hard hitting targets before they can hit, keeps my combo counter going and places me right where I want to be to release radial howl. It also does GREAT for setting up a Zanurik operator's electric AOE void dash for a cc stun lock. Umbra usually radial howls or javelins every right after to further weaken the enemy. In essence, my Umbra or standard Excal have yet to die in Steel Path, Arbi or any hour+ mission. Add in Gloom and he becomes an insanely overpowered healer, CC and damage dealer for any squad. Leave him alone, he's fine. Lol
  19. I don't think they can make a statement that would matter....because it doesn't matter. Sustained long endurance rewarding is dumb to implement in a game not really designed for that type of reward system. On a side note, Warframe's reward system is already extremely fruitful and any excess rewarding is not necessary. Let the endo, credits, base-rare mods and ayatans be enough. That's already four separate types of rewards. Now, let's be real, ANY marker based reward would be demanded to be cycled/replaced constantly and those players will always, ALWAYS want variety, changes, etc....only for most of those players running to the nearest cheat method to play that now endless resource pool of nothing. Why the hell would DE want to invest in that when none of that speaks to a dev team that is literally focused on growing the saga of the game? Why use resources, rewards and experimental setups on an endless loop that STOPS the progression of the game? Those assets should remained set for new stuff for new content.
  20. It's because people are TOLD to declare things MR fodder. The sense of exploration, trial and error have been replaced by "follow the leader". At least, this is how things appear.
  21. Advise a new player? Why would I take that fun away from them? Let them try it and see. Here's the rub from my own experience: Even base mods provide endo and credits. This is on top of the increasing credit and endo of a long run. Therefore, longer runs fill the pockets while I have fun. Newer players have NO IDEA what mods they're going to get as they progress, unless someone spoils it for them. Let them enjoy the experience of honing their skills while reaping surprising benefits. Higher tiered mods and stances come, mostly, from just playing the game. Therefore, longer runs net more results from that. So, again, let them find out what a long run can get them. In essence, it would be a great disservice to try and tell a new player what could or couldn't happen with a long run. I had a GREAT experience on my first long run and have had great experiences since that day, over 5 years ago. THAT is why it makes perfect sense to let them play and experience.
  22. My infested bow (Proboscis. Sp?) build: Amalgam Serration, Gal Chamber, viral+elec or corrosive+cold, Gal Amplitude, Riven (DMG+multi+stat -infest) and, the big illegal mod, Primed Firestorm. This thing pulls in EVERYTHING on the tileset, kills them or, even better, gathers them for the goriest ghoulsaw kills imaginable! Man I love that combo! Lol!
  23. For vets, yes. For all other players, staying long means newer enemy types, more of those enemies and, therefore, a higher chance for the mods they carry. The 5 minute rewards are also huge benefits to non vets. I think we need to be careful how we label what's useful and what isn't because newer players may miss out on great opportunities.
  24. Agreed. It's a dual risk situation: hide and risk running out of air or go hard and risk getting killed by enemy fire. The rewards for the latter are the spoils of the spy and your kill spoils. Easily my favorite game mode!
  25. This isn't a fix though and it doesn't need one. The whole idea of survival is to distract the enemy by engaging them, not hide from them. Avoiding them is what the spy is doing. On a side note, I've always suspected that DE added a stamina mechanic to survival, where melee attacks speed up the timer slightly, due to higher physical use, while guns have a normal timer. I'll have to dive deeper into that.
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