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  1. A part of me thinks it's the typical BS attempt: "if I whine, and get others to whine with me, then I can get DE to gimme stuff faster". I'm not sure these attempts are coming from adults...I'm hopeful that these attempts aren't coming from adults. If they are, then all I can say is wow.
  2. I don't think enough people will truly understand just how critical your post and Zimzala's posts are. With thousands or even millions of players critiquing every little detail, it's impossible for devs to figure out a best, universal approach.
  3. No, it's called a game mode. In a single day, you can get multiple weapons. Seriously guys, stop they bloody whining!
  4. At this point, I think complaining about little things is the new 2021.
  5. I have to disagree. It's a high fire rate, a 2.8 crit multiplier, iirc, with over 50% crit chance with point strike on it. It is also very good in stat chance and is perfect for a balanced rifle with several options to go with. Run the corrupted crit mod (200% crit chance/ slower fire rate) and CC sits at about 66%, not bad for a single crit mod. Lastly, the charged shot benefits from prime firestorm, easily setting up an aoe setup or bail-out weapon. As usual, earn it (or buy it) and try it for yourself. Don't rely on our subjective views of it and there's no rush getting it.
  6. Exactly....just like every other time a Warframe is released. "Rushframe" is not an excuse. How do people even play other games with quests? People are literally whining about a short quest with crystal clear instructions to it. You can't ask for a simpler quest. Savagoth's quest was harder than this!
  7. Don't be stupid. What part of this quick quest leads you to believe DE is being greedy? I finished the quest in a little over an hour by simply not rushing through it. The slam attack was the only weird part for me because I had no idea that attack existed. The quest is mega simple: 1) do the tricks as they are instructed. You can pause and see the instructions at any time. 2) Grind the pearl or big pipe for high scores. 3) Don't power jump and do crazy tricks during the race so you can actually see where the next rings are. 4) do timed tricks from high places 5) short jump and grind for fast 10x multiplier. And...done. I honestly rarely use K-Drives and still knocked this out quick. Just be at least a little patient at kill that noise about "DE being greedy". How the hell can playing a Tony Hawk style mini game, for free, be considered a greedy thing?
  8. No. It's a worthless thing to whine about. Just upgrade or don't. The good thing about it is you can 100% keep who you hired. Keep it pushing my guy.
  9. No idea. Man, DE went nuts with this update! I'm taking my time though. I'm gonna enjoy this update to the fullest and stay away from the typical Youtube and forum spoiler crap for awhile though! I hate when people do that BS.
  10. Overdramatic bruh. Vehkor Hek or Hek? Pressure Point or Prime Pressure Point? Get it now?
  11. It makes sense when you consider the Veykor Hek's overall superior damage output without it. I think the Kuva version with it would be EXTREME overkill.
  12. I know it may not be ideal OP but the solution to your problem is not something DE should risk solving. Most, not all, of the bugs in the game have to do with either poor internet connections, poor performing PCs or mixed regions. DE can't work backwards unless they want to have massive issues with the vast majority of the player base (slower updates). Can you list your computer specs? I'm not a computer expert but perhaps someone on the forum can assist you with optimizing your setup or recommend a few options.
  13. I think those two mods are simply Steel Path solutions. I don't mind them because impact, by itself, is really useful except for those players constantly whining about maximum dps in ultra long endurance runs...and, once again, that's the problem. Players were upset that "all" impact did was get in the way because of its stagger strength. So, to shut them up, without having to force us normal players who actually like impact's effect to give up impact to a rework we didn't ask for, DE decided to add those mods. Those same dudes also created the BS guns vs. melee issue. None of them even bothered to consider that a gun's viral/slash or corrosive/slash combo was just as devastating to SP enemies as melee but didn't like waiting for the slash procs to hit the third second of slash damage that would kill enemies. DE is smart to use band-aids because they already know what the hidden player agenda is: whine for power creep but whine about power creep.
  14. I think the question is the worst, to be honest. The entire game is subjective, meaning that the whole issue doesn't exist. And someone mentioned Xaku having a bad 4th ability when it syncs, strengthens and extends his offense and defense simultaneously, effectively extending his ability durations to near infinite time? That's bad? Wow. Subjective at its best. The bottom line is these type of questions shouldn't be asked. Vets could overplay abilities to the point of making mountains of mole hills, less experienced players often misuse abilities until they learn how to be more effective and new players often flock to these types of toxic questions thinking the abilities really are bad when they aren't. Good grief.
  15. Exactly the same here! The game always gives you rewards and resources that can help you. What's better is that a very large portion of activities, items and resources are team supportive, allowing your squad to benefit whether they're in mission with you or not (such as trading prime parts or revealing rivens for friends). I love the overall rewarding structure of this game.
  16. The game is just awesome. Fast, smooth, satisfying ways to kill, deep modding system, nice faction system, several ways to collect stuff, great with friends or solo, a very satisfying learning curve, loads of content and an exciting lore. I ignore youtubers or meta so it takes me longer to create best load-outs and I love that!
  17. And this is where we always have the problem. People ask DE for something, get that very thing, then others start to add their BS to it while accusing DE of "not listening" or doing it right. People 101.
  18. Warframe is a power fantasy that embraces variety. Just like with guns and weapons, we each have our likes and dislikes and we want to use them in a way that is fun and exciting. Ironically, this is exactly why the difficulty levels, as viewed by vets and hardcore players, is not high. DE wants the frames to be varied and enjoyed without having to deep dive into how to get each one to break through to Mot or Steel Path unless desired.
  19. DE released a vid on it a few days ago and the workshop has it as well.
  20. I guess. My ability to kill SP enemies with them says otherwise but I'll take the new buffs with zero complaints.
  21. Nice! You properly modded your gun and you were properly rewarded with fast kills. But see, the issue isn't the modding. The issue was people wanting to see BIG DAMAGE NUMBERS and lied about the issue. New mods and processes means more content to create and more views.
  22. Right, and they don't. Some youtubers and forum posters started whining about it because they don't kill fast enough FOR THEM. We all know that it only takes one Chihuahua's constant barking and crying to get enough attention from DE. Others notice that attention and begin to figure out how to whine for big damage numbers so they can create content about those numbers, then bash it later and finally readdress it in nostalgia (commonly called the "Triple In and the Out" in entertainment). It's all overdramatic fluff that made DE waste time on yet another unnecessary, player driven side bar.
  23. Yes they are. It's actually incredible how overboard they're going with it. Sixty-five paragraphs of writing attempting to fight what they haven't even tried yet. It's ridiculous.
  24. Nah, it really is balanced because guns aren't as bad as people claim. The guns are on par with the average fps fighting high level enemies. Melee simply had a power ramp up system where as guns didn't. Not a single person on this forum can spot an SP butcher and say "oh, he's tanky af" because he'll be killed by modded mk-1 braton bullets before the phrase is spoken! This is why DE should ignore naysayers...they are not looking at the full scope of the game.
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