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  1. When the Eros Wings were first released for Star Days, they were visible at all times. But, the problem with that, is it made it hard to see during missions as they took up a large part of your screen/vision, which was a huge distraction. Which was a complaint from several players, so DE via a hotfix, made it so where they disappear on missions and whatnot. So, they weren't a distraction when playing or on a mission.
  2. You're not alone, hun. I barely did any of Intermission 3 to be able to get the Emissary Operator suit. (I only was at rank 7. lmao.) I didn't do much for it, cause it's boring and a waste of my time. Not to mention it's a chore, cause Idk about Nightwave anymore. I only ever finished fully finished Intermission 2 and Series 3: Glassmaker.
  3. Even still, I'm not doing any Railjack stuff. As I said, it makes me motion sick and using the archwing is no better. Thanks for the advice though. :)
  4. No, you can't access the Lich node in the Saturn Proxmia without Intrinsic 5 to access it.
  5. With the introduction of the Sisters of Parvos, the final showdown with your Lich takes places in the Saturn Proxmia for Railjack. Which requires Intrinsic 5 to access. Which with that change, now basically forces us to have and do Railjack to finally covert/vanquish our Liches (and/or Sisters). So, unless you have done Railjack missions and have gotten Intrinsic 5 or higher, you can't kill/vanquish your Lich in the final showdown with them.
  6. I got Loki Prime and the Vastilok just fine. I never got the armor set or the weapon skin, even though I was in the relay from start to finish. Update!: I did get the armor and weapon skin. (Not long after I posted this originally LMAO).
  7. It was wonderful! But, I still haven't gotten the armor set or the weapon skin and I was in the relay from start to finish. I did get Loki Prime and the Vastilok just fine.
  8. Make the Gara noggle available in-game via the Market. Let me spend my plat on it, so I can fill my Orbiter with all the Gara noggles I can buy.
  9. That makes 3 of us now. I never use pets, I don't really care for using them. And, I always preferred a Sentinel anyway. I've used and maxed every single sentinel including Primed ones, expect 2 of them (Wyrm/Wyrm Prime and Shade/Prisma Shade).
  10. Gara/Gara Prime is and will always be my Warframe Queen~. Thank you. Ivara Prime is close second, since she my second most used Warframe.
  11. If the Helminth segment wasn't solely locked behind Rank 3 Entrati standing, then maybe I would be more excited. Cause that "Golden Instinct" ability would be very useful for me, since I grind Ayatans and whatnot. Like others have said regarding the ability, it should also work for Rare and Reinforced Storage Containers as well. And, Sabotage Caches too. With this included update to Helminth, as a suggestion, maybe you should give another way for players (who don't level with the Entrati) to acquire the segment while keeping the MR8 requirement in place.
  12. Sadly, this week is not worth my time. As someone who hasn't done the two quests leading up to the Sisters update, I don't really have any interest in getting a Crown or Requiem relics. They serve no use to me.
  13. No, sadly. There's only used to get/buy decorations and whatnot from Nakak during the event. They can't be placed in the Orbiter as a decoration themselves.
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