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  1. It's funny, I found a Vaya sculpture today after seeing this on Twitter! ❤️
  2. OMGG I can't wait for Gara Prime~! As a Gara main and a long time player of her, I've longed for her prime variant so bad. (I need it. *grabby hands*) To now that her prime self is coming in Spring of 2021, I cannot wait! I'm so excited for that. I've been wondering for a long time about what her prime variant looks like. I know when she comes around in 2021, I will definitely be buying her full Prime Access package. I must have it all, hehe. 🤍💙💎💎💙🤍 Thank you for posting this list! I apperiate it. ❤️
  3. I wish you guys would expand Nightwave just a bit longer so that those who haven't got to Rank 30 can actually be able to do so. I'm only Rank 19. It isn't fair that I won't be able to get the Operator suit. :c (I know, it won't happen. But, still it's not fair. I really want the Operator suit, but I'm unable to do Nightwave sometimes as I have irl stuff going on. And, I can't sit at my laptop grinding the tasks for it. Also, Orb Vallis tasks are unless to me as I haven't done anything related to Fortuna. So, I can't do those weekly events.)
  4. I would really like past Orbiter decorations as prizes and/or Twitch drops. Specifically the Orokin Tea Set. Why? Cause I wasn't into Warframe at the time of The Sacrifice and I really would like the tea set. There's also other past decorations that I would like to get as well. Also, maybe past Twitch drops as prizes? Like the Star-Child diadem. You may think that it's stupid, but kindly look at it from my POV. I wasn't into the game when a lot of stuff like that came out, so I missed a lot of in-game items from Twitch and whatnot. And, I would really like a chance to be able to get those items I missed out on. But, seeing as most people in game have said items, I doubt they will be reissued. But, I can dream. Update: I know for the tea set, it was a promo code. So, maybe for that missed decoration, make the code active again.
  5. Thanks for this update on the situation! I greatly apperiate it. 🤗 💕 Cause I was wondering after logging in today, why I didn't get the ducats drop. Good thing I checked the forums today about what happened, lmao.
  6. I apperiate the hot fix, but the Zealots are way to OP. They kill me in just two hits and now they constantly chase me (teleport to me) to the point I can no longer make any distance with them. Their honestly too much of a nuisance and they make it harder to do any mission. I honestly don't care for them as they instantly spawn the moment I start a mission now. The hot fix did nothing but make them more of a pain in the ass. I don't care much for getting the Nightwave standing, I just want to focus on the particular mission and not worry about the Zealots or trying to down them. Their a pest, I could do without on a mission.
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