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  1. Un-linking and re-linking my Warframe account to Twitch fixed it! :D Hopefully this works for others here too.
  2. I also claimed it and didn't receive it. Ticket sent. Hopefully this issue gets fixed.
  3. OMG, I wish some could gift me the Gara deluxe collection. ;v; I'd get it myself, but I don't have plat. I'm broke af, lmao. No one has to, of course. It would nice tho. 💕
  4. As someone who hunts and collects Ayatans, this is peaked my interest greatly. 👀 I'm curious to see what this Ayatan looks like. Also, as a Gara main, I'm so excited to get my hands on Gara's deluxe collection~. *grabby hands* 💎💕
  5. Gara deluxe is all I care about and I'm so happy it's coming with the next update. *my wallet is ready* It's so pretty. ;v; <3 Did they discuss any accessories coming with her deluxe and/or a deluxe bundle? I sadly missed the Devstream today, so I didn't get to watch it to see. Hopefully with her deluxe coming in the next update, they'll finally drop and release her long awaited noggle. That I found in-game via chat link (made a post about it here).
  6. I have a lot of plants as well, mainly the Flower Decanter decoration (since it's my fave one) and only 20 noggles (including two Prime ones (got more of these coming around Christmas time btw). I've bought alot of Prime vault and two full Access' (Ivara and Titania Prime, lmao, and the Acolytes). But, I really want these two as well. Especially Gara since she is my main Warframe. And, I agree! It really is bothersome. I hope these and other missing noggles get released soon enough. I have a feeling Gara's noggle will be released whenever her deluxe skin is. IMO.
  7. I agreed with both of these options! :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I apperiate it.
  8. So, for those who were wondering about a Titania and/or Gara noggle, like myself. I found them in-game, via chat link. (aka [Noggle Statue - *insert Warframe name here*]) Since I was very curious to see if they'd pop up. I don't know when these will be finally added in-game, but they do exist and here they are for others to see. <3 Gara Noggle: Titania Noggle: Hopefully these beauties will be added soon. I would love to buy them. ;v; (Sadly I found no Wisp noggle. :c Though there is Gauss and Grendal's. Didn't screenshot them though.)
  9. No, it doesn't. Prime Access as a set price for both PC and Console. It may be expensive (trust me I know it is, I bought both Ivara Prime and Titania Prime's full prime access package for both of them when they were released), but it's honestly worth the money though. Nezha Prime's especially for the prime ephemera. I'll be buying his full Prime access soon.
  10. It's the red blob ship decoration, pictured here. (By the Landing Craft segment.)
  11. I feel you. I personally hate these types of "lottery" drops for streams. I don't personally watch the streams cause I don't find the drop gamble worth my time.
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