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  1. No, sadly. There's only used to get/buy decorations and whatnot from Nakak during the event. They can't be placed in the Orbiter as a decoration themselves.
  2. It's always existed. This is just the first time we've been actually able to obtain it. (Cause for some reason, it isn't in the Market in-game.)
  3. You quoted me just to say that? LMAO. What a joke. Don't waste my time with petty replies like that. Also, yes we can technically "land" on Jupiter, it's called the Gas City titleset. Look it up. :)
  4. While I personally can see your appeal of wanting the Sun as a location, I can also understand why others here wouldn't want the star to be one. The Sun is in-game, you just never see it as it's a distant light in most of all plant skyboxes and is the bright light in the middle of navigation when going to select a mission. The Sun is made of up nothing but very hot molten plasma, so the idea of being able to land on it is impossible by all means and two the Sun is so bright that we'd never be able to look at it with the naked eye in real life and even in a video game without going blind. lmao.
  5. Personally I like and prefer the Volnus Gelitis riven. If it were me, I would pick that one. But, it's all up to you though. :)
  6. If I remember correctly, just buying the PA accessories pack doesn't qualify for getting the Prime noggle. So, no sadly.
  7. lmao, I just say the post on Gara Prime. Thanks anyway.
  8. OMFG MAH BELOVED GLASS ANGEL. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. TAKE MY MONEY DE. Instant day one buy for me, for sure. I cannot wait to have and add Gara Prime (plus her weapon and stuff) to my arsenal. I'm so happy she is finally coming out. Cause I'll say it again, I love Gara a lot and I main her normally. And, I've been waiting for her Prime since I first started playing.
  9. Cause it's the Man in the Wall. Seeing as you've done the story quests including the Sacrifice and Rising Tide, I'm sure you know who that is. He takes the form of your Operator with yellow eyes and he can randomly appear in your Orbiter after missions and whatnot. His relation to the Railjack.
  10. Give me my dear, long awaited Gara Prime. *grabby hands* As someone who loves and mains Gara, I'm so excited for her Prime. (I have been since I first started Warframe.) I need my Glass Angel, my Queen. 💎💎💎💙🤍🖤 I can't wait for her reveal on the next upcoming Devstream.
  11. That is Ember's new deluxe skin. And, agreed! I hope some news about my dear Gara Prime. (Which I'm very anxiously waiting, lmao.)
  12. It's the name of a Demon. Danzig's album is named after said demon. So, no, DE doesn't need to get permission to use the name. Don't make posts like this and do some research on the name before even posting something like this.
  13. lmao, I wasn't even being rude and/or aggressive in my statement. I was just saying. But, okay then, hun. Also, kindly don't refer to me as "dude". Thanks.
  14. So what? Not everyone sells Maroo their Ayatans for endo. Don't go judging the people who prefer to use them as decorations, like op and myself. I don't care about having an overwhelming amount of spare endo, I don't fully upgrade every mod I own (why would I? lmao), only the ones I use. But, all in all, everyone prefers something different, don't judge other people for what they like to do with their Ayatans. tbh, It's really none of your business. If you like to sell them to Maroo, that's fine. But, op and I don't, we prefer to use them as decorations.
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