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  1. Okay, hun! Sounds good. :) I have 8 extra Pivs. Next time, I'm in-game, I'll send you a message.
  2. No, not really. It was released Update 25: The Jovian Concord. It, along with the Flower Decanter and the Lua planter, decorations were for a dojo decoration contest in 2018. All three are 50p each and have a take up 5 capacity. These three decorations are some of my fave ones and I have multiple in my Orbiter.
  3. Octavia Noggle is nice and all, but when are you guys gonna finally release Gara's noggle? I know it exist, I found it through linking it in-game chat. (Even made a post here about it. ) It's there, but you fail to release it after all this time since the PoE release back in the day. I WANT MY GARA NOGGLES, DE. I need to fill my Orbiter to the brim with my glass angel.
  4. Here are my most used Frames: Gara. (She has been my most frame used since I started Warframe 2 yrs. ago.) Ivara Prime. (Second most used next to Gara. Since getting her prime access.) Titania Prime. (Same with TP. She is mostly used for Maroo's Ayatan missions. Cause easy cheat the mission. :) ) Equinox Prime. (One of my fave frames of all time to use.) Wisp. (Another fave frame.) Khora. (Same here. Venari is so useful for locked lockers and whatnot. Yay more loot!) Valkyr Prime. (R A G E. That's it.) Saryn Prime. (Haha everything goes splat.)
  5. It's tomorrow, Feb. 11th, on all platforms! :)
  6. It is indeed a Nightwave reward. I was wondering about this too, actually. Cause 1) I need one more for decorating my Orbiter and 2) They can't be obtained anymore. (Unless you trade another player for one.) Seeing as you can have/own multiple of one Ayatans at anytime (ex: owning like 8 Piv Ayatans or more), I highly doubt it would be replaced with 50 intermission cred from the Duplicate Protection, if you already own at least one.
  7. Oh God, I love those angel wings! I need those badly. I can't wait to learn more about Ticker's VDay goodies and what the event will be to get them. I'm also curious about Intermission 3 as well and the next Prime access too. Also, @[DE]Rebecca , your Gara (with her deluxe skin) is looking hella gorgeous and I love the color scheme~! <3
  8. As someone else who loves and collects Ayatans (as well as decorating my Orbiter with them), this is my heaven and I'm taking notes. Also, I do believe I have spare Piv Ayatans, if you possibly want a few of them. <3
  9. You cannot. Like xGryphus said Intermission will have it's own credits. What I was referring to is this, taken from the Nightwave page on the Warframe wikia: "During each series of Nightwave, players can earn an exclusive special Cred currency by ranking up, which are then used to purchase the aforementioned Nightwave offerings. Note that after the end of the particular series, this currency will expire and the next Nightwave series will introduce a new currency to spend. Any unspent Cred after a particular series can be sold from the inventory for ‍5000 each. " Any current unspe
  10. The current crystal NW credits you have will stay in your inventory, even after Season 3 ends. They can be sold for credits or you can keep them as a memento.
  11. I just want the Emissary Suit Collection for the Operator from S2. ;v; I wasn't able to finish S2 at the time. So, I wasn't able to reach rank 30. I would love to have the S2 shoulder guard and the Chitoid Sentinel bundle too.
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