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  1. Titania isnt as bad as most people claim tbh. She can kill lvl 120 enemies within a second while being unhittable. My biggest issue is that she is the worst teamplayer. Your allies wont really gain anything from a Titania in the party...except a huge dps that is mostly single target. The buffs are pretty bad, so allies wont notice them or have any need for them. The small razorwings could have been a nice aggro cc for you and allies...but they die within 1 hit from a level 40 enemy. Lastly you wont be able to have any interactions with: doors, elevators, consoles, pickups (mobile defense, excavators etc) All I still would like for changes at this point is a change to the small razorwings. They still die way too easily with no way to get them back in razorwing mode. (I already gave some ideas in previous comments. like how lantern could revive razorwings when u get close and possible augment mods that create new razorwings that u can recruit) And I would like some better party buffs. (nobody cares for thorns....this could be damage reduction, 25% movementspeed could include fire rate as well and be a bit more, companion damage could be damage for all allies...or all summons as well) and lastly: Titania still has to be party leader if she wants to use lantern. Since u can only detonate them manually locally. So other players will still wait for the entire duration to deplete so the enemy dies. This is still an unfixed bug that has been here since u could make more than 1 lantern.
  2. we all know that Titania's "rework" was not a rework at all. We look at other frames with rework like Saryn and see them become gods....while looking at Titania rework and think: we only received what already should have been. Tribute needs some tweeks. I like the idea of grabbing someones soul...and have no need for it to be sucked into you. Increased hitbox size would be nice tho. I defenately would say there is NOTHING wrongn with her modding capabilities. ability 1 and 3 need range...but they dont need that much range. (the casting ranges are pretty big, ability 1 radius is rather small, but ability 3 radius is also rather big) ability 2 cant be modded except for casting range and initial power. (duration for the debuff no one rlly cares about) ability 4 needs duration and efficiency and the augment. (you need a little bit of power...but not that much....her dex pixia deals a crap load of dmg....that she easily outdamages other frames) having so much evasion makes shields enormously good on Titania. Enemies wont 1 shot the shields...and wont keep hitting you either so they will easily regenerate. While playing Titania I am nearly always the one with the least amount of dmg taken and most dmg dealt. Only Saryn will outdamage Titania in missions like defense. And now u can also easily run with 2 umbral mods equiped to boost the frame even more. (I have umbral build with 180 power. growing power + 155 power. And you honestly dont need more) smack that arcane energize in it and u can spam abilities all day and never run out of energy. I do want to see changes for Titania....but I already showed what I wanted for the Titania changes on the previous page on this thread.
  3. The last changes for Titania have been pretty nice. However not game changing. I liked the attempt on making razorwings more survivable by letting them regain health on kills... however it doesnt make enough difference when they can be killed in 1 hit eventually. What I would like to see for a Titania rework/change: TITANIA QUEEN OF MOTHS passive: Every enemy that dies or is affected by an ability from Titania has a 25% increased chance on dropping an energy orb. ability1 Spellbind: the enemy will float above the ground (3-5 m from the origin). Floating enemies will take increased damage from elemental damage. Allies affected by spellbind are immune to status effects and will get current status effects removed. Spellbind augment mod: enemies killed in spellbind will release a spellbind shockwave that will make enemies within 20m of the shockwave affected by spellbind. ability2 Tribute: Titania will rip out the soul of an enemy. - Dust: Enemies will lose 50% accuracy - Thorns: Allies will get 25% chance to get no damage per hit and reflect all the incoming damage back to the attacker instead. - Entangle: Enemies will have their movement and attackspeed slowed by 50% - Full moon: All allies gain a damage bonus of 25% Tribute augment mod: Tribute can be cast on allies and yourself. The affected ally cant be harmed for 5 seconds and the next cast tribute will have its effects increased by 10% Ability3 Lantern: The enemy will float above the ground creating a light in your energy color. Enemies within range will walk towards the lantern. If Titania flies(in razorwing) within the radius, she will get fallen razorwings back. Lantern augment mod: The lantern will grow eggs inside its body. On explosion the eggs will release a razorwing for every 5 seconds the lantern was active. (30 seconds = 6 razorwings). The razorwings will attack any enemy within 20m of them untill they are dead and stay alive for the same duration as the lantern. If Titania flies close (20m) of a lone razorwing, she will automatically recruit it as her own if she doesnt have 6 razorwings active. (or they stay with you even when you arent in razorwingmode) Ability4 Razorwing: Titania will shrink down and gain dex pixia and diwata as weapons, along with 6 razorwings to aid her. Whenever Titania or a razorwing kills someone: her razorwings will be fully healed. Her exalted weapons can be modded. Razorwings will have hp/armor/shields scaled to the avarage enemy level whenever a razorwing spawns. (meaning you can have a level 1 razorwing getting killed by a level 50 enemy...but when u spawn a new one with razorwing recast/ lantern or lantern mod, it will be level 50) (I would also like for Dex Pixia to gain a bit of punch through by itself...but it is not a necessary buff) Razorwing augment mod: Titania will gain increased flightspeed and fire rate upon casting an ability up to 4 stacks. all of these are just my idea on how the frame could be and to make it alot better. Any of my ideas may be used or thrown away, however I like the ideas. Keep in mind that all of the given stats are subject to change. I tried to make it not too overpowered. Even with these changes it wouldnt be the best frame...but it would be better solo and in a team. It will also give openings for new playstyles and fun ^.^ To the cummunity and DE with love from a Titania player.
  4. ofcourse not....in "endgame" content they get killed in either 1 shot or in 1 melee....hp regeneration on a kill wont do that much...
  5. Since this topic is still ongoing... I would like to take the opportunity to give my perception on Titania. The changes atm are really great. Abilities do not cost that much and you can keep up all buffs fairly easily while staying in razorwingmode. Her damage output is still amazing for I can kill enemies faster than almost any frame. Her tribute makes Titania nice as a party member in stead of just being a soloist. (I always like to see my Titania as a soloist that doesnt care about others too much because she is quite glass cannon and will die if you try to ressurect fallen allies) The negatives about Titania for me are that there are a couple of things in her kit that arent doing much (more about this later at my perception on her abilities). She is a typical glass cannon frame, making her 1-shot enemies... and getting 1-shot herself (her evasiveness, speed and accuracy tribute debuff do make it harder to get killed). My perception on her abilities: Her first ability Spellbind: I think this ability is quite nice. It has a fast casting speed and can be used either to help allies/yourself or quickly cc enemies. I usually just use it to get stacks on my razorwing mod fast or to get rid of status effects on me or allies (poison is always easiest to see when fighting infested) her second ability tribute: I really like this ability... even tho I know alot of people do not like this. I think it is a nice alternative thing to do when you are just using your Dex Pixia to kill everything and do nothing else... Just use tribute to collect those souls and help your allies and keep your stacks up from the razorwing mod. The accuracy debuff on enemies and the damage boost for allies are the best buffs in my eyes. I usually just grab the slow and the thorns as extra buffs...and because I like the butterflies... So if you want to increase this frames party efficiency these buffs can be improved in some way. her third ability lantern: I think the concept of this ability is nice, but in game...it is less good. I do use it sometimes... but I feel like I do not have to. I usually use this ability in either survival or defense missions since Titania has no AOE damage. It can be nice to make a lantern in a chokepoint and have enemies cc'ed there untill you turn your guns their way. However when you do missions with lower leveled enemies, these lanterns will just bother allies because they kill fast enough. When you do Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you find yourself against tough enemies and barely any energy gain... you want to use a lantern for the cc... but it costs energy you dont have or want to save... So I think this ability can use something extra to help with survivability her fourth ability razorwing: This is ofcourse the ability that defines Titania. The damage is really good and the weapons are great. The razorwings are also very cool. The downside of razorwing are that you will completely rely on Dex Pixia and Diwata to deal your damage (not that this is neccesarily a bad thing). But the razorwings are just not that great. When you are going against lvl 15- enemies they are really good....but higher than that...they keep dying. When you are doing a sortie or ESO...they get killed in 1 shot. Meaning their purpose of damage or cc is completely gone. maybe they could also benefit partially from titania's current hp/shield/armor...or make them tougher by ability power or something... It is also really dangerous for such a 1 shot frame to get out of razorwing. (You will have to get out and in again if you want to replenish your razorwings). So if you want to increase Titania's damage output we can help the razorwings out somehow. My personal ideas: tribute doesnt necessarily be changed, but maybe change thorn damage to prevent the damage and reflect it back... it would become quite a nice buff for the party for survival and for Titania herself (and razorwings) while not really changing the original concept. lantern could be better by making it more useful. It could do all the same things as it does now...and spawn 6 razorwings of its own that will do their own thing untill they dissapear when the ability ends. When a lanternwing dies it will respawn at the lantern. Meaning that with 3 lanterns you can make quite the hornetsnest. And what if Titania enters the attract range of the lantern and gets her razorwings back? You will have changed the lantern from a cc lamp...into a cc razorwingspawn station. As if she creates razorwings out of the bodies. It would bring a fun new mechanic and it means the ability will be useful in another manner...meaning you dont HAVE TO get out of razorwing mode and face the grimreaper(I really like this concept). Other than all of this, I have nothing more to say. Keep up the good work DE, you are doing a great job and I hope you take a look at all the nice ideas ^.^ VulpesSly
  6. you literally 1-shot those turrets...and those "traps" never bothered me... I literally never get damaged... I think the changes are fine. They just need to update the energy cost on tribute like the patch notes said...and I am happy.
  7. Titanias tribute doesnt cost 25 energy like these patch notes say....it still costs 50.
  8. Titanias tribute is said to cost from 50 to 25 energy...yet it still costs 50 energy...
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