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  1. Ofcourse I would like to see changes as well. But u can' t deny that there are other frames in warframe that are more in need of buffs atm.(look at frames like zephyr) Titania is capable of clearing rooms easily enough with some punch through. You can always trade some power for some range if you want lantern to be more effective. Your dex pixia damage is a machinegun with her razorwing augment that replenishes ammo by itself, meaning you do not need to kill enemies in 1 hit. So you do not HAVE to maximize your power strength. U can also always use things like arcane energize to help you with energy maintenance. There are plenty of things u can do with your build. BUT yes...all of the current builds you would run on Titania are involved with you going into razorwing and dealing damage with dex pixia. So they will all come down to the same playstyle. I am fine with Titania in her current state. Sure there are things that annoy me. Like razorflies feeling pretty useless when the enemy level goes up... and the last movement changes feeling terrible to me. But I am realistic and think DE's rework team doesn't HAVE to change any of that. I like playing Titania the way it is and don't really share your opinion in it having to need to use other weapons. Looking at a frame like excalibur...when it presses 4 it was always locked into its exalted weapon as well (untill melee 3.0). Titania became in a different state at that point because it is literally an archwing. At one point DE even said that Titania was meant to be a glass cannon frame...that is why they didn't want to add tankiness like damage reduction to her. Titania was obviously meant to go and try to stay into razorwing. Her cc abilities are there for her own survivability. They clearly wanted you to go out of razorwing to replenish razorflies...so you had to have a cc like lantern to get out of razorwing, and back in. That they arent as good cc's as other frames doesn't matter at that point. At one point in warframe cc became alot less good than just killing enemies...that is why u wouldn't want to build titania as a mainly cc warframe anyway.
  2. Titania is in a decent place atm. I think you are misinterpreting your own desires to that of others
  3. I think we reached a state where we can ask ourselves: Why do razorflies even get damaged and die? It isn't that razorflies deal alot of damage... since dex pixia is the main damage. So we could ask ourselves: What is the purpose of razorflies? I know that in low level missions they are capable of killing enemies... but in high level enemies they only scratch them and receive one punch and they explode. Since Titania is an evasive frame, her survivability must come from enemies missing her... or enemies not focussing her. This is probably the main focus of razorflies. To draw in enemy aggro. However they also deal a little bit of damage, and you have a tribute buff to make them deal a bit more damage. This sorta conflicts with their purpose...unless u see it as a small buff to your damaging survivability razorflies. I think that DE did not want to make Titania a frame that is a flying auto turret. (razorflies killing everything by themselves while u hide somewhere safe). However even in the current state of the game, it doesnt seem possible for those small things to wipe a room of enemies. (meanwhile we have frames like Saryn or Volt that nuke rooms with 1 button) It also seems as if DE wanted players to go in and out of razorwing all the time to regenerate razorflies... as part of the mechanic. However it is really risky to leave razorwing to get razorflies. In my eyes it would'nt be busted to make razorflies invurnerable. DE could remove the healing on killing an enemy....and basically never having to look at razorflies again. At that point they can serve as your niche aggro puller to help you survive just a little bit more. (If DE thinks this would be way too strong... just remove some of their damage...it isnt like they dealt alot of damage anyway...and you are the main damage, not your razorflies) Also, people complaining about dex pixia to be boring or asking themselves why you wouldnt play another frame instead of this one... just play another frame. If you do not enjoy it...you do not enjoy it. This frame is an exalted frame and relies on an exalted weapon. So the gameplay could get boring or the same to people after a while. I do not have any problem with it. I also do not ask myself why you would play any other frame in the game, since you can just play a frame to nuke everything in 1 button either. (if you would look it that way, 90% of all frames would not be played)
  4. I hate the new archwing movement system on Titania. It might work well in archwing missions....but not in razorwing mode in my opinion. Usually I could choose a direction and only have to shortly press a key to move towards it. Then I could turn my head and shoot all enemies in sight. Now I always fly to where I am looking....or I am not moving....meaning I will fly straight towards the enemies on the ground all the time and cant glide into other direction to keep myself from bumping into objects. Meaning u will constantly be flying still when u are shooting....making me less mobile than i was before.... Sure it is new and it will just take some time getting used to.....but in the end it is less effective as it was before...so I can only see it as a nerf to my favourite frame. I liked how the movement used to be on razorwing and still rather use that movementsystem over the new archwing movement.
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