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  1. Great ideas but this should be on feedback forum
  2. I joined some random squad and finish all earth and saturn later on I get mkll armaments bp stuff, avionic things and so for to make my railjack better in combat. Before, I can solo it myself
  3. @Jithvan I will be online anytime soon and just message me in-game whenever you're free 👍🏻.
  4. That's perfect!! how much it gonna cost? Hit me up when you are ready
  5. She just inform me. Anyway, can you finish it by tomorrow night? Or maybe the next day?
  6. Clan Name: The Ethereal Entities Preferred Payment Type: Platinum Design Details: I would like Prime Gold, Silver Metal and Black Metal accent on the colors. About the color/design of the hair and the color of the eyes i would like to keep it as it should be and other things is remove the small logo/emblem underneath it also everything i want is on the remake/remove request link below. Links to reference images: Original: https://imgur.com/gallery/Ncjp946 Remake/Remove request: https://imgur.com/gallery/RZl7bLD Additional Comments: This emblem/logo is originally (not own by me) from Monster Hunter game and it's based on Odogaron monster. Hopefully, you can make a few change but not to much since i already like the original of it. Hope this all makes sense!
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