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  1. I spent the last week trying to farm toroids... Minus work hours and sleep, I must have spent around.... 20 or so hours for it in total, as well as ran 30 Phase 1 profit-taker missions... And I have not gotten a single Vega toroid. I need 15, and been sitting at 0 despite all this near-obsessive dedication. Followed the wiki, hunted down caves with rare toroid spawns, free-farmed the space port on alert 4 status, and did just about everything I can think of for them. So whats going on, were the drop rates of it decreased or something? Because so far as I can see, the only hint of being in the game is from Little-Duck. Like I get substantially more crisma and sola toroids than vega, and vega is supposed to be the easier one to obtain, right...? But it says the drop rate was increased from 1.1 to 2. I'm losing my mind. Someone please give me a Snickers or something because I dont know what else to do.
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