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  1. When playing with a controller, if I use melee the sensitivity just goes off the roof. I aim with a weapon, and it goes back to normal. Basically, I can’t use melee in the game lol... Edit: Solved! Changed the Big Picture Mode controller settings no never have "Joystick Mouse" on the right analogue. Fixed 🙂
  2. So far I'm missing the Ember Inferno skill 😛 But I get killed much more harder and already completed a few nodes I wasn't being able to. I'm still at the polarizing phase lol already maxed out 2 times and polarized two mod slots. Also had to purchase a different helmet, the base one isn't good looking 😛
  3. Just to give feedback, only 3 hours and 24 minutes left to have my Valkyr done 😛
  4. Thanks! Already farmed the components (about four 5 minute run of Alad V in Jupiter lol) and bought the blueprint. Building the components as I type this 🙂 Thanks again for all the tips! Let’s see if this helps me! Also, in other more typical MMORPG we have things like high level dungeons, raids, etc. What is the high level stuff in Warframe?
  5. Going to try and build Valkyr. Don’t really like Rhino, have a thing agains’t “hulk” type of characters lol
  6. Right now I’m using Ember Prime as my main. Maybe it’s not the easiest one to main lol I looked up for some builds For it, but it seems I’m lacking a lot of mods. Trying to get them, but not much luck until now! Trying to do stuff like the Chains of Horrow questline, but I’m still missing some stuff until I reach The Mot in the Void. Already polarized some slots on my Ember P, but I still die a lot solo. Maybe I need more defense or this Warframe is too “squishy” lol
  7. Well, I understand that in well established online games, low level stuff get’s left behind. But the main issue is that either this is a hard game to solo or I am just plain bad at it and my Warframes are underdeveloped lol
  8. So, it has been kinda hard to find open squads for missions, which makes it also hard to progress on the star map. I realize I am not supposed to go into every mission solo, so I always put the queue on hold to see if anyone joins, but nada. Is it the Switch version has a low online population? Or is everyone mainly doing other higher level stuff?
  9. Hey, I’m also an oldie (35) and would like to join the clan. Love the game, but can apply to the “baby volt” category, even if my main at the moment is Ember 😛 IGN: Chackan Edit: Cancel the request! Meanwhile I got invited into another clan.
  10. Done, was in a clan that went "inactive" a while ago 😐 Already left! Edit: Also, would like to know the Discord Server of the clan, if possible 🙂
  11. Hey guys. Would love to join the Clan! IGN: Chackan
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