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  1. It doesn't have great aesthetics all round. Looks like you're wielding a car exhaust with bad textures.
  2. A good compromise would be to allow single Forma to be built every 12 hours and a pack of three every 24 hours with a new, more expensive blueprint.
  3. Surely people care about the other unique animations performed when dodging by Hildryn, Wisp etc. The devs at least care to incorporate it, as they know [i]some[/i] people will be appreciative. Avoiding bullets would simply be one aspect of the ability, not the defining one. If Mesa happens to have Shatter Shield active, and if the projectiles are also on target, another animation can play of her intentionally absorbing some of the bullets and them reflecting off her. No problem. This is where "20 enemies shooting at you simultaneously" becomes a non-issue. Mesa is automatically avoiding
  4. As I said though, aiming is still full speed, and you still have the benefit of Regulators. Perhaps a compromise can be reached by only slowing down Mesa herself when a projectile comes into range.
  5. Had an idea to replace Mesa's cheesy aimbot with an ability that enables Mesa to dodge bullets by slowing down time for anything within the aiming 'circle' and also transforms hitscan weapons into visible and avoidable projectiles when they're fired at Mesa. Also slow down Mesa slightly at the same time, allowing the player an opportunity to admire the unique bullet dodge animations, akin to Neo or Max Payne which can now be performed with her '4' active. But aiming itself is now manual and full speed.
  6. Mechs might be too heavy for full-blown flight on Archwing, but I still think they travel at a snails pace in the open areas compared with Warframe Archwing upgraded with Hyperion Thrusters and Intrinsics. I think the way to fix this would be attaching Archwing to the mechs and when they reach a certain land speed or have been boosting along the ground (outside caves) for long enough; deploy hang glide mode, diverting 50% weapon power to achieve it. There should then be random updrafts to boost upwards with, or use the existing jump pads in open world and add an aura to them extending upwards
  7. At the heart of a great challenge lies a desire for self betterment; every bit as gratifying as the partaking. Strike, Tenno, so that you may reap the rewards.
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