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  1. You won't have to play on medium settings ( 😉 ) when next-gen consoles are released... it's just that the PC players will have had to wait that long too for the AAA multiplatform games to get next gen graphics along with it.
  2. Most of the time I blame both the AAA publisher and consoles, but since certain devs of TW3 were telling bold-faced lies in interviews, I also lay some of the blame at their feet. It was almost as horrendous as No Man's Sky on release.
  3. If consoles didn't exist then there wouldn't be any finger pointing to do. The devs of The Witcher 3 certainly weren't lazy in putting together an E3 GAMEPLAY DEMO / GAMEPLAY TRAILER showcase, and they weren't lazy in their blatant lies right up until release date where they stated there was no downgrade, PC was the lead platform and there would be a Linux version plus SDK 'Redkit' available post launch - none of which proved to be true. They were not lazy with the initial development of their graphics engine which included volumetric smoke adorning every chimney stack and a massive LOD distance; I believe they still use screenshots of this "old" engine to promote TW3 on their website to this day. It's only in the mid-to-final stages of development where they decided in order to achieve 'console parity' that they suddenly got "lazy" (if still recognizable as such) and sabotaged all the next gen graphics. Their dishonesty strategy during development followed by hollow apology seems to have worked, however, as people have forgotten about it all too easily - especially console users who are completely ignorant to what has happened.
  4. Because consoles hold back cutting edge PC game development. E.g. The Witcher 3 and Watchdogs downgrades (and most other downgrades that were hyped up at E3). The upcoming next gen consoles may "allow" game dev tech to improve a lot, but only because AAA publishers think that's where the money is.
  5. Everything's a lot more realistic when you deploy a black hole, though.
  6. Yess! New specialised energy jousting weapons just for k-drive!
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