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  1. I would do the same, but there are other issues than just cross-save. First, all my friends are on Xbox, second, I don't have the money for a powerful PC, and third, you have to buy Tenno-gen with actual money if I am not mistaken.
  2. I have had my lich steal a syandana from a gift from the lotus, you should be able to get it back when you kill it.
  3. I was just doing an Infested Arbitration defense mission, and when I tried leaving, I got a mission success screen, but it didn't let me leave the game, if I pressed pause and try to leave, it says I can't because the objective was already complete. I'm not really mad about losing the stuff, It was only a sculpture or two and about 10 Vitus essence, but that is still a little annoying.
  4. I hope Mag Prime comes back soon, she is a frame that I never got due to me hearing that she was terrible, when she is actually extremely powerful.
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