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  1. While a Kubrow is incubating, I'm unable to use the Helminth. I can rename it, and the prompt to sit in the chair is present, but I'm not able to actually sit in the chair. Using equipment>helminth from the menu teleports me to the chair, but will not sit in it. I am able to use a helminth again as soon as I claim the Kubrow, and the issue returns as soon as I start breeding a new one.
  2. I can fully agree with this. With people coming in to Void Storms to farm Sevagoth and Epitath, the social contract has broken down in Railjack quite a bit. It feels like most missions are done entirely by 1 or 2 players, while the other 2-3 sit on the Railjack and just wait to be carried. I've had plenty of missions where I took out the shields on crewships, manned the artillery to destroy them, got off and did the loot dungeon, boarded and completed the side objective alone, flew the Railjack to the Corpus Pillar, boarded it alone, waited 20-30 seconds for another player to join me to start
  3. After a particularly atrocious visual assault from a rift on a void storm mission, I lost the ability to look down with my warframe for the remainder of the mission. The issue was not resolved by going to archwing, boarding the target ship, going to operator, or using a necramech. While the issue was persisting, looking up too far would completely invert the camera to being upside down. Video attached.
  4. I'm just adding a second piece of feedback here, that I actually had to take a break due to how bad the Void Storm visual effects are. I've never experienced this before, but the overwhelming amount of screen shake, particle effects, blur, flashing lights, intermittent colour filters, and other visual effects that the Void Storms cause are intense enough that it gave me a literal headache. Again, this is an issue I've never experienced before, so it's fairly impressive that the effects here were bad enough to cause a problem.
  5. Type: Mission Description: Joining in to a railjack mission as the host leaves, while the mission is initially loading, can create an infinite load screen. Some players are able to leave squad, some are not. Return to dojo does not work, the exterior of the railjack is pitch black, and all exits are sealed. Expected outcome: Players are able to load in to the mission Observed outcome: Eternal railjack loadscreen Video of issue
  6. Type: Mission Description: If a player is downed and then killed by boarders or a hazard in the railjack during the timer to be forced to the ground section of the mission, they are not relocated at the end of the timer, and the waiting for players message persists. This will continue until the dead player holds X to resurrect themself. Expected result: The last player on the railjack is forced in to the ground section of the railjack mission at the end of the timer Observed result: The timer ends, and "waiting for players" persists until the dead player chooses to res themself
  7. Type: Mission Description: Host leaving a Void Storm mission near the end can prevent players from claiming any rewards from the cracked relics. This also permanently traps players in the railjack until another host migration occurs, as the mission select screen is locked out, the exits are sealed, and mission completion is prevented. Expected result: Players are rewarded for finishing the mission Observed result: Players are not rewarded, and are trapped until the host leaves Reproduction: Trigger host migration during the countdown timer to board the railjack at the end o
  8. Type: Mission Description: Grineer Void Storms occasionally do not spawn any Void Fissures at all, making it impossible to crack a relic. Waited multiple minutes while in combat, near end of mission, could not get any Void Fissures to spawn.
  9. Type: Gameplay Description: Occasionally teleported 200 to 500 meters during Railjack ground sections Reproduction: Most frequently occurs when in or near a Necramech, getting too close to another player while one of you is in a Necramech seems to be the closest thing to a "cause" we could find. Players were teleported hundreds of meters backwards, to a previous position they were in.
  10. As an update to this, having had this happen again: Being stuck on the mission complete screen persisted until the host alt+F4'd, which caused a migration. The remaining 3 of us were stuck in the railjack until aother person alt+F4'd, causing a second host migration, and finally ending the eternal load screen.
  11. The Void Storms in Railjack feel fitting, but they're far less rewarding than just doing normal Void Fissures. Once I have Sevagoth and Epitath, I probably won't do them any more. On top of that, the Void effect from the storms is brutal, and all the additional screen shake and effects make the missions painful to play. This gets incredibly bad in the Volatile mission type, where multiple Void Fissures will open up in a small area, causing massive amounts of screen shake, huge bursts of particle effects, and persistant screen-tint filters and flashing lights. The experience is
  12. Since the update, Railjack missions frequently have incredibly long load screens at the end (3 to 15 minutes). These load screens either end by being kicked to a normal mission complete screen and then loading in to the orbiter removed from the squad, or persist indefinitely. When this happens, escape cannot be used to open the menu, but pressing tab will still display the "mission progress" screen, which will then never close. Hitting tab again after that will overlay another mission progress screen on top of that, and this and be done infinitely as well. Video of the second
  13. As an update, I was able to sporadically reproduce this issue a few more times over the course of another 20 minutes, but not with any consistency. It also happened once while airborne and performing a trick - the combo score was displayed, XP was given to the board, and a new combo immediately started, all while mid-air. K-Drive was feverspine, modded with Mag Locks, Primo Flair, and Poppin' Vert.
  14. Occasionally when landing from a jump in to a grind on a K-Drive, the game will instantly award the points for your combo, then immediately start a new combo count. The K-Drive grind is successful when this occurs, but is not counted for the existing combo. Issue is inconsistent, and occurred 3 times over 10 minutes of landing jumps in to grinds.
  15. I've seen posts about this going back for years, but it's still an issue. In the index, if a host migration is triggered after a round, the "Index intro" will play, and then freeze. The game is entirely locked up, and the only solution is to force-quit the game with alt+F4 or task manager. Escape does nothing and chat is entirely locked out.
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