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  1. Hmm... how about adding kuva (relics at the minimum) maybe as an in between reward of the 10 min rotations? Like at 5 15, 25. Would really be a great addition imo and make me consider doing them again.
  2. Still selling. Taking Offers on these great rivens.
  3. Lanka Crita-Acritox +Crit Chance (CC) +Crit Damage (CD) +Toxin +Recoil(Neg) B/O: 1.9k C/O: Taking Best Offer. PM On Forums or In game Lanka Feva-Critatis +Crit Chance (CC) +Crit Damage (CD) +Reload -Zoom B/O: 1.7k C/O: Taking Best Offer. PM On Forums or In game
  4. I liked the 60 min challenge. Unfortunately gonna be another thing that gets removed because of Crying.
  5. And while we’re on the topic of rivens, can we maybe make kuva grinding fun? scaling survival finally? ;/
  6. Thanks for the update. Excited for the melee rework.
  7. The river flows indeed once again. The worst drought in our history has finally ended. Everyone makes a rush to fortuna, laughing and singing along the way, hoping to get a sip of this fresh content. Fortuna, and peace is here at last.
  8. Was hoping for a leader board event, but this is better then nothing.
  9. Looks like the quest is locked until Night time! 😞
  10. Nice! been waiting for then new amp parts for a while.
  11. Although it is too late for this Prime Unvault, will players be able to see greater variety in future installments of this system? Targis Prime and Misa Prime have been reintroduced multiple times. While they are fantastic cosmetics and great works of Digital Extremes, many players would wish that other Prime cosmetics (Edo Prime, Uru Prime, Yamako Prime, Verlorum Prime Sigil, etc.) could be introduced to this system to give variation and a range of Prime cosmetics to purchase in the future.
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