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  1. All I can say if they can’t even find the resources to do nightwave, during this content drought then TNW and Railjack really need to blow our expectations or this game is really going to lose steam.
  2. Lots of people are taking a break right now and some including me playing the hell out of destiny. I don’t think there is much to worry about here.. once railjack and TNW comes around players will come back.
  3. Most of the good mods in this game come from baro, vault runs and events like the acolyte mods. this booster really is useless and not worth caring about. And even then The rarest mods in this game are like 50p at max and are better off buying them.
  4. Fall ends December 20th. So as long as it’s released by that date they are within the expected fall release date. did you actually expect them to release the day fall starts?
  5. Game is crashing to desktop, no error code when opening Decorator Mode and hitting 1. Happens every time.
  6. Content 😄 Excited to try out the new Kuva Distruption node
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