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  1. Let's see... Nightwave was most of the reason why I took a break from Warframe for the last couple of months, I kinda hoped to just wait it out until it went away on its own so regular Alerts would be brought back. Now I'm back after being kicked from my guild for inactivity but the worst part is that I'm hearing that Alerts will be gone from the game for good and Nightwave is here to stay. Good God... It felt boring, grindy, unrewarding and overall just a chore I had to force myself to do every week. Nevermind the first Season of Nightwave, I couldn't even finish the first part of it. Logging into the game to see a new batch of missions only to witness those "1 Hour of Kuva Survival" types just made me let out a sigh of frustration every single time, it legit made me NOT want to keep playing the game. As for the rewards, 95% of them felt useless to me: Cosmetics? Didn't care about. Forma? I can get those much more easily with Relics. Nitain? Already have a heap of it. Mods? I don't even use those weapons in the first place. Now, I liked the Alert system since I began playing Warframe. It wasn't bad to wait for a new interesting alert to pop up so I had an excuse to log back into the game every day, mostly for Nitain or Vauban parts. I also used them as another way to make some extra cash as a beginner, before I had access to Index and other means. But even after that point I still used Alerts together with Syndicate missions as a way to level up gear (when my Galaxy map was complete and I didn't want to get EXP just by repeating nodes over and over, Alerts at least added an element of randomness to that) but now I only have half of that available, and that's my main point of objection here: by taking Alerts out and replacing them with something else, you, the Devs, are just limiting people's options on how they can have fun with the game. Honestly, I'm not against the idea of Nightwave, but I'd love to see Alerts kept in the game so that me and other people still have other options to enjoy the game, even when Nightwave is on. Hopefully DE will take this into consideration before making the decision to sacrifice content instead of just adding to it.
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