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  1. Say you have 2 imprints of kavat A. And you use those to make a clone thats the same as A. Can you get 2 more of the same imprints from the clone? Also, if yes, why would the popular imprints be so expensive?
  2. I give up on staring at my screen.....
  3. ScobraCK

    Zarr Riven price check

    115.9 MS 126.2 Electricity -23 to Grineer Thanks in advance.
  4. ScobraCK

    How good is this Bronco riven?

    Thanks for the advice
  5. 117.2 ammo max 65.9 reload speed 112.6 status chance -76.7 zoom First glance...this looks really good, I also want to know how much plat this might be worth.