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  1. I noticed myself that some of the relics are definitely bugged!

    I am bad with remembering the different relics names (there are so many of them), but I boosted one relic to Radiant earlier, that should increase the chances for Oberon Prime Neuroptics and instead I got a bp for a Prime Part from a completely different relic. This bp shouldn't even be part of this relic loot table according to the wiki site. /shrug

    So something is definitely messed up with the Relics on the Switch version of the game, unless people report similar issues on other platforms.

  2. Has this now been fixed or not for people who want to start this mission now? Since I see people posting getting stuck still after the so called hotfix.

    If people are still experiencing this bug, then its really messed up that DE doesn´t put a temporary warning message in the launcher, warning people not to start The War Within until this has been fixed.

    So until there is no clarification on this issue, I told a friend in my clan not to start this mission and so am I.

    DE can be so frustrating sometimes with their lack of communication on game breaking bugs like these.

    It takes so little effort to put up a warning message and so avoid your already heavily strained support desk to be swamped with support tickets!

  3. 1 hour ago, (NSW)Kokojo said:


    Again, the console itself has input lag. My point is the problem might be with the console and not the game.

    Motion controls are more subjected to Input lag due to two step processing. First it's the gyro that needs to register and process movements and then communicate it to the console. So is more prone to some input lag.

    Normal analog stick and button inputs shouldn't be prone to this kind of input lag. I have not noticed this in other games other than Fortnite, since that game is hot garbage on the Switch with terrible lag issues due to having to process up to 100 players on the screen at a time.

  4. 17 hours ago, (NSW)Kokojo said:

    I don't know why you are making yourself the victim, just because people are not having the same issue as you, doesn't mean they are "bewildering" you.

    I have no problem playing Warframe, but I do experience the motion drift on Splatoon 2 and ONLY when I play on TV.

    I'm pretty sure in the other thread somoene said for you to check your settings, but I'm gonna say it again.

    Check your TV setting (again), see if changing the Switch position closer (or further) might fix something.
    Maybe, just like me, it only happens when docked, try testing outside the dock (keep in mind the Nintendo Switch already have a "natural" response lag for motion control) and see if it makes any difference.

    That is motion controls. Who uses motion controls with Warframe? or Splatoon for that matter.

    We are talking about input lag and when using a Switch Pro controller or the Joy-con's in handheld mode, there should be no difference in input lag compared to PS4 or XBOne with their wireless controllers.

  5. 11 hours ago, (NSW)Zodryn said:

    Here are my issues (all controller related) which continue to be a problem after the Fortuna rebuild. The third one especially has become quite frustrating since I discovered it. Really hoping for a fix! Thanks. 🙂


    1) Switch Pro controller sensitivity is insanely low for some reason.

    2) Mapping the recenter camera button to A, B, X, or Y makes you unable to use the corresponding warframe ability when holding R.

    3) There's a very weird drifting/recentering bug when you try to use gyro slowly as you might when making little adjustments to line up a headshot, or if you just move your hands a little when running around. Hopefully I can make a vid to demonstrate, but you can reproduce it easily. It's most obvious when trying to make a long range shot with a scoped weapon like the Vectis, so if you want to test it I recommend taking a sniper into the Simulacrum with some paused targets. I'll try to describe it here: 



    The x is your targeting reticule, 🎮 is the controller position. Your hands are still, it doesn't move. Good so far. If we slowly turn our controller to the right the camera should turn to the right.



    We're gradually turning to the right (the : shows where we were initially aiming/initial controller position). Great. But wait, now the camera stopped moving even though we're still turning the controller.



    Now stop moving the controller and keep it totally still at that position. The camera will slowly go back to the initial spot and stop there.



    You have to be very smooth with your motions for it to go back exactly to the spot it was at, but even if you aren't, it'll still fight you to go backwards. Also if you keep trying to turn with gyro rather than stopping, it'll alternate between going the way you want a little, stopping, and going backwards a little.

    If this happens when you are trying to aim at an enemies head it's infuriating. At first I thought it was aim assist or something, but I have that off as well as the melee auto targeting. If you aim quickly/snap your shots you can mitigate the problem, but that isn't particularly easy. Of course being at very close range also makes a difference since it requires less little adjustments to your aim. 

    Luckily I am not the only one that suddenly experienced this since the Fortuna update!  The Zoom/aiming movement is suddenly horribly slow indeed and incredibly annoying. Hope they hotfix this.

  6. On ‎2019‎-‎01‎-‎15 at 11:23 PM, (NSW)Valkayn said:

    I was in an excavation mission on Everest - Earth, but after 3 successful dig sites and with 3 excavators running, the game wouldn't let me pick up powercells. I was obliged to abort and of course no loot was awarded. Hopefully this happened after 3 excavators, not 20.

    You do know that after you complete the first excavation, you can always go the Extraction and finish the mission at any time?

  7. 27 minutes ago, (NSW)FrenchEyes said:

    There is the first part of fortuna and some other major updates that is in cert, and I’m pretty sure DE is already working on the second part of fortuna alongside some other major updates, this will be the second cert or at least that’s how I understand it



    Also for those folks who were looking forward to getting orb vallis, sorry to disappoint but I don’t think we will be getting it in the fortuna 1 update but the fortuna 2

    Ehh what?  Where did you get that from?  What would be the point in releasing Fortuna without Orb Vallis? The very first mission sets you out to Orb Vallis lol.

    It would be like releasing Cetus without the Plains of Eidolon.

    Fortuna Part 2 is the Profit-taker.

  8. 5 hours ago, (NSW)NeonNebula said:

    I used to play Paladins a lot on my Switch before Warframe released. I’ve sunk 300 hours into Paladins and the number of times this game crashed on me is ridiculous, I lost count but it was so bad that I used to get stressed everytime I play a ranked game because I knew the game would crash any time. It was absolutely ridiculous but I still kept playing because I was addicted to it. Then Warframe released and I got addicted to that game and it’s the only game I’ve been playing since. I already have more hours into it than Paladins and I just got to say that the port is done amazingly well. I haven’t had any issues and certainly no issues with crashes at all. I’ve had one crash followed by an error and it was console related and not due to the game itself because when I googled I found out that there are users who got the error message while playing games like BotW and Snipperclips. This is the error I got when I got the crash: https://postimg.cc/CZY1CxFB


    So yeah, I think DE and PB did a fantastic job with the port so it’s unfortunate that they’re having difficulties with the Fortuna update. I really hope they can fix these crashes. Anyone know if they talked about these crashes in detail? Like when/how do these crashes happen? While doing what exactly? They’ve showed us a sneak peak of how Fortuna plays on the Switch and it was running great, it looked way better than Cetus/PoE for sure.   

    I think what a lot of people mean with crashes (me included), is not just crashes where the client just quits and you end up in the Switch homescreen ( though I had a few of those ), but mostly where you are in the middle of a mission and you suddenly get kicked back to your orbiter.

    I had a lot of those kind of crashes, especially in Plains of Eidolon (for some reason this happens most during nighttime roaming activities (like fishing)), when the screen suddenly goes black and then 15-30 seconds later or so you get booted to the Orbiter.

    I agree that Paladins was a mess at launch. The crashing issues were indeed ridiculous and that port was obviously rushed! I hope they learned from it and don't make the same mistake with the Smite release.

    Back to Warframe.  I agree that Panic Button did an excellent job with the Warframe port, but we have the right to be a bit disappointed now with the complete lack of hotfixes, because they have locked themselves into a corner with being stuck with the Fortuna update. Especially since this is going to take a good while longer. They should really start creating a hotfix for the current build to fix most pressing issues!

  9. 49 minutes ago, (NSW)TabascoJones said:

    I've been saying this for weeks. I don't think a lot of people complaining about crashes played Paladins on Switch. With that game it was the same story. Crashes would happen seemingly at random and would trigger from something as menial as trying to move from the loading room to the battlefield. These types of games that require a lot of network infrastructure demand appear to be highly demanding to the Switch's current firmware build. 

    My worry is that to get a crash free Fortuna update out would require them to rework and scale back the entire port to be less demanding on the system. Which could take a very long time. And result in a much uglier product.

    What I do know, by looking into this much deeper the last two weeks or so, that a lot of the lag issues are related to people's internet connections, so when you have someone with a bad connection being host, you're in for a terrible experience with lots of lag and mobs warping all over the place!

    This is a big drawback of this game due to it being Peer 2 Peer and with the Switch it seems to be much more prominent than other platforms like the PC (people having better network hardware in their PC's in general perhaps). 

    When I am host myself, I have pretty much zero lag issues on normal missions and can even do a 30 minute Infested survival mission with zero lag (even in full squad)! But when joining someone with a terrible internet connection, well.... lets just say, you just want to get the mission over and done with as quickly as possible and leave the Squad. /shrug

    Plains of Eidolon is just prone to lag at the moment on the Switch, no matter what. When you get into an intense fight with lots of enemies spawning... it just becomes a slideshow.

  10. 3 hours ago, (NSW)dennymkv said:

    Check the Fortuna Status post, and you will find one saying POE now isn’t playable and there are no people playing on POE right now in the game. DE should fix POE first before move to Fortuna.....things like that.

    Then you find in every switch announcement, weather good or bad one, he is always there complaining things and always make them mean and jump straight into judging the personality of DE stuffs. Then his comment always float on the surface.

    Hope you understand how I feel now.

    Guess I should simply following rule number 1 on internet : Don’t look at the comment zone. 

    I assume you are referring to me. God forbid people have a critical opinion that is not aligning with yours!

    At the time of that post, Plains of Eidolon was terrible to play and we were failing the vast majority of bounties due to bugs, issues, horrible lag and crashes!

    Things have improved somewhat since then after they did server upgrades two weeks ago and now it goes a bit better and we have been able complete a lot more bounties now, though there are still plenty of annoying bugs and issues ( like horrible lag during intense fights, invisible mobs taking over defense camp phases, etc ) in PoE that need to be fixed.

    I for one I am happy now that they take their time with the Fortuna update and not rushing it!

    But now we get to a point that they can't just put every fix in the Fortuna update, since it's now pretty obvious (seeing how they are struggling making it work on the switch without crashes) that Fortuna is going to be still several weeks away from releasing, maybe even longer.

    So now they need to start building a "real" hotfix for the current build and fix some of the most pressing and requested issues. It's been since 19th of December since the Switch version got it's last real hotfix!

    The color bug for example, they already got a fix for it, so they should just put it in a hotfix and release it! The bug forums are full of people complaing about this and rightly so! Since this game is a true Platinum sink when it comes to customization and color palette unlocks.  People spend a lot of money on this and then it's downright unprofessional to leave such a bug in the game for so long. Especially since they already got a fix for it!

  11. 3 hours ago, (NSW)zook-pl said:

    What was try turning say is devs must pick one of two ways

    1. Fortuna build ready (color hotfix build-in)-> internal bugs hunt program for Fortuna -> cert -> release

    2. Color hotfix build -> internal color hotfix bugs hunt -> cert for color hotfix -> color hotfix release -> Fortuna build ready -> internal bugs hunt program for Fortuna -> cert -> release

    First is more complicated but faster, secound is easier but take long time. It's hard to pick beater way, and that's look like they pick wrong. But of course idk how they work internal and mayby they have 3th way.


    Hotfixes get certified much faster than large updates these days.

    It used to be like that on Consoles in the past and Microsoft and Sony for example received a lot of heat and critique on this, because even small patches to fix critical and game breaking issues took ages to get through certification in the past ( xbox360/ps3 era ).

    So these days, small patches that fall under "hotfix" should get certified much quicker than the large game updates that adds new stuff or changes the game significantly.

    On PS4 for example, I have played games like Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 1 and 2, Final Fantasy XIV for quite some time and patches and updates get rolled out pretty much simultaneously across all supported platforms now.

    With Final Fantasy XIV this is actually a necessity, since it's cross-platform between PC and PS4 sharing the same game servers.

  12. 2 hours ago, (NSW)Erudin said:

    Man, I hope this is fixed soon. Fashionframe is the true endgame.

    The fix is locked into the Fortuna update, but they have a lot of problems with getting this update stable and thus certification has now been postponed again (3rd week in row now).

    It's really frustrating and hope they now seriously consider creating a hotfix for this on the current build as it's getting a bit silly now with the Fortuna update holding back the entire game. 😞

  13. 26 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


    I am perfectly fine you taking the necessary time for the Fortuna update! But seeing this is going to take a long time now (postponed 3 times now), I think you should seriously consider building a hotfix for the current build to fix some of the reported issues, like the color customization bug!

    People pay a lot of platinum (=hard cash!) for color palettes unlocks, skins, etc and then are unable to customize it the way they want, while having spend a lot of platinum! ( I am one of them... spending hundreds of plat on color palette unlocks, skins, etc). The bug forum is full of these complaint posts now and more are coming in each day.

    This bug has now been present for over a month now and isn't giving a very good impression of the game and lack of fixes and thus time it takes to have something like this fixed! The last real hotfix for the Switch was December 19th!

    It's no good that the Fortuna update is now holding back the entire game and preventing hotfixes for pressing issues reported by players since December!

    So can you at least create and deploy a hotfix on this please? Thanks!

  14. On ‎2019‎-‎01‎-‎22 at 9:15 PM, (NSW)TabascoJones said:

    There's a huge difference between trying to call people out on overconflating the issues and playing armchair dev.

    The problem with one player or more claiming that Cetus and PoE are unplayable in a thread with an official status update that many players will see is that new players will believe that in earnest. I saw a guy buy Redeemer Prime for four hundred plat yesterday even though once Fortuna does drop and the relics drop more commonly, they'll be easy to farm as there are only three parts and no axi relics involved (point being that even though the relics are harder to get right now there's no reason a weapon that will be easily farmable very soon ought to be priced higher than all active prime sets besides Mesa P, yet the gullible nature of the new players is pervasive and exploitable). New players are spending their time from MR 1-MR6 trying to figure out what's going on. PoE isn't strictly essential to progression but there are many benefits to doing bounties there (augur mods in particular can be very helpful early on). A new player sees that PoE is unplayable and they might not to bother until an update is released, thus limiting their progression potential. But the truth is that bugged and unsmooth as it is, it IS playable. Claims to the contrary should be refuted. 

    It's not about hating on Jeronan and members making similar claims as it is drawing hyperbole about the situation back to reality. Plains of Eidolon is occasionally messy and definitely needs stability improvements. But it is entirely possible to do any of the content. 

    EDIT: Mesa Prime Access out now. Boy I hope that kid who overpaid on Redeemer Prime last night doesn't regret his decision.

    We are not overconflating issues!  We are just deeply frustrated and disappointed with DE in how they handle the Switch version!

    First they say they cannot release any hotfixes, since they are working on the Fortuna Cert.  Yet they were perfectly fine releasing a hotfix removing the Prime Vault relics from the game two weeks earlier than all other platforms.

    Yet they also were perfectly fine releasing another hotfix this week, just to add Mesa Prime package to the eShop!  All the while they don't even bother to fix the Relic drop issues in the Switch version!  Again, reported by people since 4th of December last year! Completely ignored by the devs, since as long as the eShop direct pay option works, DE is happy it seems.... screw everyone else who wants to try farm the Prime blueprints in the game. /shrug

    And you can jump high and low, Plains of Eidolon is more than occasionally messy! The bugs are downright frustrating and often even hilarious!  Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of time on a bounty and have it fail again on the very last step due to a bug and miss out on the end reward again, be on the far end of the map and have to all the way back to Cetus, go through the whole long loading time process, pick up the bounty again, go through the whole long loading process and then try again.

    I am not saying that the PC version is perfect, as bounties bug out there too time to time, but at least far less frequent than with the Switch version.

  15. 52 minutes ago, (NSW)Dr.Badnews said:

    Marduk isn't dropping any relics... the relic drop issue persists even after this update

    As long as the eShop direct purchase works, DE is happy it seems.  Relic drops seems to be way down their priority list. /sigh

    They never bothered to fix the Relic issue with Cetus bounties either, when Prime Vault was active on Switch. The issue was reported a week after the Switch launch (beginning dec) on the Switch bug forum and completely ignored by the Devs. /shrug

    Instead they just closed the Prime Vault from Switch version two weeks earlier than all other platforms. lol.

  16. 24 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 5

    This may be our.. second.. smallest Hotfix ever. It is one we can do quickly because it is just tried and true data (not code or assets). If you followed our last Hotfix, you'd recall our 2 goals are: Prime Access Parity and Fortuna Cert! With this Hotfix, our path to Parity begins and Nintendo Switch is no longer out of sync. However, the main focus of the team is still Fortuna's Cert build.

    Fortuna Cert Status: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1052679-fortuna-part-1-on-switch-cert-status-thread/


    • Full launch of Mesa Prime Access is live!


    It would be full parity if you brought Prime Vault back and keep it live on Switch until you close it on other plaforms.

    To say that The Switch is no longer out of sync is a bit of a slap in the face to the Nintendo Switch community, which already had huge trouble farming Mag and Nova Prime blueprints due to lack of relics on Cetus bounties, but now you just shut it down two weeks earlier than all other platforms, without giving any reason as to why and refuse to answer us! /shrug

  17. 57 minutes ago, (NSW)RoyalSnek said:

    Dude, no one is saying there aren't problems that could be fixed but you're making everything sound 10x worse than it really is.

    I am not making it 10 times worse than it really is. I am just writing down my overall experience with the game and give an opinion.

    Since I know what Fortuna is, trying it on PC. I am just worried it's going to be one big lagfest on the Switch, if they don't pull off some serious optimization magic before launching this update. So I am glad they have postponed three(?) times now. I want them to take their time.

    I do admit that my bounty experiences on PoE the last week or so have improved and now manage to complete more bounties than before. Maybe last week's server upgrades had some part in this. Lets hope so.

    But there are still lot of annoying bugs and issues with PoE on the Switch, like:

    - Not enough mobs or not at all spawn on bounty locations. Result: Failed bounty.

    - Invisible mobs (and no they are not floating in the air) taking over defense position, with you being powerless to do anything: Result: Failed bounty.

    - Greineer Caches not always spawning on location. Result: Failed bounty.

    Then there are performance issues like serious lag during large number of greineer spawns, with framerates dipping below 10fps turning it into a Matrix bullet time slow motion experience.

    Today was even more hilarious (and I was even host), where greineer splatoons were spawning along the Satellite/Drone route and just stood there in the field like lifeless statues doing nothing and we could just kill them off like target practice.


    When it comes to Defense and Excavation missions. I am not saying the game becomes unplayable beyond 10 waves/8 excavations. It just becomes extremely laggy and annoying to continue, with mobs annoyingly difficult and time consuming to kill as they are just warping all over the place due to lag and low framerates. This is why in a lot of PuG Squads I played, most people just go the extraction after 8 or so excavations or select extraction after 10 defense waves to reset and start over.

    It's the same with Nightmare mode missions on some locations, where either the environment rendering is taking up too much resources on the Switch or a too high number of mobs spawning, slowing the system down to a crawl and then dying due to the lag / low framerates!


    Again! I am not hating on the game! Overall I am enjoying the game a lot on the Switch for the all the stuff that does work remarkably well.

    I just hope they can get better control over the performance and manage to make much needed performace optimizations soon and also fix most of the annoying bugs. Hopefully with the Fortuna update.

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