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  1. Some people have a life next to gaming.
  2. I think Bungie ( Destiny 1 and 2 ) and Ubisoft ( Division ) would like to have a word with you. Warframe isn't any more MMO than Destiny or The Division. They are all lobby games with max.4 people per mission instance ( 6 for Destiny Raids ). Yet both Bungie and Ubisoft use hosted servers for these games and they are a heck more stable than with Warframe. I never experienced that many disconnects, host migration and lag issues in those games as with Warframe. Sure they had those issues in the beginning when the game was new during launch period, but after that it was rock solid.
  3. They can do small hotfixes on consoles. Small hotfixes can be rolled out quickly these days on consoles. It's the big content updates that require Certification. They are currently solely focused on releasing Fortuna part 1 on Switch and as such cannot release any hotfix.
  4. And without giving a single crap about the Switch players, they closed the Prime Vault! Totally unnecessary and ZERO reason as to why they felt the need to do it two weeks sooner than every other platform! There is was no patch, no update, nada for the Switch today. So why? Makes no sense! /shrug
  5. Just go to Accounts.Nintendo.com and start creating your Nintendo Account (if you don't have one already). When created, link the Nintendo account to your PC account on Warframe.com and initiate the PC to Switch Migration. Hopefully that will work. You can at least try. Then it should just be a matter of updating the Switch tomorrow to latest firmware, create a Switch account and link it to your Nintendo Account. Download Warframe and play. PS. Never ever share account information with anyone! Ever! Better start over from scratch on Nintendo Switch (lots of new players, new community and new economy anyway), then losing your account and info compromised!
  6. Don't count on it. They had the whole December month to fix the Relic issues on the Switch and they didn't. There is a topic about it posted in the Switch bug forum on the 5th of December and has been completely ignored. In fact. The whole Switch forum has been completely ignored. Now after the Christmas break they could have given it a priority to fix it and they didn't and as compensation actually extend the Prime Vault period to give people a chance! Instead, they give the Switch community a huge slap in the face by closing the Vault two weeks earlier than other platforms! /Facepalm I am currently seriously contemplating if I even want to continue playing the Switch version. All major effort clearly goes into the PC version, since it has already received several hotfixes after the Christmas break.
  7. Why are the console forums locked down? We can no longer respond to patch notes in Nintendo switch forum for example or create new topic in Nintendo Switch bugs forum? We would like to know when CETUS/Plains of Eidolon is going to get fixed in a workable state on the Nintendo Switch? It's been two months now after the release. Since currently it's impossible to do any bounties whatsoever on the Switch version. Cetus/POE is totally dead on the Switch, as practically everyone has given up on it. 😞
  8. The economy is starting from scratch. Having a handful of fully leveled Warframes and weapons isn't going to break the game much.
  9. This. The whole appeal of the Switch release is that it's a fresh start with a new economy! The PC version is now over 5 years old, with a very mature economy that can be difficult and off putting for new players to get into. This is a problem that many MMO's face over time and why "Progression" and so called "Classic" servers are so popular today, as it gives people a chance to start over again from scratch.
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