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  1. I noticed myself that some of the relics are definitely bugged! I am bad with remembering the different relics names (there are so many of them), but I boosted one relic to Radiant earlier, that should increase the chances for Oberon Prime Neuroptics and instead I got a bp for a Prime Part from a completely different relic. This bp shouldn't even be part of this relic loot table according to the wiki site. /shrug So something is definitely messed up with the Relics on the Switch version of the game, unless people report similar issues on other platforms.
  2. Has this now been fixed or not for people who want to start this mission now? Since I see people posting getting stuck still after the so called hotfix. If people are still experiencing this bug, then its really messed up that DE doesn´t put a temporary warning message in the launcher, warning people not to start The War Within until this has been fixed. So until there is no clarification on this issue, I told a friend in my clan not to start this mission and so am I. DE can be so frustrating sometimes with their lack of communication on game breaking bugs like these. It takes so little effort to put up a warning message and so avoid your already heavily strained support desk to be swamped with support tickets!
  3. Motion controls are more subjected to Input lag due to two step processing. First it's the gyro that needs to register and process movements and then communicate it to the console. So is more prone to some input lag. Normal analog stick and button inputs shouldn't be prone to this kind of input lag. I have not noticed this in other games other than Fortnite, since that game is hot garbage on the Switch with terrible lag issues due to having to process up to 100 players on the screen at a time.
  4. That is motion controls. Who uses motion controls with Warframe? or Splatoon for that matter. We are talking about input lag and when using a Switch Pro controller or the Joy-con's in handheld mode, there should be no difference in input lag compared to PS4 or XBOne with their wireless controllers.
  5. Luckily I am not the only one that suddenly experienced this since the Fortuna update! The Zoom/aiming movement is suddenly horribly slow indeed and incredibly annoying. Hope they hotfix this.
  6. LOL! Now this is what I call an Epic bug haha.
  7. You do know that after you complete the first excavation, you can always go the Extraction and finish the mission at any time?
  8. Downloading now. Gonna take a while, since it’s a complete redownload. Hope for performance improvements and fixes for Plains of Eidolon and the color bug on frames being fixed now.
  9. Well I hope so, otherwise it's a lost evening for us Europe players. 😞 Since the Nintendo eShop has notoriously slow download speeds ugh. Gonna take at least 2 hours to redownload the entire game again if lucky.
  10. At least you can get a Kuva Starter kit as Twitch drop with upcoming dev stream. I already have a Kuva, but always nice to get 10 dna fragments and a bunch of dna stabilizers.
  11. Well, I hope it's at least middle of the day Europe time. So I don't end up spending the whole evening re-downloading this game. Nintendo's hardware isn't exactly known for fast downloads lol. /shrug
  12. Ehh what? Where did you get that from? What would be the point in releasing Fortuna without Orb Vallis? The very first mission sets you out to Orb Vallis lol. It would be like releasing Cetus without the Plains of Eidolon. Fortuna Part 2 is the Profit-taker.
  13. It seems it was an error and they pulled the video? As it's no longer available.
  14. Some people have a life next to gaming.
  15. I think what a lot of people mean with crashes (me included), is not just crashes where the client just quits and you end up in the Switch homescreen ( though I had a few of those ), but mostly where you are in the middle of a mission and you suddenly get kicked back to your orbiter. I had a lot of those kind of crashes, especially in Plains of Eidolon (for some reason this happens most during nighttime roaming activities (like fishing)), when the screen suddenly goes black and then 15-30 seconds later or so you get booted to the Orbiter. I agree that Paladins was a mess at launch. The crashing issues were indeed ridiculous and that port was obviously rushed! I hope they learned from it and don't make the same mistake with the Smite release. Back to Warframe. I agree that Panic Button did an excellent job with the Warframe port, but we have the right to be a bit disappointed now with the complete lack of hotfixes, because they have locked themselves into a corner with being stuck with the Fortuna update. Especially since this is going to take a good while longer. They should really start creating a hotfix for the current build to fix most pressing issues!
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