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  1. sorry, I should have clarified that, you’re absolutely right. I don’t think people are aware of these premium console exclusive bugs, that was the point I clumsily tried to make. the worst part of the console experience is that, while DE is struggling with their “trial and error approach” to new content, we on consoles are waiting on updates from months ago to be bundled with old blood. I don’t doubt you guys on pc eat S#&$ for breakfast like us, all I ask is for you to imagine seeing the state of the game as it is right now and dreading the fact that DE might cut the console patch at the wrong hotfix and then get stuck with nothing but prime access hotfixes and bugs that will take two more months to fix.
  2. bug free? are you aware that we couldn’t press L1/LB to select loadout slots to the left on the arsenal/appearance screen for a couple of months? not that it’s a huge deal, but you guys think all we get are the bugs left unfixed by the “volunteer QA team” back on pc, but that simply isn’t the case.
  3. assuming they read anything on the forums that isn’t positive feedback and “I still have money to spend ;_; <jojo meme>”
  4. intense stockholm syndrome :c it wasn’t always this bad though
  5. yeah, me too. it’s a shame that console players are just cavemen with wallets for our DE overlords.
  6. must be nice to be able to say that from a position of having an updated game. can’t imagine what that feels like.
  7. ayyy, it’s been two months since consoles got an update! time to celebrate the monthiversary of you guys’ negligence with an update, hey? ;) ;) ;)
  8. yo when’s the update for consoles? I know it’s only been a couple of months, but we’ve been real good boys, space mom 🙂 can we have it before christmas?
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