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  1. TYPE: Leaderboar-ingame DESCRIPTION: We have discovered that the points of some important members are not being counted, we have made an excel where we calculate the averages and it is higher than the one we currently have in the table, accompanied by the fact that today we did 13000 to add to the leaderboard and only I take 5000 of that percentage points, it is as if all the other points that we have taken have disappeared or did not count (and it is happening more than once) VISUAL: not REPRODUCTION: it is difficult to replicate, since it appears in very rare moments where points do not coun
  2. Buenas noches, tengo un bug hace unos meses donde la gente no puede entrar a los cuartos de mi nave: ( El cuarto donde esta el tenno y el cuarto donde estan los peces y el casco de lotus), cada persona que invito a mi orbitador me dice que esta bugeada mi rampa y que no pueden entrar a mi habitacion, pero dicen que la mitad del warframe queda atorado en mitad de la puerta, ¿quiero saber si hay una solucion a mi bug? Muchas Gracias y espero pronta solucion :c
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