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  1. Killing an enemy in the process of placing a beacon will sometimes cause the beacon to be invisible and invulnerable, but still raises the wanted level (and makes noises too).
  2. Mining nodes in Plains of Eidolon caves are frequently obscured by terrain, only able to be found if you aim with the mining tool and see the points to aim at. The mining progress UI and mining nodes are still too hard to see in certain lighting conditions. Loki's Invisibility recolors everything and the effect is extreme in certain lighting conditions. Since pets now try to move to where you aim, they will often run in between you and a mining node obscuring your view. Aiming a mining tool while Invisible as Loki makes his outline appear like in the normal 3rd person camera view, when it should not. Enemy spawning in regular missions is inconsistent, often leaving you at the extract point of exterminate and crossfire missions without having killed enough enemies, forcing you to run backwards and in circles until enough enemies have been spawned and killed.
  3. Make the assassination target invincible until it hits the trap. Or make successfully using the trap the bonus objective. I like to play with random people but this is just awful.
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