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  1. WTS Konzu Riven + utz + swazdoolah / - time until lunch Also there's that story where just ONE sentient threaten cetus so much gara had to sacrifice herself to kill it, and that's how Eidolons were made. And also that story where just ONE flying sentient thing that kept the entire Corpus on Jupiter in line, who in turn on multiple occasions crushed Fortuna rebellions.
  2. This makes me want to try a team of 4 players all with condition overload melee + healing return.
  3. While I don't dispute Valkyr's strenghts and agree she underrated, I have to disagree that she outclassed Wukong overall. If the goal is to provide buffs and do long endurance runs via team effort, I argue people are better off just bringing a damage / DR buffer or healer. Armor's reliability is iffy at best after a certain point. Attack speed, while nice, can cause some combos to be unusable and lots of people are running around with berserker installed anyway. Wukong also has some other uses like celestial stomp and cloudwalker shennanigans, but they are also fairly niche. So in most practical scenarios, Valkyr and Wukong come down to being straightforward melee oriented frames with decent tankiness What Wukong lacks in pure tankiness via Hysteria (adaptation says hi), he is able to deal more damage to larger groups of enemies faster if we compare exalted weapons, along with much more fluid stance combos. if we compare non-exalted weapons, depending on your loadout you can additionally incorporate his twin as CC, condition overload primer, straight DPS, or any/all of the three.
  4. A few interesting points. However I think the damage model you are proposing is just going to make dual elementals too awkward to use, almost like bane mods. How would dealing with the corrupted work? Why does armor need its own bar? Currently the interaction between armor and health can simply be solved by just reducing the rate of scaling. It seems that once your armor is gone your frame is severely gimped. What if I wanted to play solo and don't have frames that can help restore armor? Using your stellaris example, it's really easy in that game to just use weapons that bypass shields and armor, and once HP is 0 the ship explodes. Incidentally, the exact same reason why slash is king here. My opinion is that the system you are proposing is only going to make it worse since there is so much "all or nothing" damage going on.
  5. Fun fact: the cross matrix widget for the synthesis scanner has a 45% chance of scans counting double. This actually does mean you get double plant parts per scan. Just in case anyone wasn't aware of this and had that widget installed.
  6. Gilbert Gottfried should voice every warframe.
  7. CephalonDizzy


    Gauss is just a worse Rhino.
  8. OP: On top of all the suggestions given here, if you are feeling extra frisky you can always try to intercept the demolyst before he gets close to the objective. He'll be marked with a red target symbol and the console finishes immediately after you kill him. He runs about as fast as the typical capture target. Usually the trash mobs can't kill the console that quickly so you don't have to babysit it the entire time.
  9. Nope, as far as I know he only casts soul punch and terrify as a specter.
  10. It was explained through those blurbs you get from cephalon fragments I think.
  11. I might be forgetting details but the jist of it is: Traveling through the void is toxic to sentients and renders them barren/infertile. The Eidolon was a massive sentient that somehow discovered that temple kuva restores the sentients' lost ability to reproduce. So it wanted to take the Unum's kuva. The Unum is that orokin tower that shields cetus. Then Gara blew the Eidolon up. Those things we hunt at nighttime in Plains of Eidolon are just fragments of that big sentient. We know that Natah lost her ability to reproduce when she crossed the void. If she was REALLY determined to get that ability back, kuva would be the exact thing she would go for.
  12. But is that a hologram of spacemom or a hologram of ordis cosplaying as a hologram of spacemom? Funnily enough lorewise there is a similar explanation to why the eidolon haunts Cetus if I am not mistaken.
  13. *Tennocon Nekros giveaway intensifies*
  14. Hmm, a lutesque thread. I am amazed that the original post didn't have the usual "I am so much better of a player than you" comment and the "you are not worth my time" comments. I don't think I can deal with it....! Look at how pro they ar! Bow down to them now! And there it is. Once again the universe makes sense. I feel much better now. For the rest of us who live in the real world, Arbitration drones do not get damage reduction from ancient healers, and also tend to not stick to a group of enemies too long since they have weird movement patterns. In the rare instances where you ABSOLUTELY need to kill the enemeis before the drone, just walk backwards a few seconds and the enemies usually move out of range from the drones. I don't know if they fixed the pathfinding, but then again I have never had trouble killing the glowing red ball floating in the air. Just need a weapon with good burst damage, which you should have on you ANYWAY if you are doing Arbitrations.
  15. That's fair. I'd probably run Smeeta more often if loadouts can actually save which pet you are using. I mostly just use the crit kitty for eidolon hunts and sentinels for everything else because I like using their weapons as a stat stick for set bonuses.
  16. I really just want the stasis mechanic to go away. As of now pet varieties are irrelevant since it's too annoying to switch them around and everyone seems to just run with sentinels or the loot kitty. (Personally I say Ardaza > Smeeta. Fite me) Not to mention putting pets into stasis and switching them breaks loadouts.
  17. John Prodman is just Chuck Norris in disguise. John Prodman's actions do NOT have consequences... John Prodman breathes Vey Hek's air and it IS acceptable. When John Prodman howls, Isaah DOES come back from the dead. When John Prodman opens an Orokin Vault, the corrupted are too scared to show up and try to stop him. When John Prodman goes to Darvo, he actually gets a good deal. When Simaris designed his sanctuary onslaught, the efficiency is based on John Prodman's performance when using his bare hands. John Prodman can talk to Little Duck WITHOUT leaving his suit.
  18. Also install patagium, aero vantage, aviator, and agility drift (coaction drift + rejuvenation/rifle amp for extra credit) Camp on one of those geyser things and bunny hop + aim glide. Just sort of float around, patagium and aero vantage make this super easy. Enemies will have a comically difficult time hitting you, much less do serious damage to you. You will also essentially have an unlimited supply of ammo.
  19. Obligatory before people misread the thread and jump to conclusions: installing set mods on sentinel weapons still work to build set bonus. It's just that you can't install two different copies of the same mod and have it count twice.
  20. I don't believe for a second lutesque is actually asking for help. They are just baiting people into answering and then picking at irrelevant points in whatever helpful advice you give. Probably also just bragging they have a Lanka riven as well. But for newer players reading this thread, these demolysts are marked with a red target. It is fairly straightforward to just intercept them before they get to the console. Do keep in mind they run pretty fast, comparable to capture targets. I also find Volt to be useful in this game mode. Since you can see the demolysts coming, just stack a few layers of his shields in the appropriate direction and ambush the demolyst. In no way, shape, or form is a rivened Lanka necessary for this, but guns with relatively high damage per shot and decent rate of fire are immensely helpful.
  21. Aim gliding + patagium + mods that reduce damage while aim gliding works in this mode. Or running out of bounds when low on health to respawn. It doesn't count as a death and you come back with full health.
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