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  1. Honestly just take a standard eidolon build and replace transient fortitude with hunter's adrenaline and you're golden. Add in lifestrike or play heat chroma for healing. My current setup for "normal" missions: Umbral mods can be replaced with their normal versions without any issue. Also instead of Umbral / Steel Fiber, you use something like flow or more power strength/duration. For Eidolons
  2. More what? Endo? Credits? Forma? These are the only relevant resources when it comes to what mods to put on Rhino P and the optimal combination of bane mods, crit mods, and elemental mods...which is what OP wanted advice for. We're trying to help. I am unsure what your goal is here, but if it's to troll and mislead please don't do it on a help thread.
  3. @Fayth2567 Yes, you are correct that bane mods are powerful. For your Rhino build, have you considered Ironclad Charge? Since Iron skin scales off ]armor, you can use ironclad charge to build his armor to very high levels which in turn gives a very strong iron skin. You'll have to get it through either Steel Meridian or The Perrin Sequence. Don't underestimate bane mods. They aren't for every build and shouldn't replace base damage and the first two elemental mods. Of course you would try to choose the +75% damage element prior to installing the bane mod, so that's a non-argument. If anything, that just makes the bane mod stronger since it stacks multiplicatively. The real reason they aren't being used often is because they are a bit clunky, not because they are weaker. TL;DR: Normal bane mods will outperform a third 60 - 60 elemental, but will lose out to a third 90 elemental. Primed bane mods will outperform any third elemental. Any bane mod will outperform any third elemental if you install a 165 elemental. Here's how the damage calculation works: Total Damage = [(1 + base damage modifier) * (1 + total elemental modifiers)] * (1 + faction modifier) Basic calculation, ignoring damage bonuses from elemental weaknesses for now Without bane mod, two 90 elementals and 1 60-60 elemental: Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.9 + 0.6)] * (1 + 0) = 9.01x base damage With a bane mod and two 90 elementals: Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.9)] * (1 + 0.3) = 9.646x base damage Difference: bane mod outperforms by 0.636x base damage Factoring in the hypothetical 75% damage bonus for the dual elemental (such as corrosive and ferrite armor), and a 25% damage bonus for the third elemental Without bane mod, two 90 elementals and 1 60-60 elemental: Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 1.575 + 1.575 + 0.75)] * (1 + 0) = 12.985x base damage Basically what I did here was corrosive is electric + toxic, and so two 90 elementals effectively means .9 + .9 = 1.8. Factoring in the 75% damage bonus is 1.8 * 1.75 = 3.15 = 1.575 + 1.575. Similarly, 0.6 * 1.25 = 0.75. With a bane mod and two 90 elementals: Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 1.575 + 1.575)] * (1 + 3) = 14.29675x base damage Difference: bane mod outperforms by 1.31175x base damage In anything, bane mods scale even better once we factor in elemental weaknesses. Now let's bring in Primed Bane Mods, which provide a 55% faction damage bonus. We already established that trying to factor in any elemental damage bonuses only serve to make bane mods even stronger by comparison, so we don't need to go over that again. Without bane mod and three 90 elementals Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.9 + 0.9)] * (1 + 0) = 9.805x base damage With a primed bane mod and two 90 elementals: Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.9)] * (1 + 0.55) = 11.501x base damage Difference: primed bane mod outperforms by 1.696x base damage Finally, let's up the ante and bring in a Primed elemental. Without bane mod, two 90 elementals and a 165 elemental Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 0.9 + 1.65)] * (1 + 0) = 11.7925x base damage With a primed bane mod, a 90 elemental, and a 165 elemental Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 1.65)] * (1 + 0.55) = 14.581625x base damage With a normal bane mod, a 90 elemental, and a 165 elemental Total Damage = [(1 + 1.65) * (1 + 0.9 + 1.65)] * (1 + 0.3) = 12.22975x base damage Difference: primed bane mod outperforms by 2.789125x base damage Difference: bane mod outperforms by 0.43725x base damage I won't bore people here with the details if you want to factor in stuff like serration + heavy caliber, but generally elementals boosted by serration + HCal can outperform a normal bane mod in terms of raw damage, but will still lose out to a primed bane mod.
  4. I grinded for the 5K samples solo. If anything I'd rather DE make it so NO ONE has to go through that. Let the community have the leech gun!
  5. Well, yeah...but in order to reach certain level of MR you still need to get through weapons and warframes. Sometimes it's more practical to just burn through a few weapons and I think the suggestions given are good for someone at MR6. Hence why we are suggesting stuff like the hek and rubico (despite them having upgrades), and not...the Hind (which is currently the pinnacle of its family)
  6. Nope, unless it was changed recently he has unlimited ammo. Magus repair is one of the arcane you get from Vox Solaris. Helps because it heals your warframe when you sit in void mode and it helps keep howly boi alive, but it's not the only way to do it.
  7. Depends on what you mean by "wreck shop". Transferring out at spawn and letting him do the mission? No. He stays around your SPOILER and constantly gets stuck on stuff. In the Index? ABSOLUTELY. Give him a proper weapon (kohm, vectis, any high dps gun really and ammo economy doesn't matter) and he will kill pretty much anything on sight. Bonus points for running two max rank magus repairs. Just need someone to pick up the points.
  8. Ah, didn't realize Ember and Frost were unvaulted June 2018, which would make sense only some people have their noggles since they were also unvaulted early this year. Still not too keen on waiting 7 months to test any theories on whether the vaults give noggles though.
  9. How did you get your Ember and Frost noggles? Were they delivered automatically or did you have to contact support?
  10. Yeah it's confusing. Got the prime noggles from Mag and Nova. Which prompted me to get Ember and Frost. Didn't get the noggles. Support was...unhelpful. I probably won't be purchasing anything related to prime vaults again. It's a bit disappointing. Oh well, rules are rules I guess.
  11. Eh screw it. I grinded for all the mutagen samples over that double resource weekend we had recently. It's not something I would wish on anyone. So... Need the BP? "Come get it! Stay if you want." (PC)
  12. LOL...implying pubbies will actually stay within affinity range... Sorry Jackie Paper, if you want the magic dragon's buff, gotta pay him in hugs. Sure, that's valid. Some abilities can be looked at again. Cough cough anything Wukong and Vauban related cough Ok sure, that's valid. But at the same time Nova is one of those frames who's functionality is GREATLY affected by mods via Speedva vs Slowva. Has a lot of potential to break stuff if not implemented well. Maybe not flat out affinity range but a moderate range buff on some stuff could be nice. Still should be moddable. I could maybe get behind warframe passives working like mini-auras for everything within affinity range though. That's a weird way to spell "spores" Oh yay! You got it! Also MP is essential for Nova and it's affected by mods, if it's limited to affinity range it'd be kinda meh. Dammit it's spelled S P O R E S! You got it right earlier!
  13. Interesting how perceptions vary, crazy people on both sides then. Anyway I don't think he's a well designed boss. I'll still try to give advice though.
  14. Dude. I don't deny there are toxic people but generally the conversations go like this: "How to kill the wolf quickly?" Bring radiation because he double dips on the weaknesses of alloy armor. "I don't believe you, prove it!" Shows evidence on killing the wolf either via video or calculations. "I don't want to gut my loadout, and I don't like that weapon!" Look, I get your frustrations and I can't do anything about the tankiness and low spawn rate. But here are some other options that you can try, maybe those would... "Stupid meta players! Stop being so toxic and elitist!" I give up. And I'm not even one of those super meta players you speak of. A lot us are actually trying to help. And no one really disagrees that the wolf isn't well-designed but for now, just try to work radiation and the scratch kitties into your loadout. At least he will be less spongy that way.
  15. The feels when you run a bunch of relics and the only "rare" drop you see all day is the exilus adapter from when you took a break to do the sortie.
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