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  1. Ur lucky it was on the moon, he came to us whennwe were in hydron ranking our rank1 frames and weps 😞
  2. Ur lucky it was on the moon, he came to us whennwe were in hydron ranking our rank1 frames and weps 😞
  3. We killed so many tho during rescue missions πŸ˜„ which one specifically? Haha
  4. After some time i finally found out the flow DE is talking abt in melee. All you gotta do is (imagine there is a nox in front of you and u have Ohma equipped) E (make sure u do entire E spam combo then proceed to) -> LMB( for as long as you want )->E again->jump then E to the ground. I think this is just one of the many flows out there since it differs for every player. I gotta say its pretty fluid and good. Only drawback is that its VERY difficult to channel since its a default in PC (idk abt the other platforms) that the alt-fire is the wheel button at the center of the mouse which is difficult AF to press. Still cant find a way to integrate channel to my flow but thats the only drawback for me.
  5. space mom we cant pick up the coolant cells. sometimes anyway. this might be a problem with the internet or a bug. please would you kindly look into it. it happens mostly once after we sealed a lava crack. the coolant can cant be picked up.
  6. with this new system you can semi zoren copter lol. or at least feel like what it is with garuda on her 1. when doing the thermite event (i 4got what its called) when im in flight mode archwing, all i have to do is aim a little it far and then blam! slam attack from miles away. i think this happens with all the melee weapons tho, but in case it aint, im using an ohma πŸ˜„
  7. Its kinda sad that nowadays, to channel you need to hold the wheel button of the mouse then press E 😞 can i fix this in pc? Cause from what i recall, alt fire is the wheel button in the mouse and attack is E so u need to be a deadlock grandmaster italian to channel melee cos of the hands 😞 too bad im canadian.
  8. Theres a midi kids version of the song, in that the timestamp i said is only composed of very little chords. Ill try composing one in a piano app first. I agree with ya in it being diff AF cause theres alot of chords in the right hand alone without accomp, but i wont lose hope yet bruv :D
  9. 0:45 - 0:51 in the original music video ( i did a bit of hydroid work and converted it to mp3 so im pretty sure its those are the exact ones ). Maybe if you could disregard some notes in the accompaniment and highlight the keys on the right octave then most probs you got a river flowing within you :)
  10. Keep safe DE team and good luck on the update. Hopefully we can now finally battle nora night or wolf of saturn 6 or a new guy πŸ˜„ soon.
  11. Duude, i counted the chorus part (the tenin tenin ten ten part) of river flows in you by yiruma and i think? Its possible to make a 8 second loop out of it πŸ˜„ anyways ty for making the most awesome synthesizer battle availabke in the mandrachord
  12. Oh wow i finally found the guy folks told me abt that does epic octavia songs. Uhmm is this service free or costs plat cos i can pay plat. Anyhoo, can i requests a song for mandrachord the "David vs Gary synthesizer battle" from regular show in cartoon network. But if u cant do that hbt "Unleashed" by beethoven, theres a o2jam version of it too for reference. Regardless if u can do the songs or not, ur an awesome guy and thanks for making survival and defense missions less boring πŸ˜„ kudos bruv.
  13. Gods By the VOID!!! These are beyond godlike (dota2voice*) its as if u are the master of the design council themselves.kudos πŸ˜„
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