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  1. In the last update you changed the Cloak Arrow, now the Noise Arrow. What is the following nerf? the Ivara's invisibility?... Don't make Ivara useless...
  2. dude, nobody put a gun to your head,... nobody is forcing you to do it. don't be ridiculous.
  3. S#it, here we go again... An unpopular advice... do it when you have a better system for farming Kuva.
  4. When it's usually a month, but here you are ...
  5. mmmmm... and what about mobile defense?
  6. WTF!!! So...now, the damn Cloak doesn't cloak anything...
  7. The Ropalolyst falls asleep in the middle of the fight, making the mission impossible to finish... https://imgur.com/a/FxUuWSe
  8. Fortunately, I already have all drops 😁😁😁
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