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  1. Because to me this is a lazy and cheap ideal and a bad one at that. It seems that they just want you to give up and just buy him from the market.
  2. This is pure Trash. Can not get a imprint always show normal kavat not vasca. Will not show imprint in my inventory have to look at it in trade WTF.
  3. So no channling on melee anymore? Riven mods that have this Channling abllity are useless now? So you made a bind key that used to be for channling the same as another key that's for melee. Good job.
  4. After the update they did with the dojos domestik drone decoration will not appear. This is a bug it will be invisable and will show sometimes as a wireframe. If i knew this i would not of spent 100pl on this crap. And no way to send it back to my orbitor it is now pure shyt. In case anyone decides to put a domestik drone as a dojo decoration you will not see it or you will only see it as a wireframe. Like most bugs in this game this im sure will not be fixed or have a 2nd look at.
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