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  1. Unfortunately I will have to play this content at some point because I never really completed the things I needed to do there. So that is why I will probably do it in 2032, not because it is fun but because it resides at the bottom of the bucket list like a few others.
  2. I too am not fond of these next to invisible, stuck in the air, immune to vacuum and radar loot items. Back in the day (pre-nerf) collecting them wasn't as hard. I would agree that the nerf was justified, however, like many nerfs I think things went just a tad to far. My two suggestions would be: 1. As the OP above suggested changing the color to something that directly contrasts with the background and much brighter. 2. Either Vacuum should effect them, or they should at least drop to the ground like all other loot.
  3. I just gotta say no. Please leave my desecrate/despoil alone. The only thing I wouldn't mind is an increase in the additional drop rates but we all know DE won't do that. Shadows appeared fun when I was first starting but now it is just a spawn rate killer and I only use it for oh crap moments as a distraction. No way in hell do I want my desecrate tied to that.
  4. Abilities take priority for me. Although as I advance particular frames I often go back and try old frames that I just couldn't seem to get in the natural grove with and see if I can improve my skill. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but overall Warframe has so many interesting abilities combinations and synergies that I am not afraid to use ugly looking frames.
  5. Would love to be able to use full sized ghoulsaw in Pixie (razorwing) form.
  6. I don't expect people to play the way I want them to in PUGs. I don't tell people what to do, and I let them do their thing. If they are doing something to interfere with my strategy I usually just roll with it until first extract and move on. If they are harassing me, I don't say anything, I just report and move on. I find most players treat me with the same relaxed state. Reap what you sow I suppose.
  7. Good point. Guess I have only been startled once by a game then.
  8. Vay Hek has lines in Plague Star? Guess I should remove the electrical tape from that corner of my monitor and turn up his volume.
  9. I actually enjoyed RJ especially after the first set of changes that reduced the resource requirements for players who started after I did. But now? Disappointment is the word that comes to mind.
  10. Only once have I ever had anything from a game scare me and that was an invisible shadow guy popping through a glass window in a dark hallway in the game Fear. It was 2am, I had the speakers up, my room was pitch black, and I was a lot younger at the time. Game deaths don't scare me, Difficulty (at least in Warframe) doesn't register as hard. The only thing those two things represent to me in this game is pure tedium. Sometimes envy those that can find those things in games and for that I am sorry.
  11. I would definitely agree to optional resets. Although I don't ever see myself using it I am still a huge fan of more options that don't remove things from or affect others who don't wish to opt in.
  12. I have had plenty of content that I considered underrated and greatly enjoyed hoping that someday they would expand upon it. However upon review I find that DE often takes those enjoyable tidbits and completely guts them twisting and warping them into something I no longer enjoy and thoroughly despise. Therefore considering DE's abysmal track record I regretfully decline to share the few untouched underrated tidbits I have left. Be careful what you wish for because making a wish with DE is like like making a wish with a ticked off genie that's been trapped for millennia and is only thinking of revenge. DE will listen to what you say you want, then twist it into something you don't want, and then tell you they gave you what you asked for.
  13. I had this problem today as the drone got stuck on the outside rim of the giant infested pod about 30 feet from the marker. I tried: Shooting it. Pushing it. Jumping on it. Bullet jumping straight into it. Emoting it. Glyphing it. Ramming it with a K-drive. Archwinging it. Bonewidowing it. Archgunning it. Moving out of the general proximity and back in. Transferring in and out of my warframe around and into it Void punching it. I even tried the unstuck command while standing on it. (I was desperate as it's health was getting pretty low by that point.) In the end I was finally able to drag a tusk thumper onto it which somehow dislodged it even though the ground pulses didn't seem to do anything. Please fix this event oriented Drone pathing glitch.
  14. So basically what your saying is you want to reset your Warframe account on your console (not keeping any of your old stuff) but are currently hindered since it would involve creating a brand new Xbox account (because Warframe doesn't have an account reset feature). Did I get it right?
  15. If you are a seller and you initiate the sale by asking me how much am I willing to pay I will automatically say "nothing". Obviously I am willing to pay more than nothing however: If you can't be bothered to consider sharing what you expect as an appropriate price before selling then you shouldn't expect others to do so before purchasing. And because you obviously enjoy haggling over the price, and are expecting me to waste my time doing so for your enjoyment, then I will take that opportunity to set the starting point low. I am not saying everyone hates haggling, some people love it, I am just giving you something to consider. Truth be told I would probably just put you on ignore without any reply for wasting my time and move to the next vendor.
  16. They will merge both Normal and RJ Starcharts, no more toggle. Every mission will begin with RJ objectives.
  17. You can also force spawn them (in day at least) by finding a large long open area and picking a direction and staying on a straight path. While long open areas like using the crest of the hillside you use for the Sliding achievement work best, I find that as long as I stay moving on the ground in perfectly straight line works just fine even if I have to jump over a few obstacles. Note that this method causes them to spawn (1 pair at a time) in a landed walking patrol state. Thus you might need to alert them and give them time to take off. I tend to use the roll function as it gives time for them to spawn "in front of me" a ways. Probably about a quarter mile to half mile of rolls in a straight line (only turning around to reset) nets me anywhere between 1-3 spawns directly in that path. Results may vary to some degree but just relax, kick back, get in the groove, and allow it to happen.
  18. I suggest they change Rank 10 Gunnery ability to Tab targeting. Call it Target Locking or something fancy. Bam Fixed!
  19. I would have just reported his butt through the appropriate channels and moved on.
  20. I am whelmed... I also stand by my original statement that it is an ability not a K-drive. If it was a K-Drive it wouldn't be usable in normal missions.
  21. I think the point that DE is making is that it isn't a K-drive in the first place. It is an ability.
  22. I have been reading this thread for a while now and before it gets even further derailed I would just like to impart a solution that I think would work to some degree for both sides. Give users the ability (an additional option) to hide their forum reputation from everyone but themselves and DE. We will never get rid of those that attempt to use character assassination or defamation as leverage in a debate just like we will never get rid of those who take personal offense to it and bite on the bait. There are those that use various methods (MR, time played, achievement, forum rep etc..) as shortcuts in passively determining if a player might or might not have a valid point in the discussion of a particular subject without making public accusations. Many of those players aren't the ones making personal attacks but instead use those methods to better focus on where the valid points might be found. Even though the accuracy of this is method is as varied as the individual subjects and players themselves; I do not believe that the "active" and public use of these identifiers as leverage by a "few" players fully justifies the removal of such identifiers completely. On the flip-side I well aware of the misuse of these identifiers by a select few to aggressively hinder, derail, or completely shut down valid points of discussions brought forth by "seemingly"newer players that they disagree with. Something that has irritated me for quite some time. I find validity in both arguments thus is why I proposed the aforementioned solution that does not "remove" anything and instead gives players additional options to use if they deem those options appropriate. I hope this helps to some degree.
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