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  1. i understand that you can avoid it, but a new player is not likely to do so when they want to figure out the game, also, if a sortie or quest takes place on another planet, then avoiding the lich may not be possible
  2. but again tho, youre clearly well along enough that these resources dont matter, but from a new player perspective, these resources are worth a lot, also, if youre trying to complete the game, you cant just avoid the nodes as easily as an older player could, they steal resources from sorties, not to mention story missions
  3. meaning he most likely has little to no assistance in regards to farming out every resource he needs i dont know if they changed this cuz i havent touched liches in months, but i remember the resource tax would go up when your lich leveled up
  4. i know DE made it that way, but who actually thinks that? hell, you cant even get to deimos w/o completing certain parts of the other open worlds. by the time you can complete most of the 3 open worlds, youll be past mr8 and have better game sense, that most likely wouldnt happen before hand
  5. if we assume he has no friends/clanmates helping him in game, then those little resources could be a lot since bps cost a fair amount, cant go thru the whole game using only mk-1 weapons and excal/excal umbra, and a new player wouldnt be hard farming every resource in the game like most of us would
  6. well holding a button prompt doesnt exactly stop people from looking into new things, all it does is help older players that know the game be sure of their decision, a new player most likely wouldnt have the background knowledge for that, especially if learning game mechanics requires a lot of help from other players/3rd party sites
  7. well mercy prompts pop up everywhere with 0 explanation to them, again probably was curious, as most new players would be
  8. kinda weird how yall expect, at minimum, an mr8 to understand every facet of the game when the game itself doesnt explain it to us, he was clearly just curious, no need to bash him on that. Now if im wrong and hes mr12+, then yea going to the wiki should be first priority.
  9. saw a vid on it, its pretty S#&$ty since it just converts everything to blast dmg, the bullets are visual too, not even actual stuff you catch
  10. not every build can be "1 mod and be immortal dps", one of warframes driving points is variety with customization, with the exception of the arcanes, everything i mentioned is easily obtainable and isnt even required, build rhino how you want, but dont say its bad or heavily dependant if you dont wanna put the time into it. if anything, its one of the easiest, least factor inclusive frames to build, not as bad as inaros, but not as over-complicated as something like octavia, if that makes any sense, im kinda hungover at the moment.
  11. i never said 500k armor, but you can breach 100k easily using arcane tanker, ironclad, max strength, and umbrals, especially even now since helminth empower is a thing and , if you have the timing and patience, you could opt in for arcane ultimatum
  12. finding 3 enemies isnt inconsistent at all, thats all the outside factors it really takes, everything else is just making a good build. also, everything cant just be "health prime with 1 mod" immortality build, so of course it wont be the same.
  13. you must be bugging if you think having hundreds of thousands of armor is too weak for high tier content, its a simple setup and, if you get enough enemies, you could afk most missions and not die
  14. just make it so you can equip the parazon with your sidearm, similar to using a glaive + secondary, and click a button to fire the parazon at a surface or enemy, and pull you towards it.
  15. yea that's fine and all, keep working on it. also, corrupt mods do have a negative, but your system would completely ruin a build in exchange for 1 small bonus, definitely would pull back on how punishing the negative is.
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