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  1. highly recommend zekti talyns, the high fire rate combined with hitscan and aimbot gunners absolutely shreds through fighters
  2. imo rhino and atlas are physically the strongest(rhino is just my opinion though, im not so sure how physically strong other frames are) since rhino was turning armed men into paste by charging at them, and atlas one punch man'd an asteroid big enough to destroy earth
  3. why wouldnt it be? thats a major piece of information that the sentients needed, and that getting intercepted would raise a massive flag for ballas. at that point, its just speculation, theres not much that says when or how ballas went through any sort of betrayal attempts. this is the only one we have concrete knowledge on
  4. (13) The Sacrifice Cutscenes & Dialogue! [Neutral/Balance] (The Warframe Story) - YouTube 15:25 ballas says the dax intercepted his communications, and the vitruvian ballas used wouldve been apart of that exactly, it was AFTER warframes were first made, thus making umbra not the first warframe the sentients didnt start losing until warframes and tenno came into the equation
  5. i never said anything about which "generation" was abused or not, if you payed attention to the quest, ballas had it out personally for this dax because he got in his way also, you skipped over the beginning part of the codex and the wiki entry, stating that this was recorded after the warframes were first made The Vitruvian contains lore regarding the Old War. After the Sentients were sent to terraform the Tau System only to gain sentience and were led by Hunhow to betray their creators, the Orokin cultured the Infested to be used as soldiers. However, when the Infested prove to be
  6. Vitruvian | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom The entire thing is meant to be a recording for hunhow, meaning that the warframes were being made already, and this was information needed to exploit them. Also, chronologically speaking, what youre asking for makes no sense. Warframes were made during the old war, ballas's betrayal helped end the old war, how would he betray the orokin during the war, before the war started?
  7. i dont want to get involved in the whole canon vs non-canon debate, but i can say this, that umbra was not the first warframe ever created. Warframes were produced at the height of the old war, and ballas's betrayal occurred near the end of it. Shortly after, the unnamed dax soldier discovered ballas's betrayal and was infected with the helminth, becoming umbra, and killing his son.
  8. iirc gara used a bomb to take down the sentient, not her own power
  9. iirc gara used a bomb to take down the sentient, not her own power
  10. 5% aint much either since you can get hundreds of thousands or even millions of armor, so youd pretty much never benefit from the passive. since hes a tank/support frame, maybe having something like drawing aggro on alert enemies within 15-20 meters gives him an armor/damage buff per enemy? kinda like ember
  11. Sepulcrum is pretty solid, fire rate is kinda low, but its a single shot, small aoe pistol. it has an alt fire that shoot micro-missiles at 5 enemies you select as well.
  12. im not tryin to have a debate, im trading ideas and suggestions with op cuz im interested in his post and i want to keep it simple. idc about your feelings about blast dude, theres probably a lot of threads out there that talk about it with people that do care for debate.
  13. in general blast is and was one of the least used elements, and youre only 1 person which is why i generalized my statement. if you liked old blast thats fine, but that doesnt change the fact of how it was poorly received by the playerbase
  14. the other 2 ideas seem good, but bringing back the old blast status probably wont fly with a lot of players. another suggestion for blast could be that each proc up up to 10 causes an additional damage proc when hit with a subsequent attack, essentially adding minor multishot per hit. the theme here being explosive blasts pushes shrapnel deep into objects in its radius.
  15. rhino wukong lavos gauss zeph in that order
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