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  1. I was waiting for an excuse to quit Warframe, again. And i think that's it. Another lazy band-aid update when real time and efforts would have been needed to REALLY solve the power differential between melee and primaries/Secondaries. Instead, we got this, arcanes and new mods in a game already bloated with useless stuff nobody uses anymore, hidden behind a "high level", mindless grind meant to satisfy "veterans" for a few hours, maybe a few days. In the meantime, newer players takes the melee nerf hit, without even having the chance to benefit from the weapons "buffs" WITHOUT PAYING WITH PLAT. And my guess is that it was the plan all along, finding new ways to force early players to pay for things they just can't get without hundreds and hundreds of hours invested in the game. It's more of a "Players Divide" than an "Arsenal Divide" at this point. That's the issue i had with DE for a few years now. Gone is the developper willing to do what it takes to make Warframe a better game overrall, now they just want to release quick content to make a quick buck so their chinese overlords stays happy. What warframe need is a real change, something meaningful and profund that can really improve the core gameplay. And adding mods/arcanes is not that. It's not change, it's stalling. Anyway, that was my last rant. Farewell fellow Tennos
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