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  1. DE Please response it...... this is ridiculous .... these bugs .... these guy with macro accounts ... RIDICULOUS !!!! A shame .... How many items are being generated and being spread through exchanges. BAN ALL exploiter or roolback this event.
  2. Die in Orphix area cant respawn. /unstuck not work nothing work Tnx for all, Gods Tenno
  3. I can't quite explain how this happens, but I believe it is a persistent file in the missions. The mission level changes, but the mission parameters do not change. If you take a bounty on any open world planet in StellPath mode drop mission, then go out and come back to hub, this creates a persistent file, and again join in open world you making enemies like stalkers appear and there are also exclusive drops of the mode. I think this is a serious problem, and I would like a solution. https://ibb.co/J7X41qK Tnx for all, Gods Tenno!
  4. I think it's funny to be able to talk to him going up the table, it's a lack of respect towards him kkkkkk and I think it's a bug if only the objective had a collision it would be something better Image: https://ibb.co/6R2PcD0 Tnx for all, Gods Tenno
  5. When I go to the ship's Personal Quarters it happens, using all settings. Video show: https://streamable.com/0z8a1y Tnx for all Gods Tenno!!!
  6. New farm stuck Jugger in this position
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