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  1. wts for 1.4k http://prntscr.com/nwz29w
  2. Do you play game also? or just sit on forum and comment on other posts? 😮 not everyone here is exp in riven sell so just let them do whatever they are doing. if you dont like then just ignore but atleast don't comment harsh lol. you seems exp so try to give some good advise in good ways. i have seen your many comments on many post. don't mind, just suggesting its good for your repo 😉 cyy
  3. Thanks. And Nope, i dont use steam ;c
  4. You too, happy new year.
  5. don't worry, you are not going to win. ;x
  6. i wont let win anyone ;x
  7. snacks hentai whatever u want ;x
  8. i will buy you beer, lemme win this time ;x
  9. Ok last post, and i won. sshh
  10. so when you are going to fix "login failed. check your info" issue.
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