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  1. Still loosing 2k standing / 4 catalyst / 4 phylaxes and even the last part of plague star bountie (4/4) if the host leave the squad before extract...
  2. @[DE]Megan On one side there is email 2FA problens sometimes.. on the other side there is Warframe official mobile APP. Why not offer an alternate method autentication/validation using a QR Code using mobile app? - Just show a QR Code at login screen of the game; - open mobile app; - chosse an option like "Mobile Login"; - the app open the camera; - the user point the camera to the game login screen and scan the QR Code (even don´t need type a code on the game login screen, like when you use google authenticator), just auth the user and let the game start.
  3. So, if other 3 players on a public squad get abused by a jerk, the only options is: leave dthe squad and keep trying get a better squad; play solo; find a clan that accept you (with a lot of rules impposed). In the name of a "non-toxic culture" we are dammed to do something alone, just by yourself, playing solo in a game that have some challenges impossible to complete solo or actively support and embrace the jerks/non sense people, just because the political correct thinking... I´m getting too old to accept some situations quietly. [off topic] iIf you take a big picture, our future as species it´s just mediocracy imposed by the JERKS/NON SENSE. This is a thought that denies the majority of perople the right to live as they would like to live, imposing the desire of the minority in the name of the ambient free of toxicity. All hail and offers theirs ass to mr. Zuckerberg mediocracy inspector network[/off topics] #Yes.I.Sayed.It.Loudly.And.Clearly
  4. @[DE]Megan , Unfortunelly we need a option to VOTE KICK squad members. Why? - situation 1: on player taking really too much time to accept a new votation to start the same or other level, and at this point, the other squad member are denied to keep playing with other same players, the options it´s just quit the squad and look at recent players and then invite to squad (not so easy steps to do); - situarion2: someone beeing a jerk, starting a fissure mission before other players put relics (see it happen 3 times today and it just make you want to play solo); - situation 3: someone are just leeching the mission rewards or don´t colaboration at all for the actual objetive. ... Just add a option on the squad members list (top left of screen) to "start voting to kick", or use the chat screen hovering the user name. ... If we don´t have a option to filter the matchmaking of public squads, at least we can use the votation to do it by ourselves.... :c) Think about this, please. Regards.
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