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  1. A number of weapons like the Stahlta (alt fire), Trumna and primary kitguns with the Tremor grip have noticable, literally nauseating, migrane inducing, screen shake/sway. And no, I don't mean recoil, I mean screen shake. Been playing since 2013 and never had any problems (and still don't with the game overall) but last year saw this new trend emerging and honestly, this is kind of a health issue. I mean, there is after all a reason why there's an option to turn it off in settings.
  2. While I have I have no problems with dizzyness in general there are weapons that have vile screen movement and the option for turning off screen shake doesn't do anything.
  3. So the Kuva Zarr has magazine of 5 and a four point eight second reload? Yeah, that's funny guys. That's really funny.
  4. Is there any way we could have the water canister on the soaktron skin being able to be toggled off? Without it it's actually a pretty solid looking rifle skin.
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