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  1. So we before had the most fun hammer in the game, the Wolf Sledge, the ONLY hammer that 10 times out of 10 did what hammers are suppose to: send jerks @$$ over t!#s into a wall. It was... you know, fun. Now we have a an explodey thing with self stagger. The world seems just a little less bright right now.
  2. The saxum and carnis mods are really solid, straight forward mods and some of them are quite usefull. Would love to se them for shotguns and rifles too. Also, a decent thickness for polearm shafts would be absolutely awsome. (nag nag) Prime frames of late have been great though, Inaros being nothing short of a work of art.
  3. Been said before but yeah, archmelee for necramech. Pretty obvious, right? (I mean, right now we have the lamest melee attack ever with a puny skeleton arm that makes the operator look beefy.) I have two words: Rathbone. Groundslam. Muahaha...
  4. Synth mods only have 5% each so you're gonna need all 4 to get the same effect but yea it's an option.
  5. One hope. We had one hope for making this fkn thing usable. 😒😒😒
  6. Recoil + impact causing taget to bounce all over the place basically makes the buff to range it initially got useless. And the screen shake is an absolute abomination. There's a reason it's optional to turn that nausia inducing crap off.
  7. First, can we ditch the screen shake on the Catchmoon primary? (No, not the recoil, the screen shake.) It's litteral headache and there's a reason why people disable that stuff in settings. Second, can we give the polearm shafts in this game a decent thickness (like the Bo Prime or Cassowar ) instead of those skinny, pencil thin sticks we have? "Puny" kinda defeats the concept of "badass" . For reference: (go to 7 min 6 sec)
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