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  1. Is there any way we could have sprint boost (aura +15%) give the same benefit as rush (exilus +30%)? Feels rather short atm.
  2. The energy pulse color on Lavos's passive cannot be changed and clashes with my fashion. (I know, right? Serious s#!t. LOL)
  3. Con: You are limited to one specific slow and clunky piece of equipment that makes arcanes, sentinel mods and 90% of health and energy restores useless. Unlike Railjack where you have alternatives to contributing to a mission here you have none. The whole thing feels like bumbling around in an overcrowded hobbit house while wearing a deep sea diving suit. Pro: Reward system is great. You earn your currency and spend it however you like and the putrid rng is reduced to bonus chans. 👍👍👍
  4. They feel very fumbly like they're having difficulty locking on compared to other chaining beam weapons. Also the first "round" doesn't seem to do any damage at all,(despite multishot) even from 1 meter away.
  5. ... despite being fully scanned in codex.
  6. The acolytes have shield only according to wiki and codex but they have yellow bar that turns red when you hit them with armor strip. Kinda curious wether ferrite or alloy.
  7. So we before had the most fun hammer in the game, the Wolf Sledge, the ONLY hammer that 10 times out of 10 did what hammers are suppose to: send jerks @$$ over t!#s into a wall. It was... you know, fun. Now we have a an explodey thing with self stagger. The world seems just a little less bright right now.
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