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  1. Vardaeu

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    Thanks for that but this was me and 3 friends and there were no alarm beacons, We tried all being together, we tried all splitting up, we tried 2 groups of 2, we tried constantly moving around. Interestingly when it was only myself and 1 friend we had no issue with these missions. We had 12 stages in a row of just "kill x" and no problems until invited the other two. Either way it's ridiculous. I've also tried to farm toroids with 1 other, everything was going great before suddenly everything stops spawning and we start losing a wanted level, then another and another. Then we find a few mobs, get the first level andddddddd nothing spawns. So please don't defend this broken junk. Should be like GTA where you get a few stars and can't shake them even if you wanted to! If you want another good example of terrible spawn rates/mechanics just go solo farm for cryotic... I have to run 150m+ away just to have something spawn at my extractor, at which point i leg it back to find 1 little gunner trying to take it out. I've sat at an extractor for over 3 minutes while I went and made a cup of tea, got back and guess what, both myself and the extractor were fine. Edit: If you'd read my post properly you'd also have noticed we had no shortage of mobs to kill for the example I gave (We have seen everything though as explained above). We had drop ship after drop ship, blue pillar after blue pillar, the drones simply weren't spawning.
  2. Vardaeu

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    Not only are rag doll effects screwed, seems host is the only one capable of seeing vents that are breakable. For the rest of us every vent in the fortuna bounty looked breakable but for him only certain ones did, obviously we couldn't break most. Also spawn rates for the bounty stage where you must kill ~30 flying mobs in fortuna is ridiculous, 4x mesa with a ton of stuff to kill everywhere and still failed the bonus + nearly failed the stage.
  3. Vardaeu

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    This needs fixing asap!!! This is not specific to Nidus, this is an issue seemingly related to anything that rag dolls the mobs when you are not the host. I played Vauban with 3 friends, 1 was using Khora. I was the host and when I pressed my 4 they couldn't see the giant mass of mobs rotating around and around. If they fired into the mass of mobs (I kept putting it in the middle of a door) the gun wouldn't hit. Instead they managed to find a few mobs stuck to walls that they could hit that I couldn't even see! We have side by side screenshots if needed of what i see and what they see. The guy playing Khora, when he used his own 4 that makes mobs rag doll everywhere and get stuck in a giant orb... he couldn't see any of them meaning I was the only one able to deal any damage to them. Any mob knocked over by banshee vanishes lol, same bug. I'm sure there are plenty more frames affected by this bug and quite honestly this is pretty game breaking.
  4. Vardaeu

    Gara Mass Vitrify does not refresh Splinter Storm

    So simple! Just tested and it seems to work 100%, just cast until you see the refresh then stop it. This is still a bug and should 100% be fixed since I see many other posts about the same thing since at least May but at least this tip makes the frame actually playable in public groups so thank you so much!
  5. Vardaeu

    Bug with Gara

    You can *try* to play around this but if latency is bad enough (say in a pub group), you can end up unable to refresh for 6 or 7 in a row at which point the duration runs out or you're now energy starved having eaten any remaining orbs. This has existed for months with no fix.
  6. Vardaeu

    Gara Mass Vitrify does not refresh Splinter Storm

    Any updates??? Is this even on the radar? Just had 6 or 7 in a row fail to refresh and lost the damn buff. In public groups this frame can be unplayable.
  7. Vardaeu

    Gara Mass Vitrify does not refresh Splinter Storm

    Here's some more proof where MV didn't refresh SS. These next two happened in the same bounty run making the entire run superbly frustrating... This video shows MV appearing slightly smaller for my friend (the difference in the past has been MUCH larger, as in an MV might appear man sized for him and 30+ meters for me). I did try to step in and break whatever he was seeing but that failed too. And finally one more where it fails to refresh twice in a row, obviously I run out of energy and thus lose the buff... Also there's a text bug in this one too. /LOTUS/LANGUAGE/SOLARISJOBS/ENCOUNTERCACHESCAVE Please fix my fav frame!
  8. Every now and then when I cast MV it does not refresh SS. If this happens I am unable to break the MV with lash and I must recast MV in the hope it works. I've noticed this happens FAR more when I'm not the leader of my party, I'm wondering if latency is to blame here. I also notice this bug has existed for a long time since the following post was made back in May: It's massively annoying when you're trying to min max a certain situation.