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  1. They never ever commented on the stealth nerf to the heavy melee momentum prior to the new melee system, despite Steve mentioning they'd look into it during a DevStream. So don't get your hopes up.
  2. Beats me why DE felt the need to beef up the enemies more, which is explicitly what many of us didn't want. If it's necessary to bump up enemy defences on top of their higher levels there's a more fundamental problem that needs solving. Anyway, noped out of Steel Path real quick. Guess we're just never going to get our high level content that isn't tinkered with in some form. New War better be really, really good because I just fired up Warframe, looked at the weekly NIghtwave chores and just closed it down again. Hell, I even managed to miss TennoCon, which is a first, and it barely
  3. Thanks for this useful contribution to the discussion. Just so you know: not everyone is a native English speaker and Europa is the correct spelling for Europe (as in the continent) over here (as well as for the moon, for that matter). So having a slip-up and assuming the sane thing applies and the moon's name is also translated shouldn't even be that surprising.
  4. It would force me to look up instead of being able to keep shooting at whatever the hell I'm shooting at. Which would be manageable with a mouse (albeit annoying) but would pretty much impossible to pull off decently on a controller (which seems to be DEs focus, see the recent UI changes). I'll agree the skill is fairly lacklustre compared to Zephyr's version, but I'd rather have utility added (eg. add the kockdown or some other effect into Super Jump) than have the skill removed entirely. More generally I personally feel that the basic ideas of the skills of most Warframes should be left
  5. Yups, the new map's pretty confusing, I much preferred the old one as well, though I guess the old map wasn't that great for controller users (which I assume was the main reason to change it in this way).
  6. Blessing also heals Sentinels, while Renewal does not. (unless this was very recently changed, of course)
  7. Well, look at that, so am I! Btw, super jump is pretty useful for getting around, and combined with the knockdown on landing skill (forget the name) it makes for pretty good CC too! The one thing I'd like on Excalibur (being melee-themed as the OP noted) is more stamina (80 is pretty low for a melee focused frame...).
  8. There's nothing "starter" about the "starter" frames, they're frames like all the others, except that people have to start with *something* and Excalibur is a very well balanced frame that will get you places even if you don't know how to use him properly or when he's not modded to all hell, unlike some other frames*. If you need a further hint about Excalibur not being a "beginners only" frame go look up where his components drop (hint: it's not Venus). The problem is that many people dump him when they get their hands on some other frame and never revisit him and never learn to properly
  9. Euhm, why wouldn't people use them? If you don't take them into "endgame" content they work pretty well (not to mention the Gorgon Wraith sounds great).
  10. Ugh, mine is about to be mature today or tomorrow, doesn't sound like it's worth it tbh. Really, I thought tamachochis went out of fashion like 15 years ago...? I guess putting it in stasis stops me having to give a damn about its upkeep, right? (btw, carrier is cute, cuddly and useful as well, and low maintenance to boot. ;) The only thing I'd wish is for a way to revive sentinels somehow should they get blasted somehow during a mission)
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