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  1. marelooke

    The rep sucks, please take the hint

    I agree without your main points but I disagree that raids or dungeons are a good solution. After all, dungeons (and raids) are basically missions that are the same every single time that you repeat over and over again. You just do stuff that has specific mechanics once a day/week (because these things usually have lockouts). I'd have thought that Eidolons and now the Orbs would have made it clear that these kinds of things just don't work in this game. For starters because they require organized groups while the entire game is built on the premise of easy come, easy go. And let's not go into all the other problems these bosses have, like a stale meta, irritating mechanics that are nigh impossible to deal with when there's some sort of lag involved (fighting orbs with constant host lag has been a hoot so far...). If Destiny 2 is any indication of what people expect with an endgame then I'll pass. I don't want to be forced to run the same stale "dungeons" over and over and I most definitely don't want to be forced to "schedule" my time or get into voice chat with random people just to get any sort of challenge. I've always thought this game's strength were endless missions, Defense is what initially got me into this game after UT3 did away with Onslaught, the problem is that DE has, imho, been neglecting its core gameplay to chase the open world hype. Sure the Plains and the Orb Vallis are pretty. But they're the same Every. Single. Time (and there's no endless modes on them, Plains Survival, WHEN?). I can run Hieracon for the zillionth time and still enjoy it, but if I have to do Profit taker stage 2 another time and I don't get the Atmos Systems I need I'm going to literally scream (and for "those people" I can't buy them because I need to be the next rank to be able to buy them). There's a reason why people reminisce about the old Void, because it was fun, to a point. Sure people were sick of it, but if you ask me people were mostly sick of the non-endless parts of the old Void. Running a gazillion Void exterminates or captures back-to-back wasn't fun and that's basically what all these open world missions feel like (not to mention this "new" Void). But then there's the little issue that most endless missions are just broken. Survival is mostly trying to get enough spawns to keep life support up, rather than being swarmed and having to, you know, survive. Defense is mostly trying to not doze off while nuking the room and finding whichever enemy's AI derped and got stuck out of range. Interception is just sleeping on the point you're supposed to hold until the mission is over. Defection was a nice idea, but it was never followed up on and is more like playing Russian roulette about the mission actually working than anything else. Excavation is like the only one that's still fun as you gotta move around and Excavation missions seem to actually have spawns worth mentioning. And given how DE only supports up to "sortie level" enemies (what's that, lvl100?) none of these are challenging and most people leave whenever you get to a point where things stop dying when you glance in their general direction. DEs attempt at remediating some of this hasn't really helped any. (E)SO is just a glorified survival with a mechanic that makes it so getting past a point where stuff gets interesting in a PUG is seriously unlikely and Arbitrations is just a gimmicky mode that makes everything twice as slow and three times as annoying. What we want is for it once again be more common having to make a mad dash to extraction because everybody else died, or life support ran out because we were too busy trying to not-die (If Arbitrations were supposed to capture that feeling them I'm afraid they've missed their mark massively, as far as I'm concerned) For us to push the boundaries of our gear without cheap "all or nothing" or denial mechanics like Arbitrations, Parasitic Eximi and Nullifiers everywhere and even cheaper counters to these threats. Is that realistic? Well given how damage 2.5 was canned and there are, as far as we are aware, no plans for major damage overhauls. Then there's the ever increasing amounts of band-aid upon band-aid, mostly in the form of plain denial, either through nullification, or through denial (CC) to try and contain the ridiculous power levels we've grown to that would need to be reworked. All that leaves me rather pessimistic as the task to bring any semblance of balance to the game seems like one too big for anyone to realistically handle at this point. All that being said, I'd settle for revisions on the existing endless modes and reasons to actually go longer than rotation C on any such mission, so we get to actually test that power more often, and infrastructure to support such (matchmaking to allow joining past rotation A, for example)
  2. marelooke

    Atmo systems

    Wow, some dedication. I got fed up after 25 runs (when I hit my SU standing cap, after also doing 2 Orb fights). I only got 4 out of all that. need 2 more to rank up with Vox Solaris. Ugh.
  3. marelooke

    Is Khora good? Is she worth the plat?

    Not sure her 1 is "bad" without the augment, but it is insanely good with it, to be sure. I'm not sure I agree about her 2 and 4 being similar. One is simple targeted CC, the other is area denial. I consider her 2 to be like Frost's 2 and her 4 like Frost's 3 in that respect. I'll agree about her 2 being slow, unless the enemies are high enough level that the damage modifier matters I doubt most people bother with it (including yours truly), just slap them with the whip and get it over with. If you build for her 1 then her 4 doesn't qualify as an upgrade to her 2 though, as it doesn't give the 200% damage bonus when hitting domed enemies nor does it count domed enemies for the augment (have to hit them with the whip itself). So her 4 doesn't really make her 2 superfluous. But I can see where you're coming from, even though I disagree on some points 🙂
  4. marelooke

    What time/reason for mission failure?

    There's a time-out on when you last killed something. I think it's 20 minutes or so. Though my understanding (which might be wrong) was that it just denied you loot, not straight up failed the mission.
  5. If I read this correctly you're talking about her 2 as the skill that is just "there"? Besides being good CC (and pulling enemies together so the augment can work) it also doubles the damage of her 1 (and from Venari, but that's not really relevant I imagine) so it's pretty useful against higher level enemies.
  6. marelooke

    Is Khora good? Is she worth the plat?

    Her 1 is good (when augmented). Her 2 is good. Her 4 is good. That's already 3, and I'd call Venari "decent", so no idea where you got the 2,5 from because I'm getting 3,5 which is something many frames can only dream of. I know it's popular to hate on Khora's 4 (thanks for that, Brozime parrots) but it was recently used as area denial for a 14+ hour Kuva survival record attempt. If that's what a bad ability can do, hell, I'll take it.
  7. marelooke

    Very bad performance in Orb Heists

    Yeah, performance is really bad, getting 50-60ping but the game behaves as if the ping is 300-400. Meaning I spend most of my time dead since I can't react to anything. Not exactly fun 😞
  8. marelooke

    Anthem and what Warframe can learn from it

    Given Warframe's basic design I don't think that's even possible. I wish people would realize it and stop setting themselves up for disappointment and maybe allow DE to focus on the stuff they're actually good at (which, imho, is horde modes) rather than try to create boss fights that never live up to the expectations of those so insistent on having them. I find exclusive rewards hidden behind lockouts and mandatory play-now-or-miss-out mechanics to be rather a turn off and I'm rather happy Warframe didn't just copy WoW in that respect like everyone else seems to do. If DE comes up with an "end game" I sure hope they innovate (as is their wont) and come up with something new that doesn't discriminate against people that can't (or don't want to) play on a schedule. Amen to that, Anthem's flying made me appreciate Archwing that much more. I have no idea why all "gaming journalists" seem to love it so much, do they all play on consoles because with mouse+keyboard that was just unbearable...? I don't think open world design can ever be really interesting unless they manage to somehow procedurally generate open world maps (sort of like they generate normal levels but with open world chunks?). Come to think of it, that might actually be really cool. But a static open world like PoE or the Orb Vallis (no matter how cool) just becomes stale after a while as it's the exact same every time through. Maybe having some actual missions on them would help here (eg. actual Excavation or Survival "nodes" set on the PoE or the Orb Vallis). One could even use random "parts" of the entire map to play on if sticking with the "static" map. Like you I'm glad they're their own game and while I'm sure DE will borrow ideas when they see something that would fit Warframe in some form I've personally not really seen anything in the demo that made me go "I wish Warframe had that", rather the opposite "damn, I'm glad Warframe doesn't have that".
  9. marelooke

    Please adjust the price of Cetus Wisps

    Making something terrible less terrible doesn't suddenly make it "not terrible". Just like comparing something to something else that's even worse doesn't make the first thing suddenly less bad. Wisps are terrible. They're terrible to farm. Seriously, flying around just to pick up the little things sure is fun and engaging gameplay. Not. Requiring an external resource (and a booster, unless you really want to go insane) to make the entire ordeal bearable only further proves that something is terribly, terribly wrong here. DE even knows it and admitted to it (but hasn't done anything about it, so far). Oh yeah, and while you're farming these things you can't do something that's actually engaging and, you know, actually playing the game, like fighting Eidolons. Yes, you can buy them for 5k/pop, which is stupid expensive for the amount of them you need. Not because grinding standing is so bad, but because that means you can currently get no more than 5 of the things per day and you need 100 of them to max out a single arcane set(!). Their availability as a purchasable item just feels like a token gesture rather than a serious alternative to the awful farm. And sure, DE dropped (halved) the price on something that was so stupidly overpriced it almost defies comparison. They're still ridiculously overpriced for the amount of them you need. Wisps just suck as a mechanic and I've yet to hear anyone actually give a good argument as to what redeemable qualities the things have. Most you get is "yeah but you can put up with them" or "hurr durr entitlement".
  10. marelooke

    Does -75% really exist?

    Or maybe you just don't pay attention to the discounts when you don't need them 😉
  11. marelooke

    My experience with some clans

    Most clans are stricter for newer members (doubly so if they're low MR). Two weeks is a long time for a new player to go offline without prior notice (and any sensible clan should have some mechanism for this, if only a discord channel), especially in a clan that's actively recruiting and thus has people lining up to get that spot. Sure real-life stuff can come up, and if it does and you get kicked you just re-apply, most clans won't make a big deal out of it as long as they have space (which they might very well make by kicking some other inactive member).
  12. marelooke

    Plains of Eidolon Drone Stuck

    Not 100% for me, but still really annoying.
  13. marelooke

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Sorry, not sorry.
  14. marelooke

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    Gotta agree, it's better than the last attempt but a bunch of things that used to fit together really well just no longer do. The Kopra Leggings and Varida Suit still being a sore point for me, they worked together so well and now I'm almost required to go full Kopra if I want to get anything resembling my old look. I really hope they're not done with these changes yet but the way it now stands I really have no use for the Varida suit I purchased. The way everything colours is just really weird as well. They could probably fix some more of the issues by just letting us colour the pieces separately as just changing the dye channels to something more sensible would break a lot of people's Operator fashion yet again.
  15. marelooke

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    Has this bug even been acknowledged yet? It's horrendously annoying. If this was an intended change it should have been in patch notes. Maybe this is another leaked partial change of Melee 3.0 so they're just ignoring it until that gets released.But really if we have to deal with an utterly broken melee system until that gets released sometime next year. Imean that's at least 1/4 of a year with heavy melee being extremely annoying to use... #sadpanda