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  1. Apologies, based on your response it was not clear to me that you managed those things solo. There's been a veritable deluge of people giving "advice" on how to "solo" without having done so themselves so you'll have to forgive my scepticism.
  2. How are you supposed to get any of those without doing the mode? I tried it solo initially and once I stopped babysitting the wet towel I was flying it just went kaboom. Did any of that get sorted out or do you still have to hide your ship for it not to get blasted out of the sky? Everything and anything you can with upgrades is entirely irrelevant to people starting out. And yes, when its the first time in a mode nobody knows what to do, shouldn't be a surprise. Most modes are extremely self-explanatory, this one isn't and feels more akin to Eidolons or Trials, at least initially.
  3. Is #4 fixed now? Because as long as that's not fixed I'm just going to ignore RailJack. As for #5, well, having to coordinate anything with PUGs tends to not exactly be fun, it generally leads to frustration sooner or later and the usual vitriol that tends to go with it.
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