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  1. Great, missed the end of NW again. Bye resources. Would be nice if it said in-game when it would end, and not just in the last week or so, long after most people stopped paying attention to it.
  2. I haven't had much positive to say about Nightwave so far but I didn't mind this at all, there's not really any reason to do them except for the standing so if you don't care about that you can just ignore they exist, which is how I like content to be: no coaxing people into playing through content they don't care about by dangling carrots in their faces, unlike "regular" Nightwave (though the length of the season has kinda helped with that issue this time around, now if we only knew beforehand how long seasons would run I could maybe even accept Nightwave as something, if not positive, at least not negative either). Wish there were longer/harder variants of these missions as just having a Mesa clean up everything every time got kinda old. Maybe with the next episode we'll get an endless variant or so.
  3. Couldn't even manage to finish last week's chores in time, and those were ironically things I'd usually enjoy. Looking at this week's chores list...well hope I can make it to the end of the reward track, otherwise it'll all have been for naught. Great feeling that. Especially since we don't know what chores are next or how long the season even lasts so we can't even plan ahead. Have been playing *far* less than before Nightwave, at least, it feels as if I have, since I've basically only been doing Nightwave, logging off immediately after to play literally anything else.
  4. You say yourself that Nightwave is an event, with all the drawbacks of events. So I don't feel like I even have to go into the massive difference between alert RNG and Nightwave's time limited grind. Alerts would always be back soon(tm), it's anyone's guess when Nightwave's reward would return, in case of most events that has been multiple years. Quite the difference with alerts, where it's usually, "in a few hours", "tomorrow" or "next week". Unless you wanted Vauban, but that was the exception that everyone has been complaining about (rightfully so) since he was added. Having it be "less" time consuming (and it's still more than time consuming enough for something permanent, doing 5 different bounties is still slow, no matter how you do it and the same can be said about quite a few others) doesn't even matter, it's still forcing content on us we don't want to do to the detriment of us being able to play the content we actually want to play. Pretty much all my Warframe time nowadays is spent on Nightwave chores. Once I'm done I just don't feel like playing anymore knowing that anything I do I can have to re-do as a chore the next time I login. (gilding, forma, ...) The catchup mechanic is also junk since to catch up you still have to force yourself through the chores you skipped in the first place, and usually people skip them for a reason (eg. they don't have access to said content, or they dislike said content). Hell, you can get "lucky" and get a "do 3 sorties" one and be blocked for at least three days (or forever if you simply don't do Sorties), followed by another Sortie one, to make it 4 days. Sure if this thing was an actual event, and not a permanent fixture in the game most of us would just suck it up and get it over with, like we've done with so many events in the past, the problem is that this thing is supposed to be permanent.
  5. You are right in that there's no direct monetisation, but more trying to make people play more regularly than they otherwise would, presumably in the hopes that they will also spend more on account of playing more. Or the fear that people taking breaks don't come back (since we don't have the numbers it's hard to tell how founded that fear would be) That or padding the active player numbers for investors, and acquiring more money that way. It is, of course, impossible to tell as an outsider what the actual reasoning is.
  6. If I stick with a game for like 6 years I'd like to be able to take breaks without missing out (and given that cosmetics are pretty much all there is left to get the "it's optional" "argument" is just ... /facepalm). This was one of the major defining features Warframe had over almost every other MMO and over all looter-shooters. Adding Nightwave just removes one of the major things it had going for it. Imho it also says a lot about the course of DE, it appears that income, or appearance towards investors, is now more of a driving force behind the game's design than providing a fun game (note that it's not just Nigthwave that leads me to this conclusion, but that's not a topic for this thread). It would be ironic that if Bungie turns the ship around now that they're free from Activision they might end up with a better monetisation policy than DE given that the games appear to be headed in opposite directions. DE still has the good guy reputation while Bungie is still shaking the taint of Activision's monetisation policies but depending on what either party does their positions could switch pretty easily with how DE has been riding the line (cue Alien Sex Fiend) We'll see how it goes, of course, but it would sadden me to see Warframe go down the drain.
  7. Nah, it won't. By it's very nature it can't get better. It forces you to play, when WF used to be one of those "easy come, easy go" games where you could binge, then hibernate for a month or two and then binge some more if you chose. Nightwave very purposefully takes that away (to make the player counts seem better, I imagine) to the detriment of their longtime players. It's what battle passes are designed to do, of course, most of the games that do battle passes don't have the shelf life WF has, or a playerbase that's not used to this kind of idiocy, so a great many more Warframe players won't blindly accept it. But don't worry, people will stop complaining, when they inevitably quit.
  8. They could (and should) have just added that to the ingame UI. There was quite a bit of confusion on when it was supposed to end that I've seen.
  9. So much for not having to do everything.
  10. Someone bought that platinum, it doesn't matter that it wasn't you, all platinum that goes around in trades was bought with real money at some point (platinum that is won from DE can't be traded, unless that changed recently), so DE already got that money. Your trading just keeps the system going, so even when you don't buy the plat, someone else did to be able to trade with you (directly, or indirectly).
  11. Please at least block non-maxed Warframes (and preferably weapons too) from the Endurance node. People being idiots and ranking up stuff in there and then obviously lacking the firepower (or toughness) to deal with the mission is getting annoying.
  12. Has this bug even been acknowledged yet? It's horrendously annoying. If this was an intended change it should have been in patch notes. Maybe this is another leaked partial change of Melee 3.0 so they're just ignoring it until that gets released.But really if we have to deal with an utterly broken melee system until that gets released sometime next year. Imean that's at least 1/4 of a year with heavy melee being extremely annoying to use... #sadpanda
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