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  1. I found that if solo it's easier to just stay invisible as their AI can't deal with that, and they either just stand there and take it (assuming no infested are around), or they come to you (they know perfectly where you are , they just fake not seeing you. Very badly, I might add), and hug you, so you can just blast their arms off. If you put mallet down they start attacking it, while spazzing all over the place, making it much harder to hit their weakpoints. Of course, since they only fake not knowing where you are, you can't get at their backs while solo without tossing a mallet d
  2. Given all the power creep nowadays I wouldn't mind seeing the Brakk restored to its original glory. The nerf made sense back then, not so much nowadays anymore.
  3. Tried that, unfortunately I was on Khora, and my cats were more than a match for the NPCs... :(
  4. Been a thing since at least September already:
  5. Still happening as of today... Gotta love losing everything after a fishing session like this.
  6. If that is the "right" way then something is still broken as hell.
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