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  1. I found that if solo it's easier to just stay invisible as their AI can't deal with that, and they either just stand there and take it (assuming no infested are around), or they come to you (they know perfectly where you are , they just fake not seeing you. Very badly, I might add), and hug you, so you can just blast their arms off. If you put mallet down they start attacking it, while spazzing all over the place, making it much harder to hit their weakpoints. Of course, since they only fake not knowing where you are, you can't get at their backs while solo without tossing a mallet d
  2. Given all the power creep nowadays I wouldn't mind seeing the Brakk restored to its original glory. The nerf made sense back then, not so much nowadays anymore.
  3. Tried that, unfortunately I was on Khora, and my cats were more than a match for the NPCs... :(
  4. Been a thing since at least September already:
  5. Still happening as of today... Gotta love losing everything after a fishing session like this.
  6. If that is the "right" way then something is still broken as hell.
  7. "Cannot" and "don't want to" are not the same. Doing 3 assassination missions is easy, but I'd rather not bother with those at all as they're simply not fun. None of the bosses in Warframe are particularly fun (and I include Eidolons and Orbs in that) and any time I must spend fighting them is time spent I'd rather be doing something in the game I actually do enjoy. These chores force us (since I personally want the cosmetics) to go back to stuff that we might have done at some point "to get it over with" or that we played and concluded we didn't enjoy (like. Sorties) on a regular basis.
  8. As someone who's main reason to keep playing this game has been survival for a very long time: survival needs a rework to be fun again. On most missions finding enemies to kill is more of a challenge than finishing the mission. Not to mention that they are unrewarding as hell. I've been looking at Excavation for my endless fix the past year or so. At least I get Cryotic out of that that I can at least throw at other clans in our alliance to help them out. This is something people find hard to grasp, so thank you for pointing that out again. Just like Void 2.0 it's basically a ner
  9. Given Warframe's basic design I don't think that's even possible. I wish people would realize it and stop setting themselves up for disappointment and maybe allow DE to focus on the stuff they're actually good at (which, imho, is horde modes) rather than try to create boss fights that never live up to the expectations of those so insistent on having them. I find exclusive rewards hidden behind lockouts and mandatory play-now-or-miss-out mechanics to be rather a turn off and I'm rather happy Warframe didn't just copy WoW in that respect like everyone else seems to do. If DE comes u
  10. To be fair, random stats on mods were proven to be a bad idea as well but DE still brought them back... So can't fault OP for trying, I guess... That being said, I'm just going to just repeat what already was said: Arcane Helmets were a thing, they are gone for a reason.
  11. There won't be any updates before Monday and I wouldn't expect any major (game) updates before Tuesday, earliest ( theyneed to decide on what they want to do with this, and then actually do it). With some luck we get more information about how they intend to change (or not change) certain things though. Let's see what they come up with and save our outrage for now 😉
  12. Yes, apparently as long as some unlucky fellow goes through the portal you do get rewards. If nobody does: no rewards. The person going through the portal will most likely get nothing due a Host Migration (which fails about 100% of the time). At least that's my current understanding of how it works.
  13. Except you don't get the rewards for the wave you exit after if you do that. Eg. if you exit after wave 8 you don't get rewards for wave 8, you need to either exit after 9 or let 9 fail. Combined with the host migration trouble this makes it impossible to farm Khora since most don't realize extraction is broken and leave after 8, resulting in 0 rewards.
  14. I've been loving survival for 4 years (I started the week before Survival was introduced, so missed the actual event due to being a rookie). I'd say there's a big difference between "Ugh, that's enough for now, time to go do something else for a little while." and the "Ugh, never again!" that people have after some of the newer game modes (like Defection), especially when they're forced onto them and a big grind to boot.
  15. If "rewards" are the only reason people keep doing something maybe that something isn't that fun to begin with? I'm still running Survival missions on low level planets (among others, of course), I got all the rewards that could possible drop there years ago, I have oodles of the materials I can get there (more than I'll likely ever use), but I still do them. Because they're actually fun.
  16. The problem with Warframe's story is that the devs don't manage to stay consistent within their own established lore (Valkyr Prime is a...prime...example), this kills the lore for many lore freaks. Moreover lately everything seems to have been designed about monetization, ranging from the new void to riven mods, rng upon rng and all timeboxed so either get lucky or pay up in Plat (no more pre-farming keys for that vault opening, well played DE, well played). The latter is what drove me away from the game in the end, no innovation in the core gameplay just more grind to push monetization (
  17. That might be the case *now*, but it's not unlikely that what is optional now will become mandatory later, where "later" could well be sooner than one might think. Anyway, I expect people to become tired of this slot machine rather quickly and then there will be very little of the mechanics introduced by TWW left... It *needs* a rework or it'll just go the way of the "raids" in the end.
  18. The monetization part. There's no ladder to climb, the only way to make old weapons viable is by making ranking up mean more, iow: making it massively slower so people need to use their weapons for longer than it takes to max them. Now people just buy their way to top tear gear by trading or plat and then they just grind out their MR12/13 with the OP Primes they bought, grab whatever other OP gear that was level locked and come here complaining about how other weapons aren't viable and they are out of things to do (you can do Sorties with the damn Lato, ffs, even without Riven mods).
  19. Graphical improvements Just plain awesome. Steve & team really hit it home and I was really glad the start of the first TWW quest didn't contain enemies so I could just gawk at the surroundings. Seriously, extremely well done. The quest Only just completed the new quest yesterday. It was pretty darn cool. It ties quite a few things together that we already knew/suspected. I was pretty convinced Teshin was a Dax before TWW due to him claiming he "failed" the Orokin and being a pretty badass warrior, so him being loyal to the Queens, who we knew to be Orokin (even though it w
  20. Oh right, just avoiding the stream like the plague to avoid any and all spoilers (and I don't care at all for watching others play when I could be playing either)
  21. 6PM in what timezone? Stream was only supposed to start at 7pm so either you already converted to some other timezone or they started early...
  22. The Sedna one (new tileset likely will be on Sedna), so the one from Pluto to Sedna :)
  23. Why do Corpus suddenly have Bombard level armor? Huge armor scaling is a surefire way to suck the fun out of anything. And a huge admission about how useless shields are to boot. And please get rid of the damn Mag specter. She gets you killed more than she' s helpful.
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