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  1. I sort of agree but for the RNG to be enjoyable there's a few things that ought to be true (not necessarily all at the same time though): Either Rivens should be untradeable, so people would have to understand their build and work with the limitations of the Rivens they get rather than just buy their way to the "strongest" combination and slapping that on the "meta" build. Or, Riven stats should be fixed, so the combination should be random, but the amounts should be fixed for a weapon (eg. a +toxin -cold Riven would *always* be +10% -10% for weapon x), (this is actually one of the things that was really pushed for when Rivens were introduced and would have made them acceptable for most of the playerbased I feel) However neither would ever happen as more RNG = more money for DE and Rivens are all about getting people to buy Platinum to trade. It's Diablo 3's market all over again, except that most people that would quit over such a system recognize that Rivens are entirely optional. And yeah, shotgun status is rather unintuitive. As long as it was impossible to reach 100% I feel it was sort of fine (although weird) but now it's kinda "100% or bust" and that definitely is not OK.
  2. Removing the disposition system means you might as well remove Rivens and just go back to actually fixing weapon balance directly (which I'd be all for, btw). Maybe if people stopped treating Rivens as a necessity and more as the "nice to have" that they actually are this'd go over better (I can think of one weapon where the Riven really makes a difference: Kohm and imho DE should fix that). Oh, and stop spending stupendous amounts of money on them, of course. As to it increasing popularity, most people just use whatever they're told is "good" rather than experimenting themselves and figuring out what they like, which isn't entirely unreasonable given the amount of weapons in the game and when starting out, though I'd argue that spending money on weapons that you're just told are good is unreasonable. Especially given how most people never use 99% of the weapons in the game and just snooze-level them on Xini/Draco/Hydron/ESO (whatever the spot is nowadays)
  3. What makes the Syndicate missions different in this regard? You can just solo them, and honestly that's what I've been doing after I've had someone go ape when people tried to find all the tokens in missions designed just for that while they just wanted to get it over with.
  4. The addition of additional layers of RNG on top of the already existing layers of RNG has been a complaint about the Void 2.0 since its inception (as it has been with Riven mods, for that matter). And it's been ignored ever since. Given how people have now acclimated to it I expect exactly nothing to happen to improve it anytime soon, unfortunately.
  5. They could (and should) have just added that to the ingame UI. There was quite a bit of confusion on when it was supposed to end that I've seen.
  6. So much for not having to do everything.
  7. But it's supposed to have all the "improvements" to Nightwave that are supposed to go into the next season. I mean, having less of it is definitely an improvement, but when having less of something is an improvement that says a lot about that something, right? In the end it's still foisting a bunch of chores on us, that many (if not most) only put up with because of the rewards. Given the recurring nature of Nightwave that seems like a very good way to burn people out.
  8. Someone bought that platinum, it doesn't matter that it wasn't you, all platinum that goes around in trades was bought with real money at some point (platinum that is won from DE can't be traded, unless that changed recently), so DE already got that money. Your trading just keeps the system going, so even when you don't buy the plat, someone else did to be able to trade with you (directly, or indirectly).
  9. Guess DE didn't get what was wrong with this idea the first time around. Oh well, more tedious chores.
  10. Please at least block non-maxed Warframes (and preferably weapons too) from the Endurance node. People being idiots and ranking up stuff in there and then obviously lacking the firepower (or toughness) to deal with the mission is getting annoying.
  11. There was no way in hell anyone killed Golem in 30seconds on release though.
  12. You're missing about 4 years of patches, balancing and power creep, this guy was released in Update 17 (31 July 2015), which is around the time I'm talking about as most of us old farts did this content when it was released 😉 Archwing nowadays is rather different than it was early in its release and the Juggernaut (which you had to farm to get keys to get to Jordas) isn't exactly the threat he used to be either (Hunter munitions wouldn't even exist for a few more years when this guy was released).
  13. You already answered the question by posing it: when the frame is so un-fun to acquire that I rather do actual work (aka earn money irl) than farm it. It has happened twice so far that I can remember: Infested Alad V (at least I think it was him) : mostly the key farm on this one got really on my nerves. The boss also wasn't exactly enjoyable to solo (which I did until I ran out of keys) and since you couldn't queue for it at release that was like the only way to do it for me (I can't be bothered dealing with recruiting chat) Jordas Golem : the game has a few obnoxious bosses, but this one takes the cake, and the whole bakery too. Archwing + bullet sponge, how about just no.
  14. They still add new ones occasionally though.
  15. 30min each day is quite a big part of whatever is left of your day after work/school/whatever. If one does not enjoy sorties that's quite the massive time investment to demand of someone, on top of the other chores Nightwave tries to foist on you. If you'd also like to do things that you actually enjoy in the game (or heaven forbid, go outside or something) then there might not be particularly much left. And you can't even catch up over the weekends either since Sorties are basically daily quests (another chore imported from MMO-land) with lockouts...
  16. Yes, the event adds an Orb Vallis local resource booster.
  17. Couldn't agree more. Nothing fun, interesting or part of my usual gameplay loop in there. The only two I'd do "just because" would be the Clem and Exterminate one (well, I need OV fish so that one might get done anyway). The rest is just tedious busywork. I'll probably put up with the system this season (while complaining loudly), but without major changes I'll be out when the next one comes around.
  18. Has this bug even been acknowledged yet? It's horrendously annoying. If this was an intended change it should have been in patch notes. Maybe this is another leaked partial change of Melee 3.0 so they're just ignoring it until that gets released.But really if we have to deal with an utterly broken melee system until that gets released sometime next year. Imean that's at least 1/4 of a year with heavy melee being extremely annoying to use... #sadpanda
  19. They'll be back, hopefully without breaking many people's fashion again. I, for one, am thankful my operator can look dashing again. Knowing they've been working on this for so long I feel kinda bad for the revert, but something was definitely not working right so more time in the oven doesn't seem like a bad idea.
  20. Thank you for the fixes and thank you again for acknowledging the Operator issues. Keep up the good work and be sure to enjoy the weekend all you DE people!
  21. Changes to the Varida Suit and Kopra Hood ruined my operator fashion, they absolutely don't work together anymore, massive clipping 😭
  22. Glad to hear I'm the odd one out 😛
  23. Fun, maybe? Play the game as if you've obtained all the gear you care about, what would you do then? Yeah, had that same issue, hadn't touched any of the new Kuva missions (because don't care about Riven mods) and looks like I haven't really done much in the Derelicts since the Star Chart change (hope Lephantis won't be too angry with me for not visiting for this long...) Never done any of the Lua Spy missions either, but they're marked as complete, weird, but hey, I'll take it!
  24. Glad the trading aspect has been removed, hope it never comes back. Veterancy rewards being tradeable is just the worst idea. I have no idea how that even made it onto the table (actually, seeing the amount of whales buying their way to MR25 I can see why it made it onto the table, and that's maybe even more worrying) As it is now I don't really see why bothering changing it anyway. It scales slightly more, but I don't think anyone at MR25 is strapped for any resources (except possibly credits, I know I often burn through all of those at least). That said I still maintain my original stance (from when the current daily system was implemented) that creating this psychological pressure to login or miss out is just bad and the entire system ought to just be axed.
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