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  1. Will there be at any time: Helminth Moas? and what about the third cat?
  2. My first try since years on traditional art. Not sure if I can handle all days, but I try. I use artist (brush) pens, shades of grey and image references. I tried to add tumblr links, not working either. I still don't know how to add an image. 😞 1. ring ayatan ring 2. mindless mindless vomvalyst 3. bait fish bait 4. freeze(ing Kavat) 5. build foundry 6. husky voice 7. enchanted by Lotus 8. frail Pox 9. swing 10. pattern ^^ 11. snow (ball fight) 12. dragon 13. ash 14. overgrown 15. legend 16. wild 17. ornament
  3. http://fav.me/dczljwl Lonely sentinels looking for a new home as their former tenno only spend time with carrier, furries or MOA. They introduce themselves: Djinn: (gets up again after Shades unexpected attack) I will always be there for you! Taxon: It's me! I will beam myself into your heart 🙂 🌠 Shade: Vanishes shyly into nowhere. 👻 (out of nowhere:) „Hi“ Death cube: I will completely be focused on you! Oxylus: Wanna fish with me? 🐟Seriously, I have more to offer! Drigida: I will knock out all idiots that annoy you ❤️ Wyrm: I will swipe away all your pains! Friendly Sentinels await your messages! Send them a ❤️ !
  4. My first try with the captura mode: an ash teleport attack. Good luck to all :)!
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