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  1. my contribution for orbiter: my disciple Mr. Spooky taking over the orbiter and the Tenno 😉 - oh and added his little pet. I know it is out of the contest, but it is too funny not to share: 😉 when you just mind your buisness...
  2. Will there be at any time: Helminth Moas? and what about the third cat?
  3. My first try since years on traditional art. Not sure if I can handle all days, but I try. I use artist (brush) pens, shades of grey and image references. I tried to add tumblr links, not working either. I still don't know how to add an image. 😞 1. ring ayatan ring 2. mindless mindless vomvalyst 3. bait fish bait 4. freeze(ing Kavat) 5. build foundry 6. husky voice 7. enchanted by Lotus 8. frail Pox 9. swing 10. pattern ^^ 11. snow (ball fight) 12. dragon 13. ash 14. overgrown 15. legend 16. wild 17. ornament 18. misfit Jordas 19. sling - not so happy with this one. But I didn't want to repeat swing. 20. tread - well, a bit more what happens after a "mis-tread". 21. treasure - ...I want to upgrade my mods, want to build a kitgun. Arg, I lack ...endo/ auron. ;) 22. ghost - ..I wish there would be a story around them. 23. ancient 24. dizzy - as a new player you can get lost so easy 25. tasty? I wonder what Tenno, Kavats and Kubrow eat... Sure there are spices and fish on Cetus, but I doubt they eat the Fortuna fish ^^. I just saw this one in the game. 26. dark (anyone getting the joke?) 27. coat - Tennos or Warframes just have decorative stuff. Only Umbra must have a cold. 28. ride - would be fun to see 😉 my Kavat doing that (as I lack a bit of time, I am ahead of shedule) 29. injured - metal injuries are nothing to make fun of. 30. catch - well, rather a bit show off 😉 31. ripe First time ever that I did all. Picking a theme (warframe) made it easier for me to get ideas what I want to try. I did not draw the big elaborate images, but that was never the plan. I simply don't have time but wanted to try to do all. I don't care if all are perfect. Just go with what you have and have fun drawing!
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