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  1. Hoi, this time tennotober with chibis whenever possible. Media used: drawing block 14,8 x 21cm; brush pens (greyscale), a few aquarell pencils + water (hope I find the big box... as I miss them). Hey, DE & warframe: you get me use pink as a color!! (I hate pink but for pinktober I use pink frames and paint pink!) 1. Night 2. orbiter -2b pencil drawing 3. crew 4. sister 5. plague 6. riven 7. orphix colored version (uncolored also on artstation) - found my aquarell pens after 3 days searching 8. storm 9. clan that one took me longer; didn't know what to draw 10. Natah 11. quest - Sayas Vigil 12. persevere - Sevagoth shadow 13. support 14. community - that's what you out there do and did last year! 15. goals - find out some more lore 16. Journey 17. conquer ( I will continue with pinktober with the other prompts as well) - with Ivara 18. tempestarii (with salt effects on color) 19. fish - or no fish ;) 20. Teshin - pinktober version 21. (crafting a new) cephalon 22. ventkids entrance 23. 24. ...
  2. we managed to get update (hotfix I guess) of the launcher. finished shop stuff too. got some sort of number, so I guess it worked.👍 Hope you get it working as well!!!
  3. Warframe launcher update not starting/working properly. And.. sadly I cannot manage to buy the tennocon ticket - or don't know if it worked or not. Hop you can fix both.
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