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  1. Yes, perhaps I worded it poorly. I want to come back and play, but im just incredibly lost. If anything I was asking for a guidance where to start off again. Last thing I remember was making these custom fortuna secondaries and farming MR, i was like 26 or something. Thank you all for kind replies, see you ingame. O/ Ps. im coming from a space game currently and railjack was something that popped up in my mind.
  2. Thank you everyone. Got a question though...where do i start ? Do i do railjack first or the infested looking place ?
  3. Hey Tenno. I have been away from the game for quite a while, i think i went on a break mid Fortuna update(i think that's what that Corpus place was called). Having been burnt out by other games and wanting a looter shooter that actually works, im here yet again. Just in time for the anniversary stuff. How is the game and what are some of the big issues these days ? Thank you :)
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