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  1. The range of stars flying out is more if the mod is maxed. I dont want to waste endo to max umbral stuff yet.
  2. WTF, its a good assault rifle. It actually replaced tiberon p for me.
  3. I only use and https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Arcane_Guardian. I don't use the MP augment. The important thing is to NOT rank up that mod so you have very short range of aggro on your 1. Also this augment lets you detonate and recast as you see fit, no need to wait on enemies to die. Also, pumping up your duration gets you more stars, I think i have 16. So that's 90% reduction of incoming damage and +600 armor just from being shot from 1 arcane. Your stars only have 4m range, so your "defence" decreases only if they are in your face, that's why im using retribution in my exilus slot, 60% chance that they'll get stunned if they melee me.
  4. Somewhere, in alternative universe there is a Wolf making another forum thread about encountering an OP tanky warframe and that he is forced to go after the objective yet again.
  5. If excal came back...... A founder could take DE to court using this single picture on basis that it was false advertising. DE could offer a 100% refund if the player in question accepted it, but then they would be running a chance of other founders asking for refunds. If DE would try to remove the player and all associated "never avalable again" images then it would start another whole S#&$storm. This 2 outcomes could quickly snowball and DE would go from "A great company that has a F2P game which is beating several AAA studios" to "don't support the devs who can't keep their word". Reputation is more important than extra sales. I don't know if there will be such disgruntled founders, but I really don' think DE wants to take the possible risk and get bombarded by all the bad press that comes with it.
  6. Don't you mean her #1 augment for 90% dmg reduction ?:P
  7. I agree with OP's first example. I think it's very logical to have niche weapon types such as snipers be EXEMPT from riven changes. Reason being: Hunting eidolons is part of the progression in this game and the most effective way to take out limbs is a high-powered precise hits. While it's certainly possible, it's very "unoptimised" to use anything else. Meanwhile for general play you can use any weapon and have an "effective" time, well...other than bringing a sniper to 99% of the missions. So while the rivens don't nerf the weapons directly, they do influence their effectiveness for certain situations. This effect is highly noticable if the situation pretty much requires a specific type of weapon( such as snipers) and said weapons are widely used for such specific activity...which is 1% of the game. So..nerfing the widely used riven for a specific type of weapon just because of it's niche popularity is....not fair or logical due to how the weapon type is used. When sniper dispo changes, it's actually an indirect nerf to eidolon hunting because snipers are less effective as a whole. (it makes no sense to even use snipetron for eidolons)
  8. Maybe DE just altered the min-max value of the ceiling rolls for some weapons, it would be kinda shady but I could see them do it to keep widely used weapons in check.
  9. Still kinda works, took a level 51 solo 2 days ago with octavia as a frame and leveling weps. Wasn't as quick, but still much faster than directly shooting him with various guns.
  10. His biggest crime is his low drop chance of useful stuff for the amount of RNG it takes to spawn him and effort to kill him.
  11. Nova is easier to mod for and "delete" enemies. Just go for 155% power str and max duration and that's it. Max slow and affects a lot of enemies. 2 builds, fast and slow. Equinox is harder to mod for and to "delete" enemies you will need a high slash, crit melee with maiming strike to build up your damage. Plus...to survive while doing it all. Especially in ESO. It all depends how experienced you are at fighting higher level enemies and how many mods/weapons/arcanes you got at your disposal.
  12. People care more about looks and something unique rather than how it performs and extra 12k mastery... Let's be honest, newer players don't even know that excal has a prime, they only know umbra is the upgrade from it. You don't even know who has it, unless you run a picture such as yours. Meanwhile, having an ephemera is super visible and if it looks cool, people will ask and then be disappointed that its not obtainable.
  13. No matter how small the gap is, it exists and it separates the 2 groups of paying players. Tehy both support the game, but they did it at different times. I don't think you understand the difference between equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. If people are already unhappy with how hard it is to get those ephemeras....do you not understand the absolute S#&$storm it would cause if founders got one that nobody else could just because ? An obsolete frame and 2 weapons is the lesser "salt".
  14. A few months to a year is a hell of a time to deal with the situation though...especially if you are company who has to manage the game and pay the staff. I don't want to be seen as an elitist who is clutching at his exclusive toys and rubs salt into wounds, but I see that it's reasonable to have an exclusive reward for a very unique and exclusive situation that only occured once (thankfully only once). Besides, going back on a promise would be....risky. They did state it that it will never be available again and DE isn't WG. Just because you don't value your sexclusive stuff as highly as others do, doesn't devalue it.
  15. Yes, so you have 2 packages on consoles. We have 3 on pc. I didn't word it properly before. We got: -plat+weapons pack -frame+above+profile glyphs -accessories+boosters(no plat) full package is all of the above
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