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  1. Acolytes were the perfect event for the mod "Split Flights" to make an appearance but I guess DE missed this opportunity. This is the Mod i'm talking about: They said it come with Baro... so when? I'm not surprised if they totally forgot. This is a great mod and you know everyone will want it for their Kuva Bramma or Lenz. However, being 180% Accuracy... I wouldn't be surprised if an arrow landed directly at your feet and the only way to use this mod affectively is with an immortal frame or from the air while gliding. If this is a Tennocon exclusive mod... I swear to god...
  2. I took Rivens into consideration because they are part of the game. Not taking them into consideration would be a foolish thing to do. As I stated above, the stats on the kitguns were very good. If a weapon has very good stats, adding a riven WOULD make the weapon overpowered, in this case, it made secondary kitguns overpowered. Looking at the current disposition of the rivens from what it used to be and what it is now, it is more than clear, that adding a riven to an already very good weapon would make it overpowered (otherwise DE would not touch the disposition of the riven or stats of the weapon, to make players use something else). Catchmoon for example, went from 3/5 riven, to a measly 1/5 (0.5). Of course they would nerf the riven dispo of such a good gun. After all these nerfs, Catchmoon with Haymaker and Splat is still ONE of the BEST secondary weapons out there. You come to a point when you like a weapon so much, you are thinking of getting a riven, it's only natural, in my case was Catchmoon. I loved the weapon so much I used it all way, until Kuva Brakk came out cause nothing else satisfied me damage wise / clearing as catchmoon did. And I still switch between my Kuva Brakk and Catchmoon every now and then
  3. It was one of the things I was going to go over but I felt like it was already too long. So i'm glad it was the 1st comment. You know what motivated me to go over this whole ordeal? My Kuva Twin Stubbas ( 5 forma) and Battacor (7 forma + Riven) were not able to kill or do enough damage against lvl 100 Raptors in a kuva Sihpon. I just had a wisp, 2 shot them with a catchmoon and look at me funny
  4. I honestly thought DE learned from their previous mistakes, but here we are again My point is, and i'll make it short: 1. Secondary Kitguns when they were available, everyone went nuts for them. Stats were very good and rivens made the weapons overpowered. I'm looking at you Catchmoon / Tombfinger. When this happened, ALL and I mean ALL Secondaries were overshadowed by the sheer force of these weapons. I would dare say that 50% of the playerbase was using a kitgun, and stats showed that Catchmoon was the most used weapon, not a surprise. It was powerful, cleared entired groups of enemies, fun and satisfying to use, and after the hitbox was fixed on the projectile it was godly. Powerful, fast, INFINITE AMMO with Pax Charge or even more damage with Pax Seeker. Not just secondaries were overshadowed by this, and primaries as well. I was using my catchmoon 90% of the time, I even have a riven for it, it was that good. And the best part about Kitgun, you are able to build them however you want. You want more speed? you could build for more speed. You want more CC? You could build for more CC. 2. Now this brings me to my 2nd point, and what I predict would happen. Primary Kitguns happen, they are very powerful, ALL Primaries will be overshadowed again by these weapons. Same thing will happen. Now what? i'm gonna see everyone with a primary Catchmoon and Tombfinger running around now? Is the riven market for these weapons going to explode again? Traders asking 1000 plat, 2000 plat and even 4-6k+ plat for a single riven, again? What must be done: OVERHAUL all stats of primary weapons. Primaries are static weapons, they can't be customized with different parts to suit a player's choice. You can't put Pax Augments in them. They don't have infinite ammo, or seeking missiles that target the head. Now what i'm asking is a lot, but BALANCE is important. Overhauling all stats of primaries to avoid a 2019 situation would be a tremendous task. You can make it shorter by overhauling the stats of weapons that are being used the most often. DE has the stats for that, we don't. Overhauling is vague so i'll explain a little more. What I want is to increases the stats of certain weapons, make them better. increase CC, Status, fire rate, reload speed and so on. Increasing the stats on a weapon, just by a little will have a big impact and if you balance it just right, certain MR fodder weapons will lose the status of "MR Fodder" Players want harder content, they will get it. Stronger weapons are required. Armor will get reworked, Shields will get reworked. What about the old weapons? Are they going to be forgotten? "They are end-game weapons, so they should be powerful" - Venus is literally the 2nd planet you unlock as a new player... Can a new player if he grinds ENOUGH reputation, build them? Or at least a kitgun powerful enough to clear most of the star chat? Of course he can. Did I mention they don't have an MR requirement? Extra note: I would love to more options for primary kitguns, not just a copy-paste from secondary kitguns. Where's my primary shotgun kitgun DE?
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