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  1. Could we get resources from the asteroid bases and such be shared with the squad? It seems like a bug/something overlooked. Same with intrinsics, it really takes away from the coop aspects when your friends are getting 4 times the rewards that you are :T
  2. eh, I find the free weapon slot nice enough tbh
  3. I get the frustration, but what will complaining about this change? There's literally nothing they can do about long cert times, blame nintendo if anything
  4. Murmur gains are either stated incorrectly in the patch notes or bugged, I got 28 thrall kills and one lich (+10 murmur) and yet my first requiem still isn't uncovered despite it needing only 30 murmurs according to the patch notes. It always felt much higher before, but this was the first time I bothered to write the numbers down
  5. Fighting against other liches in public missions was a ton of fun because everyone had something to gain from getting rid of them, now other people's liches will just be a waste of time for most of the squad, it encouraged players to play in public missions and again, it was just plain fun. I really don't like this change, I hope it'll get reversed, if not, welp here I go play solo again
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