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  1. Yeah? Except they have their own things each in the game itself- they don't only borrow mostly from what already exists in the game. They have a more clear identity to them. Not really the same thing.
  2. Honestly I think he needed a whole rework not just minor tweaks. The kit itself isn't even all that entertaining, it doesn't feel like he has anything really unique either.
  3. well I was hoping for a lot more, but this is still really good news.
  4. Lore. Funs worst enemy.
  5. Wish I would have known that ahead of time. Not because of the small credits, but because I put a ton of effort into making a specific customization for it that I really enjoyed and thought was really cool- now I gotta go scrap it cause' it won't make sense. It's just like those stupid heart arrows, I thought it would be an awesome skin and it was some gear-consumable crap. Really getting tired of being disappointed with the holiday items =(
  6. When they add Oberon prime I hope they make his parts so common even as a prime as an homage to his original frame lol.
  7. Akaik no one really has too much of a problem with it. I mean people didn't like how before you just kinda say back and let ash auto play himself; and they feel his new ult is a little better but that you are mostly still doing the same thing just watching as he goes around doing all the work. That is the only credible comment I've heard on the matter really.
  8. I got a legendary core, Maiming Strike, and 2 Argon Scopes in the same 24 hours because of that event/sorties. Since then it's been downhill though in everything RNG based xD
  9. Jeeze so it's not just vague it's a little bit misleading too. Thank you for the info though, I appreciate it. :)
  10. Yes he knows that, it's why he scratched it all out and corrected himself.
  11. How does it actually work in game I don't understand. The mod is really vague, could someone that has it elaborate on it for me. Thank you very much in advance.
  12. They would have to create an entire new set of animations for almost everything in the entire game...and before you ask no you can't just create a "mirror" of pre-existing animations it doesn't quite work like that. It's not impossible what you are asking, but it's probably too much to ask that they not focus on so many more important things to tackle a massive undertaking for what would essentially be an affectation of the character.
  13. A lot of the weapon sounds in warframe are pretty bad. The new guns they added last update really sound like plastic guns. It's hard to imagine they can even hurt anything, they sound like they were made in a 3D printer. I've given up on expecting any of them to ever be improved; since even if they did start fixing them they release more weapons with poor sound choices and the cycle continues. I would rather they stop trying to make weapons that sound like toys.
  14. Looks like a Bionicle lol