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  1. You don't NEED to but that does make it a lot easier later. Not like you can't farm any disposable frame in the game for that purpose and then get rid of it.
  2. You should cut the energy cost of his heal on Nekros shadows...
  3. Yeah =/
  4. I think more effort could have been put into these.
  5. Wow these are really bad... The Excalibur one is kinda interesting I guess; but not too overly useful. The rest though...
  6. There are literally some busy people on the DE staff that have shouted out thanks for people taxi-ing them to locations they haven't even unlocked themselves. So they are more likely pro taxi than they are against...
  7. I don't even think the Archwing was a good idea.
  8. Looks a little feminine. I mean I like it for that reason, but just saying.
  9. The cloak bugs out if you use certain animation sets too, like I use Titanias for example.
  10. Just to be sure what do you consider complaining?
  11. Nice ^^
  12. Are there any more Oberon changes you are planning to make? I want to like him and pick this up but...I dunno...
  13. No, but having their own would be nice, which is my point. He doesn't really have an identity, he almost does now I suppose, but it's not quite there yet. Also I wouldn't say he is great after the rework, he still feels like he could use some improvements, it's why this thread and others still exist for example.
  14. I imagine they read things they want to read about. Say right after Oberon's update they probably followed the Oberon feedback thread a lot. Other than that devs usually just read or look at major popular topics, they rarely look at the majority of the forums for sure. Thing is as people have said they can't comment because people will take every word they say as law and absolutes, which leads to a ton of problems. Sometimes devs can pull it off though if they try. The most active developers I have ever seen were in the game Evolve- I had a crashing problem and their own technical director sat down with me and had an hour long conversation until I fixed it. TRS had a dev tracker which you could click and would show you all the latest developer posts and comments, and no matter when you checked there was always one within an hour.