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  1. Please fix this asap.
  2. It is most certainly not resolved :o I cannot log on at all.
  3. I was fine until the last hotfix, now I can't get on again.
  4. I am not surprised honestly. I mean if they gave people real control I bet there would be a ton that sound like screeching trash and you would be forced to listen to it. People would also probably re-create other songs entirely and cause potential legal issues.
  5. STILL NO CHROMA?... Well... you guys got the limbo rework and the charger model out finally, so that is 2/3. That's still a damn good update in my books.
  6. Not this time. Probably because the consoles had some work done yesterday/today so it was easier to get it out on them. PC one comes with the octavia update within the next few hours. They really should have edited their first post to reflect this tbh.
  7. The wording could have been better, but it says right below that: March 24 at 2 p.m. ET to March 27 at 2 p.m. ET: PC COMING SOON
  8. Yeah I am confused as well. Apparently it's on consoles but not on PC atm I guess? I dunno, but I sure would like something to actually happen today instead of them just posting about it xD
  9. The server upgrades, the comic finishing today, they said they are rolling out the balance updates today and they said that was coming with the update, etc.... Just everything points to today.
  10. Looks like it is coming out today, cool.
  11. I really like the colors, and the head dress and bow both look really cool. The arm is way too stiff and akward; and the image is a bit too convuluted to tell what you are trying to convey. For example I can't tell if those legs are supposed to be transparent for some reason, if that skirt part is in front or in back, where the shoulders and headdress meet, etc...
  12. This is almost really cool, but holy hell it's heard to make anything out through all that distortion lol.
  13. That's actually really mean. Thank god it says "Trollbot" because if it didn't have that as a name it could legitimately lead to some very confused and uspet people xD
  14. I can't even play unless color correction and bloom are turned off. If I try and use Valkyr's ult with it on for example, it's blindingly red; I can't see anything at all.