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  1. First of all, thanks for the official reply about this issue Rebb. Very glad that things are looking well for Semlar and hope it will be back online with allowance for the tracking bots because from what I see the tracking bots didn't cause any harm, only helped many many players! I personally don't have any problem with the trade chat being a free market where riven prices are determined by seller and buyer. It's indeed a bit disgusting seeing people selling a lets say Rubico riven +cc +cd for 4k-5k while average price for a +cc +cd rubico is around 1.8k-2,7k and so on. I strongly support the idea of an in game auction house which would help regulate the prices, but people have to understand that rivens don't have a fixed price and that that price goes up depending on the demand. Especially god tier rivens which have a insanely insanely low chance to be rolled (example +cc +cd +ms -zoom rubico which goes for 15-35k depending on the range of stats and buyer-seller). This is what free market is, if someone is willing to pay something so much, then whats the problem with that? Hope the shameless people that are trying to manipulate the riven market will get what they deserve, but going after the whole clan like that is simply such a low move from the WF community.
  2. That's all cool, but could hotfixes happen during Cetus day instead of Cetus night always so we don't get interupted in eidolon hunts? Thanks
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