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  1. i might become a sevagoth main... oh my god hes perfect..... O_O
  2. Update: I managed to get the barrel from yesterday and now enjoying my athodai :)
  3. Yeah, wth happened to that?! From yesterday I was gonna hunt Kubrodons and I didnt have my lure at all (and I was hella sure I bought it years ago)
  4. Ah I'd buy em but i'm eager to save platinum for slots ;-;
  5. I'd give you my receivers xD and I'll keep trying tho but its making burnout very quick!! I may aswell go farm the Carmine Penta for a bit
  6. I have ran several missions and doing every bonus and the main objective! Gotten 4 blueprints and 3 receivers but 0 barrels.... i'm pretty convinced its not even a thing lol.
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