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  1. Hey there. First off when my invites started failing, I was trying to invite one of my clan-mates into my squad while being in the TennoCon 2021 relay but it failed sadly (way before it hit the 5:00 et mark). After TennoCon.. my invites don't even work anymore. Today I was trying to do trade with a random player and it just goes (players name) 'failed to join your session' and they even said I was offline! I don't know what to do except make this forum post. Please fix this and thank you so much.
  2. Im waitin for the tannukai armor set and the sword skin to drop on PC, I enjoyed my first tennocon <3 and rest in piece for everyone who experienced bugs and networking stuff :c
  3. i might become a sevagoth main... oh my god hes perfect..... O_O
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